March 22, 2023


Hey guys and welcome back to my channel i am here with my sweet little pablo man i know he looks like a little critter he’s four pounds of pure joy and i love him he’s my little best friend um but today guys i wanted to talk to you guys about what side effects and stuff you get from prendizone it’s a steroid that’s commonly used and it can be life-saving but

Long-term it is not a good go-to and i’m finding out there are several natural alternatives that can not shut off your immune system but actually aid you through the detoxification as well as healing process so rather than putting a band-aid on it let’s rip that band-aid right off guys and let us talk okay so i started taking prendisone i had been taking it since

I was younger on and off but i started taking it about a year and a half ago and i recently just stopped it now i had known that i hated it for a long long time and part of the reason is the immense side effects that it has so in addition to simple things like weight gain moon phase um there is larger things at play too so lack of sleep and then like overly

Eating excessive hunger gastro issues um mood changes now i started seeing a therapist when i was on it because it was that bad and it can even lead to mania which i thought i was getting i honestly thought i was going crazy so it is highly important not to just take your doctor’s word and just keep taking a prescription of steroids and what that could be for

Chronic autoimmune disorders which guys if you have not seen my series on chronic autoimmune disorders that are unknown they are known and if the immune system functions from the gut you might as well take a deeper look into the gut now i’ve done several videos explaining how you can get rid of these toxins which are most likely causing your autoimmune disorder as

I’ve experienced myself so that could be heavy metal poisoning um it can be mold toxicity it can be a whole plethora of things it could be a sibo small intestinal bacterial overgrowth so when they say it’s a unknown thing that functions from the immune system well the immune system functions from the gut so when i heard that and i kept hearing and kept hearing it

And i was crying telling them to stop giving me prendizone and they were like well you can either have the prednisone or you can have hives all over your body um you know which one you’re gonna take clearly unfortunately like i i bit the bullet and took the prednisone because my highs were truly all over my body um and so but i would be crying for them to find

Another alternative to test me for bacterial overgrowth to test me for a candida overgrowth and they all said those things aren’t real like we know sibo’s real with gastros but every time i went to a gastro i went to an allergist i went to an asthma doctor i went to an endocrinologist i went to the dermatologist like i’ve been to every doctor you can imagine and

Literally they would all just give me a prescription for prendizone and say my issue was unknown and point fingers saying it’s not my problem it’s someone else’s problem it’s not my problem it’s someone else’s problem so i started taking things into my own hands um and i’ve learned so much in addition to that i started working with an integrative health doctor

Which tends to focus more on holistic approach to treatment and if prescription medications are necessary then she can provide prescription medications and i found great success with the combination of the two so one of the best things that my integrative health doctor did for me was actually test me for the things that i thought i had and guess what guys i had

Them so my hives are a combination of mold toxicity sibo candida overgrowth which is a side effect of the mold toxicity um as well as hormone imbalances and those are a result of taking prendisone so prednisone doesn’t cause mold toxicity but what it does do is prentisone works in this way what it does is it completely turns off the immune system so when it turns

It off that leaves you way more susceptible to sickness whether that’s c19 or viruses anything that you want to say like dangerous illnesses it makes you way more susceptible because your immune system is not able to fight off the bad things now i understand why they use the use of steroids to turn off the immune system because currently my body was attacking

Certain substances that seemed foreign but were not or my body was also producing too much histamine um to release certain things so i understand the use of them but there is also long-term effects that i am currently suffering with which is why i wanted to reach out today and tell you it is absolutely imperative that you get off your steroids there are surface

Level issues with steroids and then there are fundamental issues with steroids some that i am working on reversing number one liver damage the liver damage is so so so bad with prednisone even when i tell the doctors or like the nurses that come in and ask me what medication are you taking and i say i’m taking prednisone they say oh that’s a nasty little booger

Isn’t it not only does it taste like poison but it actually is poisoning your body there is really no good side effects that come out of taking steroids um and i’m not talking about the steroids people use to get muscles in the gym because honestly the only thing that i got was i think like 20 pounds of fat definitely no muscle and i’m the kind of person that

