January 27, 2023

Spironolactone & Tretinoin / Retin-A Skin Update

Everybody welcome back or welcome to my channel if you are new if you guys enjoy this video please make sure to leave me a thumbs up and subscribe if you have not already so in today’s video i’m going to be starting a new series called acne diaries where i’ll be discussing my journey to clear skin and struggles through cystic and hormonal acne if you guys are

Interested make sure to stay tuned so you guys like the year 2020 my skin has taken a turn for the worst about i would say february or march my skin just started breaking out terribly and everywhere i was getting large cystic acne all around my jawline as well as my cheeks and i could not figure out why or where this was coming from so like any human being i

Popped up at sephora filled up my cart checked out with a million different skin care products i tried a bunch of the ordinary i actually tried a bunch of dr dennis gross which you know is not cheap as well as some other products and absolutely nothing was working i honestly honestly believe a few of those were making my acne worse so as you guys will see in

The videos about march to i would say august my skin was breaking out but it was pretty manageable um i mean to me it was i would pray to have the skin i had in march now so if that means anything i would say about august september october is when my skin just it literally just blew up like i just turned into a boiling slice of pepperoni pizza and i didn’t

Know why so i took the youtube to figure out some remedies solutions medications routines blah blah blah blah blah that kind of stuff to figure out what i could do to help fix it and oddly enough i landed on spironolactone which is actually a blood pressure medication however it is also used to treat hormonal acne okay so the spironolactone is going to reduce

The amount of androgens which i think is a type of testosterone or male hormone in your in your body so it’s basically going to lower that causing you not to produce as much sebum as well as oil which gives you that beard effect of acne so it is a prescription and you have to go to a dermatologist so the first thing i did was schedule a determin a dermatologist

Appointment when i spoke to my dermatologist we both agreed that spiraling light tone would be a great option for me i definitely didn’t want to go accutane because i know the risks that are associated and i also didn’t want to go like darkly cycling or any antibiotics because i’ve tried that in the past and it didn’t work so he started me off at a 50 milligram

A day prescription um two pills i take them once in the morning and once at night and he also paired that with a retin-a micro 0.06 now when i was prescribed these medications he did tell me that since spironolactone is a blood pressure medication and it regulates your potassium and sodium levels i would have to avoid eating a lot of potassium-rich foods like

Potatoes and spinach as well as avoid getting pregnant i did have to go to a lab and get a blood test done before i was actually allowed to pick up my prescription the doctor also told me that i would not get any results from this medication when i first started using it it would take almost three months for me to realize that anything has changed in my skin

And that goes for the spironolactone and the retin-a so i was already in the mindset that you know what this is how it’s going to be you know i’m going to have to go through all the stages of this medication and that’s just is what it is so i actually picked up my medication on day one i think i started taking it on october 11th was my official first day of taking

Spironolactone when i first started using it the first week beautiful skin i mean i didn’t have a breakout my skin wasn’t very oily no new cystic acne was popping up i was using the retin-a but only once or twice a week because you have to give your skin kind of a chance to get adjusted to it you don’t want to start using it every day um it will make your

Skin completely raw so just take your time and build up so i started with one to two times a week and then eventually went to two to three times to now where i’m about four to five times a week first week went excellent i had great skin i didn’t have any peeling obviously my dark spots were not going away but they weren’t my skin wasn’t getting worse you know

And that’s when you have acne that’s all you can pray for is just please don’t get worse that was fine i would say probably into week two week three is when i started noticing yeah we’re gonna be purging this is about to be a purge medicine and i was right my skin was like purging out of control and the reason i knew it was persian it was because it was bumps

On my face or pimples or cystic acne that had already been there but deep deep within the skin that was finally coming to surface so that i think is a good indicator to know if it’s irritation or purging is are you breaking out pretty much in the same spots that you normally would have without the medication now i will say when i was breaking out i would say they

Healed up within like three or four days and with my cystic acne and i’m sure others can relate that acne be on your face for weeks like it’ll be big swollen irritated itchy red for weeks and then it’ll just turn into a scar like you didn’t even touch it i will say that they i did find that they like flattened and turned over quicker with the medication however

They were popping up they’re here they want to party i’m going to show you guys my current skincare routine and what i am currently using for day and night when i am on the spiral lactone as well as the retin-a in the morning i go in and wash my face make sure that you wash your hands if it is something i’ve learned from the skincare routine is to always wash

