November 29, 2022

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Okay let’s do this again sorry it was interrupted got a knock on my door so i take care of that um let’s just jump into my side effects of this and we’ll continue on about some of this flavor but yeah struggled with anxiety and depression my whole entire life have not had a very fun history on keeping myself seen um i am a mother of two boys and i am a single

Mother i was at i did have a very verbal somewhat physical abusive relationship that i got out with them and i do struggle with a family history of anxiety and living with my dad is very hard because he’s a very aggressive mad mean person and does not want to get himself medicated right so that kind of hinders a lot on trying to keep your balance when people

Are making you feel like you did this too um so my first medication was a benelaxine effexor i was taking 37.5 milligrams um and then after that i was supposed to go um up and take two of those after seven days well well into my let’s say fifth day i i it was escalating to be worse and worse the first day was a little nause i was having nausea about the whole

Day like a rolly stomach and then the shakes and my eye vision was just not liking light like it kept going like kind of like it it was weird as the days progressed it was getting worse and my anxiety and irritability were through the roof i mean as little as not finding a pen would make my heart race my whole body go into panic and anyone that would ask me a

Question i’d just be like i don’t know like i was just it was to the point um by third day i was crying breaking down it hurt it was it just i couldn’t settle it was so bad then the fourth day i couldn’t get out of bed i just wanted to cry and sleep and cry and sleep and um my shakes were getting a lot worse they were not settling down if i wasn’t having a day

Of peace where people will have like a bad day and then a good day then bad day then it keeps getting like no it was just levels of worse and worse and worse and i was so scared because i was coming up on my seventh day i’m like i can’t i can’t i don’t want to jump into something that’s making me worse take two and then where will i be after that who knows um

So i called the doctor they said to stop and i was on the my information is more written on my phone notes than on here uh they said to just stop i wouldn’t have any side effects wrong i got off oh boy i was up and down i felt so bad for my kids and my fiance i would just get to those points i just locked myself in the room i did not want them to experience this

And poor dances we live in the same room he got a lot of it my breakdowns my anger my anger especially was just through the roof it took about a week to kind of feel somewhat normal and back on the other issue i have been using marijuana i’ve been quitting but when i was taking the valve vaccine i literally had to take a morning toke just to settle myself down

It did help for a moment but as far as my shakes and my you know just the shake feeling that state and the feeling of hunger which does help marijuana makes you hungry this medicine was not making me hungry at all i had no appetite um that was the only reason why i started smoking and i would only take one tiny micro hit because i was just i i couldn’t stay set

Like just relaxed it was hard um just irritable just ah my mind racing it was so bad and then once i smoked it was just like a little better but it was like being on day one with the pill so it i was just so scared on how much further it would bring me to when i did double so didn’t go back on that once um i told the doctor this they quickly prescribed me a new

One um it is um excuse me lexapro but it’s more of a um eschatolopram right five milligram tablet that i’ve been taking um so they um daniel and i kind of take the same medications which is funny because when he started he did not have any side effects he said he wasn’t feeling anything um which was great for him but um when i started this is my second day

By the way um yesterday i didn’t feel too much the sick feeling i did towards the end of the day i felt like i couldn’t hold food down today i definitely feel sickly um the shakes are back i just literally just holding my hands still and this is what i’m getting so i’m that in when i’m walking especially like we went to kohl’s just now and just being in there

In the lights and the sun gave me a headache like a tension headache right here in my temples and i started just my eyes were doing the flashy thing where it’s just like it literally felt like the lights were dimming and and getting brighter at the same time it was just i don’t know if i’m like seizure bound with that or what but i do know these are common side

Effects that are um normally what happens the first two weeks but when they escalate i don’t feel like i should increase it especially if i’m not getting a good day and bad day well um so i’m gonna do the rest of the day see how i feel um hopefully this can subside and see what goes on from there my irritability also has been just i like taking deep breaths same

Things like again i’m a single mom so my kids they’re both boys and i love them to death but the arguing and screaming and then not getting a rest my brain is going so mom’s been still needing mom quiet time um which sucks because all i want to do is be out there with my kids my kids and i we do art all the time we’re playing games you know it’s it’s frustrating

When you get to these points where you literally can’t even be near the ones you love because you’re just afraid you’re gonna flip out on them because you’re just irritable you know it’s not fun um so i’m just right now like i said they’re mild um when i was taking the effects or day two was definitely a lot worse this is just kind of feeling like it was day

One with the effects or a little i’m feeling the nausea the shakes are definitely there the eye flashing being in sunlight has just been kind of hard i am i live in southern california right now it’s close to damn near 100 degrees and i think we got a little bit of humidity on top of that which makes it worse so that sucks um cottonmouth dry mouth i’m having a

Lot of that on my second dose i’ve literally been downing water um and that’s as f oh and the sweating that’s another thing my hands will not stop sweating in my feet that’s weird but i’ve been having sweaty issues and that was also with the uh effects or two i wake up and my hair was drenched in sweat like i didn’t know what the hell was going on i had no

Fever but man every night my whole my like outline was in sweat and i’m like i don’t sweat that profusely i mean i got a little bit but nothing that bad so like right now they’re just moist as hell so that’s another side effect so let’s see what happens by tonight i’ll document again and see where i’m at from there all right so see what goes on

Transcribed from video