March 28, 2023

Great all right so today today i’m going to be talking about spherinolactone and the objectives for this presentation are that students will be able to state the mechanism action by spironolactone in the body by the end of this presentation students will be able to state the labs to monitor in which medications interact with spironolactone at the end of the

Presentation and students will be able to identify disease processes that commonly use spironolactone and how it affects the diseases by the end of this presentation fast facts the drug class it’s a potassium sparing diuretic efficacy and safety has been deemed safe and effective for management of chf acne hypertension and many others it can also be called a water

Pill it was first utilized in 1959 it’s on the world health organization’s list of essential medications it can safely be utilized in all age groups and it’s a very economical treatment modality the mechanism of action is that it’s an aldosterone antagonist it works on the distal convoluted renal tubule binds to the cytoplasmic mineral corticoid receptors and

Competitively binds to aldosterone receptors where potassium and sodium exchange this creates diuresis while sparing potassium this gives it a diuretic and anti-hypertensive properties because it competes at the aldosterone receptor site it allows for decrease in conditions that involve hyperaldosteronism labs that you need to monitor for any patient that’s on

Spironolactone are serum potassium due to the fact that is potassium sparing individuals can have increased potassium levels especially if they’re on potassium supplements or potassium or other herbal supplements which can increase potassium you also need to measure the patient’s serum creatinine to ensure the patient doesn’t have renal issues due to the diuresis of

Spiritual actin drug interactions again hyperkalemia potassium supplements will increase the potassium levels and since it’s a potassium sparing diuretic it can also help save potassium in the body thus increasing potassium levels it also increases the concentration of the following medications digoxin ace inhibitors angiotensin ii receptor antagonist trimethoprim

Which is um associated like bactrim nitrophorantoin which is commonly used for urinary tract infections your cyclosporines tacrolimus and your low molecular weight heparin side effect most common side effects are drowsiness dizziness lightheadedness stomach upset diarrhea nausea and vomiting it’s important when you put a patient on spironolactone to ensure that

You tell them to move slowly when they go to get up so that they don’t get orthostatic hypotension and pass out serious side effects that you should stop using spironolactone for are muscle weakness pain or cramps pain burning numbness or tingling in the hands or feet inability to move arms or legs changes in heartbeat confusion or extreme tiredness and diseases

That are treated skin complaints acne vulgaris hydratis suprativa hair complaints female pattern baldness hersheyotism heart failure ascites and peripheral edema associated with portal hypertension and hyperaldosteronism things like cirrhosis hepatocellular cancer extensive hepatic metastases nephrotic syndrome hypertension and primary hyperaldosteronism the

Expected course of treatment um for acne vulgaris is fewer new outbreaks for hydrating separativa it’s a decrease in lesions and for female pattern baldness it’s suppression of the androgens improve hair loss um hersheytism it decreases hair growth heart failure it produces improved diuresis and thus decreased edema the ascites and peripheral edema associated with

Portal hypertension and hyperaldosteronism produces decreased edema nephrotic syndrome there’s an improvement of fluid retention because of the diuresis hypertension there’s improvement due to diuresis and then primary hyperaldosteronism and fluid improvement of fluid retention related to increased aldosterone the latest research shows increased effectiveness and

Utilization in heart failure to preserve functioning and adding spironolactone to things such as lasix increased utilization of sternolactin can have anti-inflammatory properties and help patients have over less overall inflammation and main the other research has shown it may not have as much effect on acne vulgaris as previously stated and you may need additional

Treatments it’s also especially useful in patients with pcos to decrease overall inflammation and the harsh autism so the learning environment that i would present the stem is classroom and or virtual learning for undergraduate nursing students enrolled in a pharmacology class they’re in a professional environment have met the necessary minimum requirements for the

Course um in addition the next f how i would know that they learned something is that they’ll correctly answer the quiz questions at the end of the presentation one of the quiz questions is which of the following is not involved in the mechanism of action for the medication spironolactone and a works on the distal convoluted renal tubule b binds to cytoplasmic

Mineral corticoid receptors or c competitively binds to aldosterone receptors or potassium and sodium exchange d this creates diuresis without sparing potassium and obviously the correct answer and this is d it it spares potassium so that’s incorrect true or false it is important to monitor serum creatinine serum potassium and serum sodium in a patient taking

Spironolactone this is false the only things you need to monitor are serum creatinine and serum potassium sodium does not need to be monitored question three spironolactone increases the concentration of which of the following medications a digoxin b ace inhibitor c angiotensin ii receptor antagonist or d trimethoprim or e all of the above the correct answer is e

All of the above spironolactone is not utilized for which of the following disease processes a hershey autism b congestive heart failure c hypotension d nephrotic syndrome obviously it’s c hypotension because it’s used for hypertension and then according to the latest research spironolactone is least effective for which of the following disease processes a heart

Failure b acne vulgaris c polycystic ovarian syndrome or d hypertension the answer to that one is the acne vulgaris as it’s fallen out of fever and then link to objectives um so all the objectives the one about being able to identify the mechanism of action was met through the powerpoint presentation evaluated by the quiz question all three objectives were met

Through powerpoint presentation and thus evaluated by the quiz question any questions um

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Spironolactone By suzryder149