Your hands before you wash your face period so in the morning i go in with my face wash which is this pan not so is that how you pronounce it penoxyl benzoy so this is the pan oxo acne foamy wash benzoy peroxide 10 maximum strength deep cleansing wash this is what i use on my face morning and night i will say that this works good however it will dry your skin

Out so make sure that you’re following up with like a super super moisturizer afterwards especially if it’s going to be on a night where you’re using the retin-a as well as excuse me be careful what you wash your face with and what you have on because this will bleach your clothes this i have a lot of black towels just because our bathroom is black they’re now

Orange because this will bleach everything so be careful what you’re wearing and make sure that you um yeah keep it off your clothes also another thing about this you can use it on your chest and your your shoulders if you’re a person that gets acne in those areas you can use this so this is my staple morning and night period now if you guys watch my vlogs

You will know that i actually just got back from atlanta for thanksgiving so much fun make sure you go check out that blog but when i was down there i didn’t have any face wash i totally forgot to bring mine so i had to go to kroger’s and pick up the next best option which is this neutrogena fresh foaming cleanser and this is a makeup remover and cleanser and

One for freshly clean skin um i don’t really have any complaints about this i’m honestly not gonna recommend it because i haven’t tried it for longer than three days and i would like to try it for a week before i recommend it to you guys but i can’t say it’s bad for a last minute option i tried to get something that was as clean as possible um that didn’t have

A lot of scents and fragrances in this honestly just worked i like this so after i follow up with one of those cleansers i’m going to move into the ordinary niacinamide formula which i’m pretty sure you guys have seen it’s all over tik tok also shout out to hiram because he likes it niacinamide 10 zinc 1 high strength vitamin and mineral blemish formula so

I usually only use this in the morning right after i cleanse my face i normally don’t use it at night just because with all of the medication i want to make sure that i’m keeping my skin care routine as simple as possible minimal as possible i don’t want to like layer a bunch of products on my face to further clog my pores so only use that in the morning i

Go follow up with my moisturizer my moisturizer is the cerave daily moisturizing washer and this is the normal to dry skin i believe they have a normal to oily skin as well however even though i have oily skin this works fine it says it moisturizes and helps restore the protective skin barrier with three essential ceramides and a hydraulic acid it’s very

Lightweight so i actually use this for my moisturizer morning and night and it it really works i would say it keeps my skin moisturized in the morning after i put on my moisturizer i go in with my sunscreen which is the elta md uv clear broad spectrum spf 46 and you can actually get this from amazon i think i paid about 36 dollars for this but this is um

Specifically for acne prone skin it has niacinamide in this as well this has uv a and u v b skin protectant and it’s just it works really good y’all i hate sunscreen i hate i hate i hate sunscreen because it makes my face super greasy and then you have the white cast however this this is by far the only sunscreen i can use it makes you love putting on sunscreen

Which is the weirdest thing but it doesn’t leave a white clad it doesn’t leave a white cast it’s very lightweight and like one full pump is honestly too much you could get away with doing half a pump and be good so sunscreen in the morning now if i was going to bed at night after i did my moisturizer i would wait 30 minutes after i put my moisturizer on i wait

30 minutes i go back into my bathroom i wash my hands again and then i put on my retin-a micro you don’t want to put this on you don’t want to put this on like wet or damp skin because it can cause a lot of irritation so i forget the word for it it’s a word for this it’s slipping my mind at the moment but it’s pretty much creating a barrier so you moisturize

Let your skin kind of dry up then you go back and put this on and you only want to use one pump of this like putting more medication on your face or more retin-a on your face is not going to help it work faster i guess um it’s honestly just going to irritate your skin and make your skin red and like burn so take it from me because i know one pump and spread it

Around thank me later so after i do all of my skincare i usually will go right into the kitchen and grab a bottle of water and take the spiral laptop so you can take this with food if it up sets your stomach however it doesn’t upset mine so i just take it with water and go about my day currently i am about let me give y’all real accuracy here i would say i’m

About a month and a half into taking my spironolactone so about six weeks so for six weeks this is where we’re at just kind of give you guys like a full definitely still have a lot of scarring going on a few of the other side which is the worst side oh so i will say it’s still a work in progress it’s definitely nowhere where i want it to be and it’s definitely

Still deep into the purge stage however like i told you guys earlier it is going to take about three months to notice any changes so since i know that i am kind of being patient i do plan on doing these videos at least once a month for you guys that way you can see the progress if it’s working and if i try or incorporate anything new into my routine you

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