June 4, 2023

Hey all i tried i 10mg valium bc every1 doing the xanax sprite test figured id switch it up it stayed at bottom whole time and lasted about 15 min till completely dissolved. what next i guess ill throw crack in sprite y not

All right what’s good youtube i’ve been seeing uh a lot of sprite tests on benzos lately particularly xanax uh tonight we’re gonna do one volume and we’re gonna see what kind of reaction we get out of that so i should have got one of these out beforehand and yes i’m gonna drink the afterwards i’m gonna pour it back in my sprite bottle and take it back into

Work and drink it but as we can see here let me try to pour away it’s hard for me seeing adjusting okay there you saw a little bit of the tv and it’s okay there there you go your tivo right there and then your 9327 so you can go ahead and look that up it’s a 10 milligram volume so without further ado i’m gonna pop off this sprite got this cup right here not

Even a cup it’s a water bottle i cut off because i’m at work we ain’t got no damn cup and uh let’s see how this does here three two one and drop all the way to the bottom there it is right there it’s all wet the bottom is fizzing fizzing fizzing you don’t see that jumping up to the top and i know these as well anyway because i with the lady every month so

But yes i can’t really see from this point oh there you go if we look over to the left side near the bottom but and that won’t ask it’s just like it’s just like the bar so far will not go up to the top so apparently this will work on any benzo the sprite test apparently look up and see how much is left it’s quite a bit left of that damn thing that won’t

Go nowhere it just sits at the damn bottom a little bit getting away a little bit you definitely hear that fizzing now so it’s a real volume 10 which i already knew because i’ve been dealing with the lady and been in the pharmacy were there anyway but it’s for educational purposes you all know what i mean y’all know what it is education no purpose says so

Without further ado before somebody try creep up mommy i’m about to end this because there are supervisors out here but there you go that still look at the very bottom here we are six minutes into really hasn’t dissolved that much i’m going to spend a shower like that i’m going to spin it around like that it’s still it it flows it look it’s going up it’s going

Around in there it’s moving around but it will not go to the top and there’s a sprite test on a valium 10 milligram any comments questions concerns any and i don’t want to hear any thumbs down you just subscribe and give me likes i

Transcribed from video
Sprite test with 10mg Valium instead of Xanax By DOPE STUFF