June 4, 2023

Well my body ain’t what it used to be & my hormones are cray cray Im starting on Metformin to help out with the symptoms of PCOS & insulin resistance ↓↓↓ Click for more! ↓↓↓

Good morning guys a bit of a different video today i’m gonna be talking about starting metformin so for those of you have been following me a long time you’ll be like okay what are you starting with forming again for and those of you who are brand new to this video because you just want to find out information about getting started on metformin this video should

Answer the questions for both of you first things first i went on metformin when i turned 18 i am turning 30 this year omega and it’s been something i’ve been on and off having over the past 12 years the first time i took that when i was 18 it was horrible absolutely horrible stomach cramps diarrhea just feeling really not great at all and i had to and i was on a

Very low dose very low dose it just affected me really badly then we went on a bunch of fertility treatment and it really did a couple of cycles ivf and now i have three kids one of them is through let yourself for mara as well and the reason that i go and meet foreman is because i have polycystic ovarian syndrome and along with that insulin resistance which is

Two of sugars i think and well so it’s been a while since i’ve been on it because i have a one-year-old now so i’ve been pregnant and breastfeeding i need to try and control my weight and the effects that it’s in our body i don’t want to get type 2 diabetes i just want to try and watch all that stuff such things first what they do i went to my doctor and i told

Her that i wanted to get back on metformin and she said that she wanted to run some blood tests first so that’s what i’m here for today no i’m getting tested for screening for type 2 diabetes mellitus or cv risk i don’t know how to say that liver function electrolytes creatine creatine i’m sorry michael alright so that’s why i’m here for that’s where i’m getting

Tested for supporting clinical information restarting metformin for pcos and i’m really reluctant to get out my car because it’s pouring down rain yeah it was a great day to go get my blood tea so i will basically wait for these results i’ll get them in about a week i’ll do another video with their results hopefully we think should be relatively normal so this

Is just checking to make sure because metformin affects all these things to make sure that i’m good to go to get started and then i’ll be doing a video on after the first day of taking meeting form and after the fifth day of taking metformin just any days that i feel like maybe it’s affecting me good or bad so this was just a little information video for those

Of you out there starting metformin and what the possible side-effects could be and how it’s affecting me anyway and yeah so that’s what we’re doing i’m gonna go get my blood test now before it’s that’s really really pouring down the brain and my child starts having thanks for watching guys and i’ll see you in my next video which will be the results hey guys so

I got my blood test results back and they’re perfect everything is perfect i always when i get these blood test results back i always think surely one day this is gonna come back and something’s gonna be wrong i don’t understand how it’s not wrong but anyway perfect so don’t have type 2 two diabetes and all the other things that listed she went through them all

With me basically she said fine fine fine fine fine everything is fine so this would have to be the quickest video in history

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Starting Metformin | Blood test & results By The Orange Bunch