March 28, 2023

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A provocative column we saw in the wall street journal it is about the drugs called statins in fact one of them lipitor may be the most widely prescribed drug in the nation but some people are claiming an unpublicized side effect from the medication memory loss difficulty concentrating fuzzy thoughts today 69 year old jane bronzy loves volunteering for her

Granddaughter’s middle school but not long ago her memory was so bad while babysitting she even lost track of her granddaughter i didn’t want to talk on the phone because i couldn’t think of what to say i didn’t know the words to answer people that ask me questions i began to see the people i was talking to looking at each other kind of funny her daughter kristin

Was so concerned she explored getting alzheimer’s care for her mother and refused to let her babysit for her own grandchild it was devastating because she’s just as important to rachel as i am but jane says it wasn’t old age causing the memory problem it was her cholesterol lowering drug or staten when i decided to stop taking lipitor within about eight days i

Would say i was back to normal i literally had to change doctors in order to do that statins are used by millions of americans in the hope of reducing the risk of a heart attack and while they’ve saved thousands of lives they have well known side effects like muscle cramping but is there a less publicized side effect memory loss dr. beatriz column runs the staten

Effect study where for the past six years patients on statins have been able to report their own side effects to her website of the first thousand or so reports that came to our office forty-eight percent of them reported memory problems these side effects can they mimic serious diseases like alzheimer’s they don’t remember where they went earlier that day what

They had for breakfast pfizer the maker of lipitor tells abc in a statement that the clinical trial data quote does not establish a causal link between lipitor and memory loss but for jane bruns a who now controls her cholesterol through diet the link was clear good i don’t want to be the person in on nursing home was the lowest cholesterol you know i would rather

Be have a high cholesterol and have a life and now i’m called dr. timothy johnson who is abc news medical editor tim what about this thousands of people reporting anecdotally everywhere that they have word and memory loss on lipitor what does this say to you well i think we have to take these complaints seriously i want to put it in perspective by pointing out

That the company that makes lipitor one of the statins has about a hundred and forty five million years of patient experience in in over 400 studies they say that about two percent of people will report some kind of memory loss the study that you quoted in the piece that’s a self-selected sample in other words these are only people who think they have a problem

Therefore reported in so that doesn’t really tell us much except for those people’s experience but i think what a patient complains of this we ought to absolutely take it seriously and and if they really need a statin if they can benefit from a statin we ought to lower the dose or switch to another statin which in many cases will take care of the problem but two

Percent could still be a lot of people right it could be a lot of people we have no idea what the status of those people is these are just reports that come in over the transom so to speak but again my attitude is if a patient is complaining about it you take it seriously you go over it with them you see if there are other reasons causing it if they really need

The set and if they’ve already had a heart attack or stroke or they are at high risk for heart attacks and strokes and can really benefit from the drug try another statin i know personally some people who have done that and it’s worked just fine for them worst case scenario you stop the statin and use other means to lower cholesterol well my question is is a just

Lipitor or is it all stands and what could conceivably be the reason a statin was affecting the brain well the statins of course lower cholesterol and our brain is full of cholesterol in the linings of our nerves and so it’s theoretically possible that if we change cholesterol levels it might affect brain tissue we don’t have hard proof of that but it certainly is

Theoretically possible and as to the lipitor we get most reports on that drug because it’s the number one seller but we have heard reports with other statins also and we’ve heard that by and large these are women who are reporting it more men is that a coincidence of some kind what do you think that would be it could be it also could and i’m using a lot of codes

Here because we don’t know for sure it could relate to the changing hormonal milieu of a woman as she enters into menopause we certainly have heard these reports for men too so it doesn’t appear to be specifically tied to gender but again i want to emphasize if a person has this problem talk to your doctor see about lowering the dose or switching to another statin

Before you give up up up on the drug because if you really need it the benefits will outweigh the risks there is a vitamin niacin right that has some cholesterol lowing properties but as it as good as a statin if you need to switch off the statins all together it isn’t as good but it does work in the problem with it it usually causes side effects such as facial

Flushing there are some new versions of nice and coming out that are appear to be better in terms of that side effect so that’s one alternative among several for people who have to go off the statins all right tim always good to hear from you get perspective on this and if you’re having any problems out there want to ask about lipitor visit and our

Special uncaught section is on heart disease you can find it in health section of sacrifice our own families on the altar of these medical doctors and dr. blalock is a medical doctor i’m going to go through a giant bio rida dat blaylock but i wanted to get you on sir to talk about this issue because now we’ve got brain disorders as you know

Exploding you got people at 30 years old getting alzheimer type diseases gyan beret exploding people having epilepsy exploding narcolepsy exploding the media admits link to vaccines but but you you define and written some of the most prestigious papers decades ago there now mainline science on chronic brain inflammation so let’s start with the statin drugs and

