March 28, 2023


Hello you guys and welcome back okay guys i know that i haven’t put out a video in a little bit and this is the reason why look at this you guys can you believe that look how bad my skin got it like totally erupted like big-time so as i mentioned last week i am gonna be going to the dermatologist this coming week i go on the 9th so i am very patiently waiting to

Go see the doctor i went and i bought another pc a skin kit from desiree and it’s just a trial one because i wasn’t able to afford the big one so i did get the trial one and i’ve been using it yesterday was the second night that i was using the retina cream so i’m hoping that it’ll kind of cleared up before this weekend because i do have some things going on this

Weekend and you guys it is just so embarrassing i do not even want to like go outside of my house or go into town or get ready or film or do anything that’s why i haven’t put a video out since my aikido video because i just haven’t had a chance to film with all of this crap going on so yeah it’s definitely been it’s definitely sucked i’ll try to um take my camera in

With me to the dermatologist i have a feeling that she’s not gonna let me but um i am gonna go ahead and try to take it with me see what she says um i’m hoping that she will be able to put me on accutane to get rid of this i don’t know if my skin is just purging and everything it’s just coming out because what i have noticed is that everything that is right here

I had these teeny little bumps that have been there forever you guys like i can always like even before my skin was this bad like surf it on the surface you could definitely see all the fleas like little bumps that were inside but not would that would never like come out or like come to a head or nothing and now all of a sudden like they’re just purging theirs all

Of it is just coming out so i don’t know if it’s just my body getting rid of toxins and everything is coming out through my skin or what the hell is going on i am at a loss i am i don’t know what to think i don’t know what to feel like it just it’s horrible all i know is that it hurts it’s painful yesterday my skin was very inflamed very red it just hurt a lot you

Guys so i’m hoping that i can get this taken care of because i’m very very sad you guys i just i’m just so annoyed i’m so irritated i even went and bought tea tree oil and everything like and that is pretty expensive oh you guys i’m just i’m here to rant i guess a little bit i just yeah i just don’t know what else to do anymore i’m at that point where i’m like

Yeah i need to see someone i need to see a dermatologist for sure it’s just horrible so sad and it’s painful so i will get through this you guys i will get through this um yeah i will get through this all righty you guys so i am here at my dermatology appointment i am about like kind of early i’m kind of in a rush but i am here so i’m just gonna go in and fill

Out some paperwork and stuff like that so just another shot of my face you guys look how bad it got you guys i’m so sad even i’m sorry to break out right up in here can you see all that under my nose so let’s see what she says hopefully um she can recommend something i’m hoping that it will get the root cause of it because everything that i’ve been doing that is

Topical has not been working so i am going to definitely express that to her i’m gonna tell her everything that i am going through and what i’ve been doing and stuff like that so i’m hoping this show maybe get me something like accutane or something okay alright you guys so i know i probably won’t be able to actually film inside at the office but i will definitely

Let you guys know what she says afterwards okay you guys i am back from the dermatologist and i have some good news yay okay so she didn’t put me on accutane because my skin is not like okay so what she’s saying is that it’s hormonal acne is what this is so she’s saying that i have too much testosterone that i’m producing which is causing me to break out now because

I gave her my medical history and i was i did have this type of acne before i got my ovaries taken out so that was a good indicator that it does that this is hormonal and just because it is right here in my jawline and right here in my cheek area and right here on the forehead she is definitely convinced that it is hormonal acne so she put me on this medication

Called okay bear with me guys here spiral of spironolactone so i’m gonna go ahead and put it right here this way you guys can go ahead and see it for yourself so i actually am going to start taking it tonight i’m gonna take 25 milligrams in the evening 25 milligrams in the morning so that’s a total of 15 milligrams so i have to go back in three weeks so i’m hoping

That all of this will be cleared up in three weeks she says i am the perfect candidate for this medication so i’m very hoping that it will work because i really expressed my concerns that i am at my last resort you know i don’t know what else to do so i’m very hope i’m your fingers crossed that this is gonna work she is a diuretic so i am gonna be using the bathroom

Allah as in peeing and stuff like that so she said to keep up your water intake which i do anyways because i am on the keto diet so and i did tell her that as well and she said to keep doing it that it’s not anything that’s bad it’s not part of the keto diet it’s not the reason why i’m breaking out so yes so i’m very very excited for that and i’m very excited to

See the results i’m gonna go pick up my prescription today and i will definitely keep you guys updated or if this works all right you guys update time so i am one week on the spironolactone i think i’m pronouncing that right trouble with that anyways this is what my skin looks like i actually broke out on my forehead and also right here along my mouth and this one

Is erupting but what i can say is that i have noticed that my skin is not producing so much oil as it was i have to go back in three weeks to see what she recommends if i need to go on a higher dose or if she’s gonna keep me on the 50 milligrams 50 milligrams that i’m on right now so i’m just gonna keep taking it and using the pca skin skin kit so yes as i can tell

The existing ones that were there are starting to smooth over they’re starting to heal i haven’t gotten really any new ones this is just kind of what has erupted during the week once i started taking it now i can see that i haven’t gotten any new ones but they are healing so yeah so this is gonna be my update for week one on the spironolactone so i’m gonna go ahead

And keep you guys updated every week on how my skin is doing if it’s improving if it’s getting worse like i said i go back in three weeks so we will reevaluate then so okay guys well we’ll see you guys in the next vlog bye guys you

Transcribed from video