June 1, 2023

People reporting their personal stories of themselves or friends that have been damaged and suffered side effects of cholesterol lowering statin drugs. Statin drugs include: Lipitor, Crestor, Lovastatin, Pravachol, Pravastatin, Vytorin, Atoravastatin, Rosuvastatin

Doctoral tell me a little story about the statin drugs and you were talking about a friend of yours who has rheumatoid arthritis she’s about 72 years old continues to be on statin drugs and memory is about gone completely pain and ankles horrible pain in the hands she we took her actually off of the statin on her own for about six months memory memory quite a bit

Oh so much when she goes back to the doctor he put her on generic statin instead which does the same thing album what happened i understood what happened put your back on this down frame damn she’s memory together completely gone she can’t drive down the street and no one we can it was a but first thing is that i had a heart attack at 32 years old and i won’t take

The statins because they made me feel horrible so in other words you did pry them for what i did try them and make me feel horrible and i stopped taking them what muscle pain absolutely massive pain yes and and that was the main thing but also tired i was just tired all the time from it and so i stopped taking them and i feel better it irritates the doctors to no end

But i won’t take him and you mentioned something about your doctor goggle upset about that well he did get upset about that but the other thing is my mother had a heart attack and back in september you told me a moment ago he walked out of the room this is her doctor her doctor – this is her doctor so she refused to take them based off of my experience the doctor

Got mad at her and she turned around and asked him would you take them and he left the room without saying anything and then the nurse turned around until my mother don’t you listen to him there’s not a doctor in this hospital it’ll take those stats i just bet you you saw the scylla poster thing about the statin drugs and side effects of statins and he started to

Relate to me a story about a friend of yours yeah yeah she was losing her memory oh yeah she was a smart as an absolute whip no problems at all i mean she was helping me design my house and then all of a sudden within a very short period of time she was starting to ask me again did did we do this did i talk to you about this she used to be real sharp super sharp

I mean she was reminding me of everything and now all of a sudden i’m sensing that she’s and i’m starting to worry that she’s going down hill of loss of memory dementia potentials alzheimer so that was my concern because i’ve been through this before with family members and then she said i said are you doing anything different what’s going on too much sugar man

What’s happening are you sleeping okay she goes i’m a mess i can’t focus i can’t think and ever since they put me on she was i put me on statins and she was somebody else had said mate you know don’t take those get have your doctor take get off those things and and so she could and i said no just what do you think and i said get off of them well you want to taper

Off of it and there’s certainly better ways lowered cholesterol but there’s about ten different types of statins they all basically do the same thing some to different degrees in each different person depending on what the statins are taking us but the results and side-effects are horrific well absolutely and i explained to her about another friend of mine he was

80 years old his doctor put him on statins and within a matter of weeks he couldn’t remember to take his medications and all this other stuff they finally after many months telling a correlation finally oh finally as they gets worse and worse over a period of time yeah when he couldn’t remember hardly anything they took him off he’s slowly got a little better but

He moves now liberty died within that year yeah a sad situation so her doctor tapered her off and she is so much better now unbelievable yeah i hear this 20 to 30 times a day yeah a day and it’s so sad to see what goes on and they call this the practice of medicine and there’s certainly better way to do it thank you shooting twice with my own eyes yeah i’ve seen

A hundreds and hundreds of oh i took out statins i took a crest or crystal i took it for a week and within that week i couldn’t benefit or in my early 30s for a couple of years and i was struggling the short-term memory set something down turn around i couldn’t find it didn’t know where i said the down keys pocketknife and memory loss iii sorts remember laughs i

Was on and i had no idea what it was doing to me i was at my pharmacist about two months ago about five minutes to six he was getting off at six and i said otto if i didn’t know better they told me i was dying of some horrible disease when kathy what’s wrong and i said i can’t take this pain anymore and he said let me look at the medications oh you’re understatment

That’s what he said and he said that’s not a good one and he said i don’t think you need that do you and i said no she put me on it for a precautionary measure just in case she didn’t even have cholesterol problems in the first quarter like diabetes mike and so he said you go off of that right away yeah well it’s important also i can’t taper off this that and do

That between you and your doctor that you see so many people toby’s everywhere all the doctors tell her tomorrow and you know what within days just about you a moment ago you saw the statin drug side effect over here by dr. brave lane what happened to you when you take statins we stayed here taking for a few months i was on statin drugs for three months i was in

