June 1, 2023

Stomach BLOATING—Low Stomach Acid

Welcome back this is dr jin sun we’re a clinical excellence meets excellent results today we’re going to talk about bloating and low stomach acid the mechanisms of why you might have low stomach acid and the impact it will have on gut physiology so let’s get right into it bloating low stomach acid main causes for hypochlorophydria that’s the technical term for low

Stomach acid number one obviously is medications antacids or ppis or proton pump inhibitors will reduce stomach acid technically when you use a ppi you should use it only for short periods of time to manage symptoms oftentimes patients come in and they’re on ppis for three years four years 10 years and they have low stomach acid which can lead to malabsorption

Issues due to inability to break down fats proteins and carbohydrates so ppi is a big factor in low stomach acid h pylori infections in the gut h4i is one of the most common gut infections in the world it decreases hcl production because the h pylori will embed into the lining of the of the stomach so decrease hdl production overall this autonomia now this

Is not discussed very often but head concussions or trauma can lead to what we call the decrease in parasympathetic function so when you have a fight or flight dysfunction it can lead to low stomach acid so parasympathetic is the calm relaxing so you can digest so if you have a decreased function of parasympathetic system then your sympathetic system which is the

Heightened response will be an imbalance in the heightened response will be higher decreasing stomach acid basically when you’re afraid or nervous you’re not really thinking about digesting your foods are you right so you might feel like there’s a rock in your stomach when you’re when you eat when you’re nervous or scared hypothyroid mild traumatic brain injuries

And brain degeneration will lead to decreased vagal function the vagus nerve is cranial nerve 10 and it goes down and innervates the gi tract okay so when you impact vagal function you will also decrease hydrochlorochloric acid production right so these the different pathologies can create low stomach acid gut degeneration oftentimes we don’t talk about this but

Some people will have the generation of the enteric nervous system much like they would have a degeneration of the brain right or neurodegeneration alzheimer’s and those types of things you can actually have degeneration of the enteric nervous system the enteric nervous system is about 30 feet long when you put it you know stretch it out it has 200 to 600 million

Neurons so it’s very large right this nervous system is very large and gut degeneration will impact that and decrease hcl production right some people who have severe gut degeneration or severe enteric nervous system degeneration may never get back the hdl function okay those patients really need to supplement and make sure they’re digesting their foods now the

Impact that low stomach acid will have in our system is varied okay one if you have low stomach acid you’ll have the inability to break down your proteins so decrease breakdown of proteins into its individual amino acids for absorption so if you don’t break down your proteins what can happen is you have different peptides like strings of amino acids that get down

Into the gi tract and gets into the bloodstream and causes an inflammatory response so you want to be able to break down the proteins to its amino acids if they’re combined it can also create an inflammatory response in our system so uh decreased pancreatic enzyme release hcl or the acidity will actually increase pancreatic enzyme release but if you have low stomach

Acid your pancreatic enzymes will not be released efficiently decreased gallbladder contraction again the acidity will cause the gallbladder to contract to release bile acid so if you have decreasing gallbladder this release you’re going to have issues with dysbiosis you’re going to have malabsorption issues and so forth okay also hcl sterilizes the gi tract or

The stomach right so if you have low stomach acid it has the inability to sterilize the small intestine and that will increase the probability of getting sibo or small intestinal bacterial overgrowth small intestinal bacterial overgrowth okay so it increases the probability of that and sibo is one of the main causes of what we call ibs right when your doctor can’t

Figure out why you have loose stool or stomach pain and those types of things they just call it ibs well sibo is the number one cause for ibs the increase in methane hydrogen gas in our in our gi tract will cause increased bloating so bloating is a telltale sign of sibo especially if the bloating gets worse throughout the day with each meal increased probability

Of gi infection remember hcl sterilizes the stomach with a small intestine hcl also kills off bacteria that gets into our stomach so if you have low hcl if you get some sort of pathogen whether it’s h pylori or some sort of infectious stool or a fecal matter in our water system or food the hdl can take care of it if it’s really strong but if it doesn’t you’re

Susceptible for the infection it alters ph also and ph limits gi diversity so if you have poor ph balance in our gi tract you’re going to reduce gut diversity meaning the bacterial levels will be different or skewed into in terms of bad bacteria and good bacteria so it’s going to cause dysbiosis and it’s going to cause some problems down the line and in severe

Cases it goes to malabsorption syndrome where you’re just not absorbing things into our systems all right so those are all the different reasons what you can try at home is you can use apple cider vinegar you can take a teaspoon mix it in some water drink it maybe five minutes before your meal and see if that is helpful in terms of breaking down your proteins and you

Get less of the you know the rock in the stomach or the reflux signs and those types of things because hcl can be beneficial for that so um you want to try to use apple cider vinegar and if it works really well for you you can use that or you can go to a higher doses of hcl with other enzymes which will help break down the fats carbohydrates and proteins etc all

Right a lot of this information comes from dr k or dr karazian i’ll link his website below he also has a lot of information for the the regular lay people who can do some of his programs so i’ll go ahead and link that below for you all right my name is dr jin sung we’re a clinical excellence meets excellent results and we’ll see you guys next week on the healthy side have an awesome day

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Stomach BLOATING🤢🤢—Low Stomach Acid By Dr. Jin W. Sung