June 4, 2023

Just a video here made for people going through Psychiatric drug withdrawal. I explain techniques and coping strategies that enable space away from ones mind to make a sense of calmness and create distractions that bring empowerment and a sense of control. I think it’s critical during long term psychiatric drug withdrawal to have strategies in place in order to deal with the array of symptoms and side effects one experience’s during this tapering process. Hope it helps some others out there in the midst of withdrawal. 💪🤜

Hey guys cole here today i’m just going to talk about just maintaining composure i guess or just ways you can deal or cope and you know with the constant head noise of of the act of of psychiatric withdrawal coming off these drugs um you know for myself you know this this last you know three years coming off this medication my head has just been spinning you

Know i’m um my head is always racing you know a thousand miles an hour i’ve got thoughts swishing in and out you know not so good ones as well you know a lot of suicidal thoughts um a lot of obsessive thoughts just racing in my head um you know so much so you know for me i i i don’t know what is reality and what’s not you know what are my thoughts and what are

The thoughts the drug is making it’s you know it’s a very fine line and and the more the more i come off these drugs the more i’m realizing you know how hard it is you know to um to do this process but you know i gotta keep going so today i’m just gonna go through just for a few tips uh which help me things you can do just to just you know create a bit of space

Um you know when your mind’s going crazy and just to have a little bit of calmness or a little bit of happiness in your world so for me i think it’s you know very important just to to remember breathing and just remember your breath i i you know i i know i might sound a little bit um a little bit cuckoo you know especially when you’re having you know high anxiety

Or you’re dealing with a thesis or you’re having panic attacks or whatever i’ve experienced all those myself but i know the act of breathing just breathing it could just be 10 really deep breaths is just let you know that you’re still here you you know your feet are still on the ground and you know as hard as it is or as as you know crazy things that crazy is

Things might be you’re still human and you’re still here so you know that’s one of the tips of one of the things i’ve used you know during withdrawal so far over the past three years going into you know severe protracted withdrawal where i almost ended up in hospital you know um just just utilizing the breath whenever i can just to keep me here you know and you

Know it’s a very powerful tool you can use throughout the withdrawal process just to calm your mind a little bit and just to let you know that you know you’re the boss you know it’s your body and you’re here you’re in control and as crazy as things are you know you’re going to be okay another really effective tool that i’ve used so far that has kept me going you

Know throughout this process would be exercise um you know for me it’s a bit of a tough one because i experience a lot of fatigue and i have extreme severe fatigue throughout this withdrawal but i also have a lot of built up energy and aggression from from from from the drugs and my situation i mean and i want to punch things i want to let that anger you know

So i don’t want to go up to person and do that so you know i i go to the gym and you know unleash on a punching bag i let all my frustration on the punching bag it’s a very healthy and effective tool to use you know um going through a draw and i you know i i have workouts um so so tough that i’m actually you know just dripping with sweat but i feel you know when

I walk out of their gym i i feel better you know the endorphins are rushing and i feel i feel better you know so for me it’s a bit of a a tough one because i’ve got you know chronic fatigue severe severe fatigue but then again i loved you know i i have to release my energy i’ve got to release the anger i’ve got to release the irritability you know on something

So it’s a you know a catch-22 um so i’d recommend just doing whatever works for you you know you’re you know i i can i can say once i’ve done a tough workout it takes me two or three days to recover you know but i feel so good exercising and getting that release and if i didn’t do that then you know who knows what would happen you know um i don’t think i’d be

Able to keep going through my withdrawal through with my withdrawal journey if i didn’t have some form of release through physical exercise but but yeah you know some people you know might um you know i might find it useful just to do you know lighting light intensity yoga uh you know walking um you know you know very gentle forms of exercise these things just

Might suit you um to your to your body’s content and that might be fine for you so you know i’ll let that be the judge of you but exercise you know is a great way to release toxins to you know get those endorphins going you know to get you into your own little world away from what’s going on up here that you know tornado of of thoughts and craziness you know um

It’s a good it’s a good escape another tip that i’ve been using is being being in nature you know um just going out for walks um not not necessarily you know you know there’s also the exercise benefit just but just to be nature’s presence you know just to go and sit down next to a tree and just know just for just feel that connection you know it’s something about

Nature is very calming just a tree is so still you know um just just acknowledging wildlife the birds and um you know things like that anything that can just again just take your take your mind away from the madness going on upstairs another one for me is i’ve taken up surfing um you know not not so much when i’ve exercised as well as is a great component and

And taking my wife taking myself out of that you know away from my mind and focusing on catching you know those waves but also just the connection with the ocean just being in nature just being one you know we’re you know with you know with the water you know with the waves um it’s a real therapeutic and very powerful tool you can also use um during psychiatric

Drug withdrawal the last thing for me um and probably um probably one of the things i found most beneficial is listening to music you know um you know again just having that detachment away from your mind you know playing you know just i i recommend going on i don’t know itunes or whatever apple music uh spotify and just making a list you know making a list of

Of songs that you know that you enjoy and uplift you you know give you that positive energy give you those positive vibes you know that’s what you’re needing here you know guys during this process so um get a good playlist and just for me most of the day i’ve got my music going you know all day just keeping me you know just releasing those good endorphins um

You know just releasing that dopamine and just keeping me you know just keeping me going just above water and just um just reminding me that i’m going to be okay and um you know music is a great tool just to distract you again take you away from you know um all the head noise which is going on and just to give you that distraction just to keep you going and

Pushing forward so yeah guys that’s my my video today just some little tips strategies that i’ve implemented to help me during this withdrawal and yeah i hope you found it interesting i hope you’ve enjoyed today’s video so if you if you like what you see and like the content uh yeah please hit the subscribe button below that would be great greatly appreciated

Thank you for watching cheers guys have a good one

Transcribed from video
Staying composed through the hell of Venlafaxine withdrawal 💪 By Living under a chemical influence