So much pain i got to the point where i didn’t even want to get out of bed in the morning i went from eating healthy to not wanting to feed myself in the morning i went from eating and healthy to eating garbage i was you just heard all i heard i’ll change your thought process you kinda don’t care i didn’t care i didn’t want to eat i when i did it i ain’t garbage i

Didn’t want a shower in the morning i i don’t want to get out of bed and how long did it take you to realize it might be something going on with the staff oh i knew without a doubt when i was it hurt for me to climb out of bed it hurt me to get go down the stairs in the morning all i wanted to do every day was and you talk to your doctor about it i did not i did

Not i just i finally decided that it go to a point where i wanted to i wanted to commit suicide because i was in so much pain so you got office i decided yeah i know i just stopped that’s a good idea i know i know that but i decided to just stop i could i couldn’t take it anymore because i thought i’m gonna kill myself yeah we hear that constantly dr. grave loss

Of memory in six weeks taken away and there’s about thirty to forty million taking it yeah i find was simple cozy i hear the story all day long 24 30 people a day talk about statins yeah and in two weeks later i still wasn’t feeling better and so i went online and read about why was i not feeling better and i and i read that it could take two to three weeks for

It to work on you sometimes longer it took it almost three weeks it’s not so much the drug working itself out of the system it’s the damage being repaired by the bots it’s kind of like a hurricane katrina roll and through hurricanes gone but now statins loosen up here leg pains cramps how long did that start to hurt after you start taking darvill days a couple of

Weeks couple weeks i think and you walked by you saw the same thing what happened to you and you’re here well i’m i’m a retired nurse annelle but at the time i started taking about it within about a week and a half i started having chest pain i couldn’t walk over ten feet without practical autopsy they thought i was having heart problems they did they went check me

To see if i needed stance and everything else i mean that was just from the sentence as soon as i stopped and i i started having this that really told me we took the statin drugs for a couple of weeks was it oh just less than a week less than a week and then what happened i actually couldn’t hardly walk my knees hurt so bad i couldn’t move he said the doctors took

Me off of it and almost immediately the pain went away but then what happened they were i torture on another one they tried three different ones and the same thing happened to different degrees to the point where on the way to store you pick the cholesterol medication for hitler’s a couple years old a lot of years were a lot of years what happened to you is back

Man major major back pain and heart fluttering you getting heart symptoms from a back pain live heart disease anyway and i uh that made it worse and so how did they attribute the side effects to the fluster medication just by taking it and all went away so you start reading my life i was doing my wife was researching it on the cnn on the internet and the doctors

Will typically ignore it they’ll change you from one stat another static try to come home that’s what they usually do it’ll go through four or five different ones and finally realize maybe this person shouldn’t be taking this there’s better ways to lower cholesterol with no side effects so they do a little research i found that out the hard way so you stop taking

It you can’t pull off of it my back’s fine i can do anyway i’m a commercial rollers and they would like to call that that it was just a coincidence that you got better because you got odds now i did just stand-in here like this not get a shock on my back though i can lay me down i’d having to lay down for two weeks at a time it can cause a lot of muscle tears and

Nerves in just a moment ago you saw this about dr. gray- that androgyny later the story to me that happened to you just summarize that real quick you’re on the statins for a while cholesterol medication i was i was on him for about a month almost a month in a week and about i’d say probably the second week after that month on a statin program they had me on it was

About ten different flavors lipitor i suppose yes sure it was lipitor some damp there was a staff my body can take and i couldn’t get have a chair and i’m pretty strong dude that’s what’s in a couple of weeks you can hardly move that was i’d say a month to take and it took me two weeks to get my body back where i could get up i couldn’t lift a jug of milk out of

The fridge i hurt so bad in my for all three of my arms what made you decide that the statins were causing the problem it’s the only thing i was putting in my body it would make me hurt i was hurting so bad like it was worse electricity but it was like i ran a hundred miles and my muscles was so sore that i couldn’t walk and i couldn’t look after you got off then

How long did it take you to start to feel different feel better oh after about two a week one week i still felt kind of the same better the second week i kept fit every week was better better better better getting off every every day every day i got leg pain all the time foot pain yes then you told me about you’ve got a shot bob your coworkers yep same thing they

Got shoulder pain muscle pain we climb a lot of stairs and they have lots of trouble you know and they’re all on the staff and drugs all on staten drugs and they’re all hurt and oh yeah and you told me some of them got off the statins they just say i voluntarily quit taking it because they got the hurt so bad

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