May 29, 2023

Hi everybody i just wanted to say hi and get on here and give you guys a little bit of an update um let me see where i could put this camera up on because i’m not my camera my phone because i want to be able to talk to you guys without holding it but it’s gonna be a possibility oh yeah put it right over here hope hopefully you guys can see me here okay mm-hmm so

Pretty much i took my buspirone about probably about 30 minutes ago now i mean it’s definitely been enough time to hit me and i had a little bit of food with it so every day i take it with food and it’s usually not a lot of food i take it with yay it’s usually not a lot of food that i take it with it’s just like a small amount but it doesn’t make me feel like the

Buse problem doesn’t hit me hit me like it’s just kind of like i don’t notice any side effects at all but there is times where i do feel the side effects and this morning was one of those days where i do feel the side effects and it’s just really weird i don’t know if like if i should take more like in like because i ate some cereal with milk this morning and then

That’s pretty much all i had and then i took the buspirone so i think that maybe just eating that it’s just not enough so if you guys are still taking the buspar on please make sure that you are taking it with moderate amount of food because it will mess you up like i’m feeling all kinds of feelings right now it was first in there in the house like my husband

Cooked something and then i felt like the house was like full of smoke and stuff or like not smoke but like the steam like i felt like oh there’s team is steamed and he was like there’s no steam and i’m like oh my god look i need to get out and now i’m feeling like this chair is rocking or something like it’s not rocking it’s not a rocking chair and then i felt

Like butterflies in my chest like you know when you’re when you’re about to drop from like a roller coaster and you drop that’s the feeling that i’m that i that i am getting from time to time and then i’m just having like major disassociation almost to the point of a panic attack and i’m just thinking that i don’t know and i want to continue taking this medication

Anymore it’s it’s just i don’t know i just don’t know it’s just not it’s just not a good this is not a good feeling to have especially after taking it for this long like i don’t think that i should be having these horrible side effects so i have an appointment coming up with my doctor i finally made one and i’m gonna tell him to take me can you please be careful

So yeah i hope don’t judge me don’t think anything of me because i don’t want to take this medication anymore i just think that i’m in a better place now than i was before and i can and i know how to calm down from a panic attack because like i said before i didn’t know i was going through a panic attacks i had no idea i just recently found out that they were and

Now i know how to calm myself down so that’s all i wanted to tell you guys thank you for watching i will make another update later on once there is once i feel like there’s something that i need to talk to you guys about so yeah i hope you guys continue to have a good day or if you’re not having a good day please have a good day life is short and we need to enjoy

It and just don’t take anything for granted okay hi guys

Transcribed from video
Still having buspirone hallucinations By Liuba De La Luna