June 1, 2023

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Hello everyone this is oz intern channel and this is me hiba talking to you about spironolactone we will use the spiderman picture and spiderman story to remember all the information related to spironolactone let’s get started so the mom in this picture seems very angry and she is against the idea of having spiderman balloon and spiderman pot inside the room so

The adult against having spiderman pot mean that spider asparanolactone is aldosterone antagonist spironolactone is potassium spuring diuretics potassium-sparing diuretics aldosterone antagonists the drugs available in the market under the name of aldarkton and it have different strength 25 milligram 50 milligram and 100 milligram tablet the drug is given in

A dose of 25 milligram to 200 milligram daily as a single or divided doses for adult while the pediatric patients are given 1 to 3 milligram per kg to a maximum of 100 milligram daily in single or divided doses the drug is being persecuted for two main purposes which are hypertension and for edema look at the balloon of spider-man it’s like an odima for edema

Following um heart failure and hepatic cyrosis and also for hypertension as illustrated by sphygmomanometer in this picture the drug require monitoring of serum potassium as illustrated by this spiderman pot that having the soft ring also require monitoring of the renal function while taking this medication also require monitoring while taking non-steroidal

Anti-inflammatory drug vanessa on his shirt referred to the need of monitoring while taking non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug or angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitor or angiotensin ii receptor blogger as all of them increase the risk of hybrid caloria same as this drug the backhoe which is used for digging uh refer to the idea that while being uh treated

With digoxin it require monitoring as this drug does paranormal act on increased digoxin concentration and increase the risk of toxicity so requires close monitoring and reduce detoxing those if necessary the last monitoring point is monitor your weight we can see for uh by looking at this skills he is a little bit choppy so require monitoring of your weight while

Being treated without doctor now i am going to talk about the counseling point i will use this sport to write down the house rules that the mother said for her kid so the rule number one is play once daily or a few minutes each time this refers to the idea that the drugs administers as a single daily dose or individual doses the second rule is that playing

Time is after finishing lunch which indicate the counseling points which say that take it with or soon after foot the third rule said don’t break your toes and back it all up which indicate the knees to swallow it whole don’t crush or choose adapt the tablet don’t break your toys don’t crush or chew the tablet the third rule is don’t drink while playing don’t

You drink using your spiderman pot while playing indicate that don’t take potassium while being treated on these medicines as is increase the risk of hyperkalemia the fourth law is if you get low marks you are not allowed to play in the car this drug cause an effect the mental alertness and coordination thus if this happened you should don’t drive or operate

Machine while being treated with this medication the last rules is don’t stand up quickly as this medication can cause you dizzy especially when you stand up quickly other side effects in addition to dizziness headache as is obvious from the headband nausea vomiting diarrhea and abdominal cramping and generally feeling and well look at the face of course he is

Not feeling well this was all about our medications pyronolactone please remember the spiderman both spiderman balloon and the boy who is being punished by his mom while being asked about that old ducktalk bye see you next time

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