March 24, 2023

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Each time i post and if you are a returning friend hi fiji squad welcome home so today about a month ago i’ll show you guys my skin i was using this medicine now the doctors prescribe so i’m here to do a skin update without further ado let’s get into this video right now so you guys i just want to make this as easy and short as it can be okay so first

Thing first we are going to talk about the drugs the pales we’re going to talk about the side effects listen the side effect i really noticed my breath since my breath if i was married i was gonna be divorced because my breath smells very funky because we’re wearing matches right now so you know you are able to smell your breath to know how it’s doing it

Does not stink but it has this weird scent that’s not so pleasant and says the first week i took it i had the runs i was running from every station every room every corner i was just like every five minutes for a whole week in like three days straight and then it stopped so i know what i was doing with cleansing my body you know trying to get all the gunk

Out so i was like okay you know let’s go do something and then as i was doing that i saw my skin my skin was glowing however the pimples seems like when the baby boomers started booming that’s how my face was they noticed my pimples however they noted my skin was glowing underneath like oh your skin is glowing for your face you have pimple hair you have pimple

There you have pimple everywhere okay now let’s talk about the arizona asic i don’t know if i’m saying it right the acid gel it removes some spots that’s about it i’ve been using on this one and this one has been going away so it seems like it’s doing well okay so this one i use it every morning to wash my face as the doctor prescribed every morning wash my

Face every night washing my face and to be honest i don’t see any difference maybe it’s just it’s not my time so here’s my my skin i have very sensitive skin my skin one day you will give it something if it has never felt that thing before it will react to it perfectly so as i was saying it looks like it’s okay i’m on my second bottle it seems like my skin

Is getting used to it the doctor says maybe after me using this for three months she’s gonna increase it or she’s gonna give me different jerks so hopefully she can increase it because my skin is not doing well like i don’t need to be having skin problems no i don’t if we can fast this thing up let’s fast it out so i’m gonna show you guys my skin again for the

Second time i’m not going to show you my body i’m just going to show you my face so here’s that face so that’s my skin there’s no makeup on you know nothing is on it’s just my own skin i just hope this thing helps so again i’m gonna update you guys when i’m on my third bottle and we’ll talk about it more and since i got to run for a week i mean for a weekend

I haven’t had the run yeah so that’s the updates on my skin you guys if you have any questions do not forget to leave it down in the description bar if you have ever used any of these medicines before please let me know so don’t forget to like comment and subscribe to the channel alright remember you’re not poor you’re just broke peace thank you so much for

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