June 4, 2023

Happy saturday everybody so uh currently right now i’m working i’m headed over to little caesars right now to pick up my next delivery for those of you guys that don’t know i do doordash full-time time and i wanted to give you guys an update regarding the views perron because i haven’t done so in quite a while so i wanted to let you guys all know that the day

After i posted my last busparone video it was all downhill from there so every day after that last abuse bro video my anxiety just kept getting worse i felt panic very panicky levels that i’ve never experienced it before on a day-to-day basis so you know my doctor decided to take me off of buceparone and um because it was just causing so many side effects

Like prior to starting buspirone as i explained in another video i’m not somebody who has um an irregular mood let’s say where i’m either sad angry or irritable or you know i’m just um i would say i’m just a normal you know balanced person when it comes to my emotions other than the fact that you know i have anxiety and panic disorder um but when i started

Taking boost brown it was just constantly um you know from the very beginning i believe on day four i started experiencing you know downs you know very sad and uncontrollable uncontrollably you know wanting to cry and then some days would be the exact opposite where i just felt very irritable not angry but just very irritable and once i had like right after

I had posted my last bus burn video which at the moment i can’t recall exactly what day that was um oh but i can say this so starting um let’s see so from that video until father’s day um i was just everywhere like my emotions were totally unstable wasn’t doing nothing for my anxiety or my my panic disorder and it was just making my emotions very wacky you

Know so on father’s day was my last dose of busperone and then i came off bus baron for probably about a week and a half and then i had a follow-up appointment with my doctor and um we decided obviously to come off that one because it was not you know i wasn’t getting anything positive from it it was making me much worse so then my doctor decided to go ahead

And put me on effexer at 37.5 milligrams per day and i have a follow-up appointment with my doctor um i’ll have to check my calendar but it’s this week um i don’t know if it’s monday or friday for some reason like both of those are kind of ringing a bell i know it’s coming up this week though it’s either monday or friday um and everything has been great since

I’ve started effects sir so i’ve been on effects for you know almost a full four weeks now i know i haven’t reported it i haven’t given a review to you guys and this is not going to be an in-depth video review on effexor um because it’s just going to be a short video i’m right here at little caesars now but the order’s not ready yet i’ve got about five more

Minutes so i just wanted to let you guys know that i’ve been on a fixer 37.5 milligrams per day and i’ve felt great i haven’t had um i haven’t had a panic um i still have i guess slightly i mean like i still have an anxiety but it’s it’s not to the point where i feel it’s out of control it’s totally within controllable means so um i don’t have anxiety every

Day um but when i do have anxiety and i’m feeling um a little panicky and anxious you know around people and crowds um it’s very easy to just i might experience that anxiousness for like a few moments but it’s like it just goes away like on its own like so um has nothing to do with me like having to i’m not trying to um persuade myself that everything’s

Okay the medication is just working i just i might feel a little anxious for a few moments but then it goes away and i’m back to feeling normal you know so i’ve been doing really good on effexter i wanted to let you guys know about that before i end this video also i just want to you know touch bases on mental health awareness for all of you that or for anybody

Who’s going through a you know some kind of mental illness i just want you guys to know that um everything’s you know fine you know there’s nothing wrong with you don’t don’t get it in your head that there’s something horribly wrong with you and that there’s no hope i know the stigma around mental health can be challenging at times can be negative at times

From you know say other people in the world but um i just want to remind those of you also that um you know when it comes to many of these and many of these mental health disorders and we’ll just go with anxiety and panic which is what i deal with you know a lot of people you know back in the day let’s say a long time ago would have thought people who are anxious

And panicky you know for whatever reason were just nuts they were just crazy there’s something wrong with them you know but we have the um we have the studies we have the science for those of us like myself and i’m sure other people that you know study mental health and and illnesses we have the studies and evidence to support that a lot of mental health issues

Actually end up being because our gut bacteria our microbiome you know which is responsible for producing about 90 of the serotonin in our body so it’s for the people that don’t know if you’re uneducated um or for those of you know i don’t mean to come off rude i don’t mean i’m not trying to sound rude i just mean you know if you don’t know somebody who doesn’t

Know thinks that you know people who have a mental health issue or disorder they’re just wacky you know there’s something’s wrong with their brain and in fact a lot of these mental illnesses actually um start with your gut all right so 90 90 to 95 of the serotonin that our bodies make is made in the gut so only about five to ten percent of the serotonin is

Actually made in the brain and so for people who have gut issues again i’ll use myself as an example although i’ve had you know anxiety and panic disorder since i was little i now also two years ago was diagnosed with ibs so i have irritable bowel syndrome so you know me personally my gut is all messed up right um now obviously since i’ve had this issue since i

Was a kid the ibs is not the culprit but obviously it’s going to make it even more challenging for the good gut bacteria to produce the amount of serotonin that is needed you know to to balance everything out and so i just want to you know just want to throw it out there that um people who have a gut issues also underlying gut issues gas intestine gas intestinal

Intestinal however you say it issues um people who have trouble absorbing here one second i apologize so as i was saying i got another order apologize about that as i was saying so people who have trouble digesting or you know absorbing minerals from and vitamins from food are also going to be more at risk for anxiety disorders panic disorders bipolar disorder

Uh depression so many mental health disorders so um you know once i i myself you know didn’t know all that but you know along the years of reading and and learning you know um i came to the realization that hey you know when people you know many many years ago you know when there was people talking about you know people who have mental issues are just crazy um

That was something that kind of stuck with me and i was like what you know i don’t want to be considered weird or crazy or odd you know because i have anxiety and panic issues but like once you actually understand the reasons behind why you might have these issues it really gives you that like confidence you know as you learn you’re more you’re more knowledgeable

That um it could very well just be you know you have gut issues or that it’s actually your stomach that you know your gut that is responsible for the reason why you have some of these disorders not not necessarily your brain you know so a lot of times when people want to tear other people down or make fun of other people they say you know there’s something wrong

With this person’s brain you know or you know maybe you just feel insecure you know you’ve heard a lot of bad things and stigma and i just want to throw that out there you know the more you know the better you are you know so um all in this video here i’m gonna go pick up these two orders now um i’ve now got little caesars and 711 so um i just wanted to kind

Of give you guys an update real quick about bisperone and the fact that i’m on effect sir now and um now that i’m on effects sir man i’ve been feeling great every day um so that’s it for this little update um i hope you guys all have a good weekend and i’ll talk to you guys later

Transcribed from video
Stopped Buspirone. Started Effexor. Mental Health is linked to your gut health. By Shane Knight