March 22, 2023

Beginning my experience of taking Spironolactone and I have Ulcerative Colitis.

Youtube um stana and i thought i would make a video blog video diary of spinal taking spironolactone while on ulcerative colitis um i actually wanted to go on accutane i’m just cuz i’m 25 years old and i still have acne and that’s why i decided making this video with no makeup looking like a um so yeah i mean i don’t know if you can see it um but yeah i got it

Like my lord cheat mmm right here and on my forehead and then i get a lot like on my chin and neck and my chest and back yeah i have acne and it’s gross and i i wanna get rid of it so one was willing and going accutane even though i have ulcerative colitis and even though there’s a huge controversy about accutane causing ulcerative colitis and crohn’s disease i

Figured hey i already have it so it’s not like i can get it double time so um i suggest if you bristol i suggest you do your research if you have ulcerative or crohn’s deer easter’s first really make sure that it’s a last resort thing this is like i’ve tried everything under the sun proactive and about it epidural gels like everything i said peels chemical peels

Of microdermabrasion facials and microdermabrasion like every month even on my chest and back and it just like my acne always one and um so i don’t just tired like i’m 25 and i want to have nice youthful looking skin i don’t want my skin to look like a teenagers anymore and um so i was allies right thing i did my research and i talked to my gastroenterologist about

It fortunately for me i guess my gastro doesn’t think that there is enough evidence out there to suggest that accutane causes ulcerative colitis and crohn’s so he’s okay with it so i went to a dermatologist that prescribes that and you know make sure he’s a really good dermatologist mine’s really good and he wanted to talk to my gastro and make sure that because

I even got a note from my gosh sure like the note wasn’t nothing’s like well i want to talk to him and he wanted to put me on sprout a lactone first before trying to a cute ain’t like he you know cuz he’s a very weary of putting me on accutane with already having ulcerative colitis because i like i could relapse um so i’m on spironolactone i think i’ve been on

It for like five or six days obviously i’m not going to notice any difference yet um they say usually takes like a month to two months free didn’t miss any difference but you do have to get blood work done like every month and you have to for girls you have to be on birth control because it causes birth defects even if you’re not a sexually active like you gotta

Be on it um so that’s that and uh jude goes on the first few days of taking it like i started getting really bad stomachaches especially when i laid down but i think that’s because i was i have i had been drinking lots of hot chocolates those days and i’m lactose intolerant like anything very well especially milk will kill in my stomach so i think it was due to

That but i’m just monitoring myself and trying to figure out like it’s the medicine or the fact that i was drinking milk and i’m a hot chocolate but it’s like every time i go out everybody wants to get lattes or go to starbucks and i can’t i can’t have coffee like that’s just not a good mix for me especially in public so um i’m like god got a hot chocolate at least

It takes the effects longer and already be home by the time my stomach starts hurting but um so that’s that and basically spironolactone is it’s actually a medicine – for like heart problems or something like that i don’t know um but it it’s because basically for a woman it’s kind of embarrassing like with high testosterone with an over production of testosterone

Right and that’s why they think it could also be causing my acne and usually if you have a acne caused by high testosterone you kind of get on the lower half of your face and there’s usually like my case i never get it like um usually never really get any on my forehead like really breaking out but it’s mainly like care my cheeks and so it’s for that and it’s also

A diuretic so there’s a reason not like any under my research i promise in the next video i have a more and though i once spironolactone does but yeah supposedly it’s doretta as well and it takes the lay all underwater wait i haven’t really noticed any yet but then again they say that it takes like a month to two months for it to kick in so that’s that um awesome

Now like i’m on spironolactone hollister of colitis and doing pretty good and my colitis i’m able to go out and you know what i’m able to leave the house like yeah i know you people with all sort of class and come to know what i mean like i’m able to leave the house you know like i don’t feel like it’s caused anything so so far so good i see my doctor january 15th

But as i started noticing differences um i’ll let you know i mean i know one thing i did notice is that my pores big in this area have gotten smaller i don’t know if the because of the brick controls i was on birth control for like two weeks before i started this fryer like tone so i don’t know if it was because of that and then when i got my period i really didn’t

Break out usually i break out like crazy like right before i get my period and i really didn’t break out um you know it’s kind of like state machine so i don’t know if that i was already on for a long time so i don’t know that’s probably this violent or the brain control but that’s something different that i don’t know what to attribute that to so that’s basically

It um i hope to keep updated just because i really want to help people out that have you know my disease and i know how frustrating it is to go to a dermatologist and they see on your chart that you have crohn’s or also have colitis and out of a question you can’t even be on be put on accutane and i don’t know i just i just feel like if you monitor things you know

Like you know i’m i mean like we’re already on like so many medications and taking like prednisone andromache like those like remicade can cause liver cancer like so you don’t know like we already take all these medications it’s not like i’m sorry like there’s i don’t know i just feel like there’s nothing worse except like chemo but grandma kate is kind of like

Chemo probably like milder i don’t know but um you know i just kind of feel like it’s i feel like the doctor is you’re trying to protect themselves more than trying to protect a patient you know i’m kind of making the excuse of all words trying to protect you but really just trying to protect themselves from lawsuits but i feel like if you already have a consent

From your gastro and you yourself for seeing that you’re willing to go on this medication and i kind of feel like it’s okay um and that once i protect the doctor cuz i’m going in this like this is my choice i want to do this i know it’s a risk i know you know it can happen if i start feeling bad and i’ll go off of it you know and and i will see but um just have a

Person where i need to try especially when i’ve tried everything and all i all i one is for beautiful’s clear skin the only thing about spironolactone that’s different from accutane is that it’s not like a cure you know you can you usually like you can for a certain amount of time and then you’re taken off and you’re not supposed to get acne against proud i like

Tone you have to be on it’s like it’s one thing i kind of don’t like but i’m kind of hoping that like i’m on it long enough for it to like care i don’t know i don’t even know i’m looking for i’m just trying to you know maybe when i get older like i don’t know i’ll get like maybe a time will come when my acne will stop you know and some time in my adult life who

Knows my thirties or forties but i don’t know maybe like whenever i have kids like dowling put my hormone levels in check and i’m gonna react again i don’t know i’m praying in god’s hands and the same happens but that is it starting to like home with ulcerative colitis so far so good mmm yeah i guess if you have any questions just comment them and i’ll try to

Answer them as possible i mean as possible as soon as i can um this is me burt but yeah so i guess i’ll see you guys i’ll try to a month but yeah yeah

Transcribed from video
Spironolactone with Ulcerative Colitis THE BEGINNING By Diana Flores