March 28, 2023

Video for UM Honors Organic Chemistry discussion section. Students: Teja, Mohit, Will, Hunter, Amanda

Gao’s root causes high uric acid if you have gout how uric acid can lead to more attacks to help reduce attacks lower your uric acid you lauric lowers uric acid levels and adults with gout it’s not for the treatment of high uric acid without a history of gout you lauric reduces uric acid to help you reach a healthy level don’t take you’ll or quit as a thigh up

Reamer captive urine or theophylline for some gout may flare up when starting certain gout medicines including you lauric a small number of heart attacks strokes and heart related deaths were seen in studies it’s not certain you laura caused them certain tests to check liver function may be required tell your doctor about liver or kidney problems or history of heart

Disease or stroke the most common side effects are liver problems nausea gout flares joint pain and rash that right there is a urinal one most common pharmaceuticals used to treat gout high uric acid now let’s take a closer look on what it really is allopurinol also known as island prim kaplan alum since the war was first approved by you for use the united states in

1966 has been used to treat high uric acid arthritis and kidney stones ever since now surrender historian who knows more of a history of ldl allopurinol was first synthesized in 1956 by roland k robbins while working in through the aeons lab while working in the wealth and research program which was started in 1940 in search of cancer treatments specifically using

Synthetic analogs of purine and pyrimidine basis to interrupt nucleic acid biosynthesis it was first used to treat acute lymphoblastic leukemia but was later found effective against gout later in 1988 after getting approved by the fda in 1966 your trick beat you on earned the nobel prize physiology and medicine for her work with allopurinol now that we understand

Some valve here in us history let’s take a closer look into the synthesis the synthesis of allopurinol consists of an acid catalyzed addition between cyano acid amide and formamide the mechanism begins with protonation of a carbonyl and deprotonation to form an enol and what’s the form of id it begins with the protonation of this nitrogen to form a positively

Charged nitrogen here and it then undergoes an enol reaction in which the lone pair on the oxygen kicks down and the pi bond attacks this carbon here and moving on here we have deprotonation of the positively charged carbon eel and protonation of this amine to form a good leaving group and then the base will come and deprotonate here to form a pi bond here and

Illuminate the positively charged nitrogen and the final product is this now let me understand the synthesis of allopurinol let’s take a closer look at the chemical action that gives it as pharmaceutical properties hi i’m doctor mode we would tall distant galaxies where i described i’ll turn off the omelet patients i’ll turn off function by determining an enzyme

Called exam teen oxidase which revert the xanthine and experience which are found in animal plant foods into gierek acid it does this by acne as a subject competitor and also by metabolizing into a non-competitive inhibitor that prevents exam teen dogface monoxide from oxidizing in substrates this is why i love caramel is an effective drug that helps with jerrica

Mediated diseases work out now that she knows so much more about here nah we hope you have a deeper appreciation of all the science and work that went into producing this one drug hopefully doesn’t make you look at all science and power pharmaceuticals in a different line

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