November 29, 2022

May 9th

Hi guys so i’m doing a video um with makeup on so um no my skin didn’t improve all of a sudden i still have all of that ugly acne but um you know thankfully i can kept right up pretty well with makeup but anyways the reason that i’m doing this video it’s because i’ve now been taking spironolactone for two weeks and i think it it has helped me a little bit with my

Acne um it hasn’t cleared up my acne but i the one thing that it has done that i’m like so amazed with it has stopped me from getting extremely extremely oily like i’ve always had super like crazy oily skin and like i still have pretty oily skin but now i feel like i have normal skin if that makes sense i’ve been wearing i i did my makeup about five hours ago and

Like i haven’t touched step on my feet on my on my makeup and this is what it looks like and you can see like a little bit of shininess but this is like amazing for me usually after our – my makeup was like um you know almost completely gone and now i can go you know five hours to plus and my makeup stays on my face without you know smearing more without my face

Looking like a frying pan even my eyeshadow has stayed and i’ve always worn an eye primer i used the urban decay um urban decay primer potion and even with that really my eye shadow never lasted more than two hours and now it’s five hours and my eye shadow is still there my makeup is still you know doing a very good job at covering up all my imperfections and that’s

Just great so spironolactone um and just really working i mean yeah i don’t know if it’s really working for me but it’s still i think it has helped with my oil production so that’s great i-i’ve been reading you know i’ve been reading online that if you take spire on the lacked with some kind of birth control and it can be even more effective so next time i go see

My dermatologist i’m actually going to ask him about that and see what his opinion is if he says that it might help a little bit more then i may just have to you know start taking some kind of birth control because i’m willing to do anything to get rid of my acne so yeah i think that’s right so cute i love shopping but since i started my acne treatments i haven’t

Really had um a lot of money to spend on clothes and makeup and shoes and all of that girly stuff so right now at lake frost was like my best friend i’m sorry i know and it was right now ross is like my best friend and i bought this shirt it was like because like $7.99 and then i got this like belt so cute it was like 399 and i got these shoes well let me just take

Em on how cute are these these are so cute anyways i love ross

Transcribed from video
Spironolactone & My Oily Skin By mexusagirl