February 8, 2023

A study published in Archives of Internal Medicine in June of 2012 showed that people using statins had a much higher incidence of decreased energy and fatigue upon exertion. Forty percent had worsened energy or fatigue with exertion; 20% had both, and 10% were severely effected. Other known side effects of statins include liver disease, muscle pain, muscle necrosis, kidney failure, peripheral neuropathy, global anmesia, and a higher incidence of type 2 diabetes. Statins also block the production of coenzyme Q10, which is important in energy production, antioxidant protection, and helping with congestive heart failure, hypertension, diabetes, adriamycin induced heart failure, periodontal disease, Parkinson’s disease, and some cancers.

One of the most common complaints of patients visiting their doctors is fatigue lack of energy and there are also many medications that can make people tired all the time you know antidepressants and tranquilizers and muscle relaxants and just about every medication sleeping pills the day after blood pressure pills and so forth and now we can add another drug

To this list statins and i was thinking you know statins are like the most popular medication on the market lipitor is the biggest selling drug in the world crester is in the top five well it seems to me that they might have stock in some of these coffee houses because the coffee houses are very sure people trying to wake up and get more energy and not be

So tired so you know it could be the statins too we’re certainly in a drug culture aren’t we indeed there was an article published in archives of internal medicine in june of 2012. looking at a thousand people who are on different kinds of statins and comparing them to placebo and then looking to see how much loss of energy there was and how much fatigue with

The exertion that there was and it turned out to be a lot somewhere around 40 percent had worsened energy or exertional fatigue 20 percent had both and 10 were really severely incapacitated by their fatigue so what are some of the other side effects that statins have statins are turning out to have a lot of side effects and it’s not really a surprise because

What are we doing we’re putting a foreign substance into the body and that creates changes that our metabolism has to adjust to you know i want to just clarify here too when we talk about statins we’re talking about cholesterol lowering drugs exactly and at least one class of them because there are many different classes of them but the statins are the ones that

Are the most common so we’re looking at the side effects so-called side effects they aren’t side effects at all they have the expected effects in an awful lot of people you’re seeing things like liver disease and peripheral neuropathy and muscle necrosis rather than just having weak muscles people tend to have painful and sore muscles so they can’t do the work

Because of pain because of the of the rhabdomyolysis which is the disintegration of muscles liberating a substance called myoglobin that when in large amounts can actually go down the kidneys and cause clog it up and cause kidney failure so you could wind up actually dying from kidney failure and it can cause peripheral neuropathy your risk for type 2 diabetes

Goes up there are some questions about its association with cancer so all of a sudden this miracle drug okay that’s being that a lot of people are talking about we should put it in the water and give it to everybody because we’re going to lower the incidence of heart attacks and strokes is a myth another thing that it does that not everybody knows about is that

It prevents your coq10 from developing that’s a real good point it actually blocks the production okay of coq10 in the body and coenzyme q10 is absolutely necessary for people who to be able to make energy so we don’t even mention that a lot of the time because drug companies don’t want to look at it maybe that’s why people are tired it could be we know that

For people who are having problems with muscle pain that if you give them coenzyme q10 the risk for developing that goes down quite a bit and coq10 does a lot of other things besides make energy it’s a powerful antioxidant it helps in congestive heart failure a lot of the time and people with hypertension or high cholesterol or diabetes or chemotherapy with

Certain kinds of drugs like adriamycin can actually block the heart failure that can develop from it and periodontal diseases and parkinson’s disease and some sometimes are using for cancer so this is a really important nutrient that we can make some of uh in our bodies but supplementing it in a situation when you’re on a statin drug seems like a no-brainer it

Seems like it’s almost malpractice for a doctor not to prescribe it but because it’s a natural supplement maybe that’s why they don’t well i don’t know i think that generally there’s a polarization between doctors and nutritionists doctors tend to work with drugs and they don’t know much about nutrition because they’re not trained in it and they know even less

About supplements so when it comes to talking about your particular field of course mine is the best and if i happen to be a doctor it’s it’s using drugs and surgeries and technologies if i’m a nutritionist it’s looking to sell biochemistry and talking about food supplements and other kinds of natural things that we can take to make our bodies function better

So the best way to deal with high cholesterol is to have a healthy lifestyle and not depend on taking drugs oh for sure and and if our lifestyle is healthy even if our cholesterol is high as long as our ratios are right there’s no need to treat it in almost every situation certainly for primary prevention is not indicated lots of studies have been done on that

Recently so the idea of putting statins in the water is bypassing we should also be very careful prescribing any medicine because when we do they always cause problems with their metabolism and some of those problems that we see can be life-threatening and can make life pretty uncomfortable

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Statins Cause Fatigue By DoctorSaputo