Works out every day i like to live a healthy lifestyle so it was really killing me in the inside to be using this medication in addition to that diabetes there is a high chance of you getting diabetes while taking this another big issue i had with my doctors was none of them were taking my blood test to see where my liver levels were or where like my insulin levels

Were and if i had any if diabetes was a precursor to what i was getting which it is and i have liver damage now guys um so i they were just so lackadaisical and so easily handed me a prescription consistently over and over and over again and kept me on high doses now i had to literally take things into my own hands to get off of it because i was struggling with

My personal relationships i knew my body was deteriorating i started losing all my hair because guess what my liver couldn’t function my vitamin d levels weren’t working and my hormones were being displaced in weird ways which guys i will put out a video for a natural hair treatment i have been seeing so much success with it i started about two months ago and

It is crazy i’ve been giving it to everyone i know that has thinning hair and stuff it will not in addition to those guys not only does it cause weight gain headaches fluid retention muscle weakness glaucoma cataracts obesity facial hair growth moon face growth retardation in children it also causes psychiatric problems as i mentioned so depression insomnia mood

Swing personality changes psychotic behavior mania diabetes infections necrosis and of the hips and the joints so the deterioration of bone density as i experienced myself too they also are linked to loss of potassium nausea vomiting acne thinning a skin restlessness problem sleeping easily bruising and body body not healing property i really experienced that

One like i feel like if you touch like that a couple times tomorrow there’s gonna be a bruise there now it is getting better with all the natural supplements i’ve been taking because i am off the prendizone it took me a year and a half guys but i am off and that does not mean what i am going through is cured it means i found alternatives that are natural have

Really low side effects and that are effective and it’s it’s so sad that our medical system is so propped up on handing out prescriptions without trying the natural things first so guys if you do suffer from like things like autoimmune disorders one of the great things you can take is quasaritan quercintin i can never say that one quercetin quercetin quercetin

I think i think quercetin but yeah that one is a great one with bromeliad root which is super antioxidant i will leave a list of things that you can find below that are great alternatives to this and the main thing that you can really do for your body is do testing so if you guys experience a lot of things that you think and you’re taking prendyson there’s a

Whole plethora of at home tests that you can do to find out actually what’s going on in your body rather than just turning your immune system off so let’s turn our immune systems back on figure out what the root cause of our problems are and how to attack it dynamically and effectively without hurting yourself more because what i am going through now to reverse

My liver damage and fight off diabetes is absurd and i don’t want anyone else to have to go through what i am going through not only did affect my personal relationships my body my sleep and literally i did not know myself i felt like i was going crazy and there’s no worse feeling than knowing you’re doing something wrong and not being able to stop it i’m the

Kind of person that’s really peaceful and i don’t get triggered very often but i was starting whole house fights to the point where a lot of times i was asked to leave and that never happens i’m not that kind of person and i don’t want to see any of you guys turn into that kind of person either because it is really hard for people to understand that you’re on a

Medication and you can’t stop it but more so it just hurts your relationships with the people you love and that for me aside from the liver damage and the hair loss stuff were some of my biggest side effects was the mental and psychiatric issues that came along with it in addition of course liver damage is always a big one too um so guys i hope you guys found

This informative i will put another video out telling you what you can take instead of the prendizone but the first point of contact should be testing yourself with these at-home tests that i will list below to figure out what could be going on in your body that are causing these overall big things so then you can start learning how to treat them appropriately

And most of that is going to come in toxin binders toxin releases biofilm breakdown um because most of it is stuff that we are doing to ourselves or environmental stuff that happens to be in the air in the food we eat on even organic fruits and vegetables guys if you guys don’t use fruit and vegetable soap already you know i used to be like i thought it was

Hilarious that people did it i absolutely do it now because of the amount of glyphosate as well as other really harmful chemicals that we are putting into our body and calling it nutritious so in addition to the the fruit vegetable soap of course i started my own garden um and i am hoping that turns out successful for me so guys if you like this video make sure

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