May 29, 2023

During a press briefing last week, Majority Leader Rep. Steny Hoyer (D-MD) touted the Inflation Reduction Act.

Thank you thank you very much leslie if you have your health you have everything if you don’t have your health no matter how wealthy you may be or other otherwise fortunate you may be you’re hurting and if you don’t have access to affordable quality health care and nancy pelosi thank you very much i think she’s they’ve left but to thank her for her leadership on

Adopting the affordable health care when president obama signed that bill we have taken action i was a little late leslie because we had a tv interview and one of the things of course was about inflation inflation is hurting our people we need to respond to the costs that they’re incurring lower drug prices better health care that’s what we did we capped insulin

Cost unfortunately just for medicare why just for medicare because the republicans would not support the bill that we sent to them which had capping insulin costs for everybody so we have work to do and making sure that that care is so essential for everybody every american cares about health care and very frankly to the extent that we’re covered by insurance

Each person’s cost will go down we know that it’s an economic battle i want to congratulate lauren underwood because 13 million people will have lost their health care if we hadn’t passed the inflation reduction act it was lauren underwood that said we need to make sure in the rescue plan that we dealt with those who were between the medicaid eligibility and the

Cost that they could afford under the affordable care act 13 million people were saved from losing insurance and every republican voted against that bill i want to thank these advocates who are here these young people are holding up signs these young people are saying we thank you for acting on our behalf on the people’s act putting people before politics very

Frankly i heard the uh the minority leader the republican leader give a debate about why we should not be for this bill he must have mentioned 17 times or more that the election was coming up in 87 days i think it was 87 days at that point in time as if that were the issue as opposed to the people who needed our help that’s why we capped insulin prices that’s

Why we brought health care costs down that’s why we said let’s negotiate the veterans administration has been negotiating prices for years this is not a new and radical effort this is an effort to say to my constituent when they come up to me and say my sister in toronto pays one third of the cost for the drug that they’re taking how can you explain that i’ll

Wait till the siren goes by that’s a fire truck not an ambulance but it could be an ambulance and we don’t want that person to get to the hospital and say i don’t have any insurance now the hospital will treat them we’ll deal with them because we made that by law but i am so pleased to be here leslie with you and all those who support this effort to make sure

That americans prices come down we’re going to beat inflation we’re going to make sure health care is available working together god bless you thank you very much

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Steny Hoyer Calls Out Republicans For Not Supporting Insulin Price Cap By Forbes Breaking News