March 28, 2023

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We are dr. gallagher’s clinical group and our community intervention focused on the need to stock rescue albuterol in pasadena isd this idea arose when we had a conversation with the chief nursing officer of the district and she brought up the issue of students being at school and not having access to albuterol when they really need it this conversation led us to

Research data about childhood asthma in texas as well as in pasadena we found that the prevalence of childhood asthma and pasadena is high especially among low-income children and minorities which make up a large percent of the population in pasadena according to the us census the poverty rate for the u.s. in 2017 was twelve point three percent we know there’s a

Correlation between low-income and asthma so the fact that the poverty rate of pasadena is substantially higher than the u.s. rate that is very significant also nearly half of the households in pasadena speak another language at home other than english other important information that we found included the fact that nine people die every day from complications

Related to asthma and in 2016 there were 3518 deaths we also found that asthma is the third leading cause of hospitalization in those under the age of 15 as previously stated there is a disparity in the prevalence of asthma and certain demographics from 2001 to 2006 asthma related hospitalizations were three point six times higher in black children when compared

To white children similarly asthma related to e our visits were three times higher in black children when compared to white children asked can be triggered by many environmental factors such as tobacco smoke extreme temperature changes allergens and air pollution from industrial processes all of which are highly prevalent in the pasadena area in addition we found

Many students who are diagnosed with asthma are often sent to school without an inhaler this causes a problem because if they have an asthma exacerbation want school and do not have access to their needed medication their situation can quickly become life-threatening after assessing the community and compiling data we came up with a nursing diagnosis of risk for

Complications from asthma exacerbations where to texas currently lacking legislation to allow schools to stock albuterol as evidenced by the cno of pasadena isd stating that not having access to a bureau in schools is problematic because students do not always receive the medical treatments they need while having acute asthma exacerbations we had two outcome

Goals because our intervention had different levels of impact first our short-term goal was to develop a white paper regarding stocking albuterol in schools which will serve as a tool to communicate with the community and legislators to sponsor a bill this goal would be evaluated via feedback from the cno on acceptability of the white paper by community members and

Legislators our long-term goal focused on all students having access to rescue albuterol treatments while at any school in pasadena isd this goal would be evaluated by collecting data three to five years after the bill is passed to examine trends of asthma exacerbations in schools the intervention plan that we came up with was to develop a white paper for the cno

Of pasadena isd a white paper is a detailed report on a certain subject that completely examines the issue our white paper focused on the need for a policy change to allow stock rescue albuterol in public schools in texas our hope is that the chief nursing officer of pasadena isd will present it to texas legislators to lobby for the policy change in addition due to

The fact that our intervention is trying to facilitate a policy change we also thought it would be important to start a petition and gain support from community members we have included the link to this petition at the end of our presentation and we would appreciate your signature stock albuterol legislation and guidelines have already been implemented in states

Such as new mexico colorado georgia missouri west virginia ohio new york new hampshire and new jersey stock albuterol was introduced in sunnyside unified school district in arizona to study its impact on students and school nurses within a year of implementation the district saw 20% decrease in 911 calls and a 40% decrease in ambulance transports school nurses in

The district also reported greater peace of mind lower job stress and better outcomes for their students uncontrolled asthma exacerbations at school leading to emergency transport er visits and hospital stays cost hundreds to thousands of dollars which could be avoided with rescue treatment readily available and administered at the onset of symptoms our objective

To create a white paper was successfully completed and is now ready to be given to this chief nursing officer of pasadena isd if we could change anything we would focus on getting more input from all of the school nurses in pasadena isd to gain more information about the need for this policy we also think that it would have been good to collect an examined data on

The number of children who experience asthma exacerbations that result in er visits doctor’s visits hospitalizations and deaths as this data is currently not collected in pasadena isd here is the link to our petition so please go and sign it to help save children’s lives and here are references thank you for your time

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Stock Rescue Albuterol Inhalers By Kassie