December 8, 2022

This video looks at Spironolactone and side effects.The uses of Spironolactone for acne, heart failure and blood pressure are examined.This video examines Spironolactone side effects as well.

Welcome to think your health and i’m dr. john. on  this channel questions and problems regarding your   health are answered and shout out to one of my  viewers for requesting this video. time stamps   are included for the different sections of this  video click on the description below. what is   spironolactone. spironolactone

Is a prescription  medication, the brand name is aldactone   aldosterone antagonists. spironolactone is also   how does spironolactone work? this medication   as potassium. you can refer to this drug   as a water pill, in other words it makes you pee  more. that is why it is referred to as a potassium   sparing

Diuretic. what is spironolactone used  for?spironolactone can be used to treat your high   blood pressure,by lowering blood pressure it helps  prevent strokes and heart attacks. having said   that this medication is not a first choice blood  pressure medication. it can be used with other   medications to treat heart failure, it can

Be used  to treat extra fluid in your body especially if it   is due to a disease called liver cirrhosis or  another rarer kidney disease called nephrotic   syndrome. this extra fluid in your body is called  edema. another use for this medication is to   treat elevated aldosterone levels in your body.  aldosterone is a hormone

Which your body produces,   it is used in a rarer medical condition called  primary aldosteronism. it can be used off-label to   treat acne. another off-label use is to treat male  pattern hair growth in women called hirsutism.   here spironolactone works as an anti-androgen.  100 milligrams. you can take this medication  

With or without food. some individuals have nausea  when taking this medication on an empty stomach.   you can combat this by taking this in with some  if you’re taking this medication especially if  you’re older like i advise with all blood pressure   medications is that it can make you feel dizzy and  lightheaded, so take your time

When you’re getting   up from a sitting or sleeping position be careful  when you’re walking up and down stairs. number two   spironolactone can increase your potassium you  have to be careful when you take in potassium   rich food such as bananas, potatoes or oranges  or taking in potassium supplements. your doctor  

Will be checking your electrolytes in particular  well, they are nausea, fatigue, weakness   chest pain, palpitations because of an irregular  heartbeat, uncoordinated movements. number four   advisable to take this medication earlier   during the day. if you take this medication in  the evening or at night time you will be

Always   not use this medication for weight loss,   the weight you lose is water weight and not excess  taking potassium supplements or salt substitutes  that contain potassium as you can run the risk of   and marijuana can slow the effects of this drug   taking these substances. this medication   especially in

Higher doses can cause gynecomastia.  gynecomastia means enlarged breasts, gynecomastia   will experience a breast swelling and pain   and if you’re a man and you’re listening to this  rest assured this condition is reversible. once   the medication is discontinued if you’re on this  medication and have a pre-existing kidney

Problem   medications called nsaids such as ibuprofen,   causing kidney damage or kidney failure.   parameters closely. this medication can cause   certain electrolytes to decrease the electrolytes  which can be affected are magnesium, sodium   and calcium. your doctor will be following them  with blood draws and

If you’re interested in other   blood pressure medications check out this link  of this channel is to educate you if you’re on a  drug and how it works and what you might expect   in terms of common side effects. there will be  always some people who’ll have no or only mild   side effects if you do have side effects call 

Your doctor as soon as possible to get his or her   advice accordingly. here’s a list of medications  that can interact with this medication causing   list. if you’re on one of these medications please   your potassium after one week of initiation   of this medication and anytime the dose of the  medication is changed. here’s

Some of the blood   parameters your doctors should be occasionally  checking as these can all be affected by this   medication. if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding  talk to your doctor about this medication,   as this medication can cross the placenta and  is present in breast milk. as this medication   can block male

Hormones it can cause the male  fetuses genitals not to form properly, therefore,   once again this list is not exhaustive, but you’ll  have some idea if you’re experiencing one of these   side effects which you’re seeing down there so  call your doctor if you’re feeling any of these   side effects. if you’re taking spironolactone

For  acne you should know that this medication cannot   cure the disease, but it can manage symptoms,  especially if taken for a longer period of time,   that is several women who are taking  this medication to improve the thickness of the   hair or even to treat hair loss the treatment,  it can take a long time

To be effective.,in   fact several months. well think your health and  have a good day!! how come every time i do this   in fact is this my house become a hunter now this  is like a comedy of errors i mean is this is there   falls and the elephant listen to this noise   falls it’s like is someone like vacuuming

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