June 4, 2023

Drug interaction between SSRIs (Prozac, Celexa, Paxil) and Trazodone

Hi everybody know well from get pharmacy advice back at you again with another drug interaction yay today we’re going to talk about ssris and transit owned mostly that’s what we’re gonna focus on now tries to doughnuts an antidepressant ssris is a group of antidepressants such as she’s gonna list a few prozac generic is fluoxetine celexa which is generic is to

Telegram sertraline which i sold off the generic is sertraline paxil which is proxy no much if i threw that in there already sorry so there’s a couple of those ssris and quite often those are taken for depression however that trazadone which is also an antidepressant is normally taken for its side effect which is sleepiness so people can be on their paxil and then

Pass it on occasion to help them fall asleep the problem is is that these two drugs together increase the serotonin level to our and that causes serotonin syndrome now i’m sure you’ve heard of serotonin it’s one of the issues when they’re low it can cause depression that’s why a lot of people who are depressed are on the ssris increasing serotonin make you feel

Better it’s also what we all experience when we eat chocolate specially the dark chocolate increases our serotonin levels gives us that i just ate chocolate feeling and serotonin is a neurotransmitter and it’s it’s involved in a lot of things including sleep aggression pain what’s the other one appetite anxiety so you figure if you have too much serotonin a lot of

That is affected so when your serotonin levels get too high what can cause tremors nausea vomiting mania so people can become manic confusion it’s the other one hypothermia shivering just feeling horrible and it can ultimately lead to death it’s a pretty serious interaction however just a little disclaimer here is when it does happen it usually the symptoms usually

Clear up within 24 hours it usually happens when patients start it with the medications together when their first poem together or when there’s an ink and one of their dosing so you definitely want to watch out for that you want to be out first day or tony syndrome if you start feeling a little bit you don’t care of trouble sleeping a little bit more manic anxiety

Your stomach feels horrible shivers tremors that those all could be signs of serotonin syndrome which is just too high of serotonin level in your system also i’m just going through out there if you’re on one of those medications ssris and other issue a lot of people take and they don’t even think about it is their migraine medication so if you’re on a trip to and

Such as imitrex sumatriptan any of your migraine medications can really interact with the antidepressants as well and increases serotonin levels to a dangerous level so you just want to be on the lookout for that it doesn’t hurt to ask your pharmacist when you pick up the meds if it’s a new one of migraine antidepressant anything actually ask how they interact if

They interact if they don’t know if top of their head which allowed people oh no big deal they can go look it up really quickly so please stay on top your medications asked when you have a new one is it this will interact and just be aware if you’re not interested or an ssri or you’re gonna start taking migraine medicine all right rambling on and on again and

Again please come visit a site if you’re not already here please leave us a comment send us an email if you have any questions or you’d like us to do a video on a specific drug or a drug interaction holla at us okay thank you very much but

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SSRIs and Trazodone By GetPharmacyAdvice