Alzheimer’s dr. blaylock thank you alex and good introduction the statin drugs have been known to be troublemakers from the very beginning when they were first manufactured almost 20 years ago now the promise was that when uh this was our main weapon against heart disease it was just so impressive we were in a / heart disease well 20 years later the incidence

Of death from heart disease has not changed at all or very low if what they were telling his propaganda and in pure propaganda not medical science was true it should have slipped at least third or fourth and the incidence of test so dr. that means it’s gotten worse because one about half the people that weren’t smoker since then are not smokers and that’s yep

Yeah so it was alive from the very beginning well then when the statistician started looking at what they were quoting and they’re advertising which they advertised in every tv program and a popular magazine when they start looking at statistic there were you know these are doctors statistic that literally they’re true but when you look at the actual reduction

In heart attacks it’s no more than one or two percent but because they manipulate the numbers which you know i show in my newsletter it comes out thirty percent thirty six percent reduction in heart attack but is it the one or two because there’s been a massive reduction in cigarette smoking well yeah that’s played a big role when people are more often exercising

And changing their diet but they leave that out of these statistics you know there’s just taking the role statistic where you read the major papers that they constantly quote they leave out things and the conclusion of the paper and we’re seeing this more and more is that the conclusion of the paper does not match the data that’s in the paper well most practicing

Physicians do not read the data in a scientific paper they read the introduction and they read the conclusion a lot just read the abstract well if you read the paper for instance one of those the often quoted paper said that there was increased death from brain hemorrhages uh that is never even mentioned in the conclusion of the article well i think that’s kind of

Important well there’s a research article and which looked and reviewed virtually every paper written about statin drug since its inception to see what is the complications associated with it what is the rates of complications in the series well i review this and one of my newsletter and went through all of them although the list is so long it’s unbelievable but

We have things that vary from a muscle weakness muscle pain uh death from a condition that destroys the muscle including heart muscle paralysis where they can’t even get out of bed to increase incidence of als which is considered one hundred percent fatal disease and the effect on the brain and the heart were the two that were really stand out because they’re so

Calm oh the incidence of heart failure says the introduction to statin drug it’s just grown astronomically well a physician looked at this review the data and demonstrated that this was because of the statin drug well the heart is very energy dependent because it’s always beating it never really rest and it requires high levels of coenzyme q10 for its energy well

The process the enzyme that produces coenzyme q10 is also the one that produces cholesterol this drug blocks that enzyme so it’s not only blocking the production of cholesterol but also cleanse i’m q10 that means the heart now is deprived of its major energy molecule and so it explains why we’re seeing this virtual explosion of heart failure and it’s occurring at

An earlier age and now they’re talking about putting statins in water for three-year-olds enough we see they were talking uh before that before the water episode they were telling the pediatricians you need to start doing lipid studies on all children and if they have elevated cholesterol try the diet first but if their cholesterol doesn’t correct then they should

Be put on statins for a lifetime unbelievable well one of the secrets of statins you know i wrote about this for years and the only reason there’s any effect of the statins at all is because of the powerful immune suppressant and its anti-inflammatory as nothing to do with lowering cholesterol now they’re starting to admit that even the mainstream journal because

The evidence was just so overwhelming well who would want to take a child 6 or 7 years of age and suppress their immunity for their entire life that’s going to have to fax number one is going to dramatically increase their incidence of cancer and two is going to increase their incidence of infection and that’s going to say well we need more vaccination so they

Like the idea of producing massive in suppression epidemics of infectious diseases and so the public would agree oh we need back things to protect our children this is let me stop you this is so cold-blooded for those that don’t know obviously you suppress the immune system is the immune system that stops cancer i was reading a paper a few months ago where they

Said now they’ve got new tests with a blood test that can pick up cancer markers but people got cancer every week that our own body defeats now they’re going to have millions more people that can rush in with cat-scans that up up your chances of cancer oh we found something now we’ve got to put you on chemo i mean this is just a nicole blooded business by these

People but think about it well it is business because it’s paying no attention to the science you know if you look at the science of cancer you look at the science of degenerative brain disorders you look at the science of degenerative heart disorders i it’s the exact opposite of what’s being done and the medical establishment it’s almost as if they’re sabotaging

People pal and when we look at the incidence of disease we’re saying to jerry brain disorders in young people now used to be confined to people in there at least after age 55 now we’re seeing age 40 30 20 and growing numbers well as you start putting larger and larger percentages of the population on drugs that are known to suppress the major energy molecule of

The body it’s going to have a profound effect on brain function heart function and it’s going to have a profound effect because the immune suppressing ability as we said on infectious diseases the fatality from infectious diseases and it’s going to have a major effect on cancer incidence you

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