January 26, 2023

Pharmacology class

Hi mr. mchenry how are you today good reo i’m pretty good my name is fat man i see you’re discharging and on today so i just wanted to go over this medication that you’ll be taking okay um can you give your name and address um quinn montgomery july 20th 1982 okay great um so do you know why it will be taking spironolactone know already so it’s for congestive heart

Failure you’re going to be taking a hundred milligrams once a day it’s going to be in a tablet form and then when you’re taking this medication i’m trying to take it in the am just to avoid disrupting your sleep patterns and then take it with food to minimize any discomfort in your stomach okay so this medication is a common diuretic pill so it’s a water pill it’s

Used to treat congestive heart failure which means you just have build up on fluid in your heart and so what that will do it will take all the fluid off and it will make your heart beat or pump more efficiently okay um so before taking this medication please let us know that if you have any kidney liver issue any over-the-counter medication or herbal remedies that

You’re taking i’m wearing or if you plan on having surgery anytime soon so some common side effects would be dizziness this pill is a diuretic that keeps potassium in your body so if you are you might have high potassium in your labs and stuff like that but we’ll get more to that education a little bit it may cause an upset stomach vomiting deepening of voice

Tiredness electrolyte imbalance that’s something that you’ll experience with anything that’s a diuretic because it’s taking fluid off your body so that includes like muscle spasms vomiting headache cleanliness or breast tenderness okay any questions so far so when you should contact your physician and if you experience any rash discontinued immediately and then

Notify your physician if you feel like you’re having any changes or different arrhythmias in your heartbeat okay um any muscle weakness or pain if or if you’re unable to pass urine okay okay so um just some things that you should be aware of while you’re on this medication to avoid a diet high in potassium in sodium because it’s a diuretic and it’s one that keeps

Potassium in your body so avoid foods like bananas anything that has a high potassium and try to avoid adding salt to your diet also because it’s taking water fluid off the body avoid getting up mm cause lightheadedness and dizziness just remember just stay hydrated while you’re exercising we’re in hot weather because this does take off a lot of fluid and that’s

Something that you’ll talk to your physician about how much food you should have during the day what’s a reasonable amount it may cause dizziness so you should avoid driving where other activities that involve alertness okay please continue this medication even if you’re feeling better you should also attend regular check-ups with your physician to evaluate the

Effectiveness of this medication if you miss a dose take the dose as soon as you remember but if it’s close enough to your next dose do not double up on your dose so just take your regular dose if you have any questions you can contact the clinic and we’ll get back okay and please take this medication regularly and notify the physician if you are experiencing any

Issues or you plan on stopping this medication okay okay so just a little drug storage um keep the container closed room temperature away from heat and moisture um keep evidence can the container out of reach with young children and then do not keep outdated prescriptions and if you need to dispose of any of that mess medication please contact your local physician’s

Office or you can contact us okay okay do you have any questions about this medication or i let you go no already thank you

Transcribed from video
Spironolactone Medication Teaching By Bethelyn Mrstik