March 22, 2023

The old right kidney is not tolerating the topiramate (aka brand name Topamax). Now, what am I supposed to do? I’ll let you know.

Hey everybody it’s tuesday that means it’s full gin fun time don’t forget to hit that subscribe button think think think think and thank you for subscribing i appreciate it very much so what are we going to talk about today uh we’re going to lots of people in the background yes we are sleeping on the bed hi milo and they’re probably going to get their hair cut

Yay i passed my physical exam to finally get the final surgery yay met the new pcp i don’t know how i pick them she was fine uh yeah there’s otis oh i can’t wait for him to get a real haircut oh hi otis did we figure out your name is your name fluffy it was weird i just started saying the word fluffy and he was responding and the husband said that can’t be his

Original name i think could be could be is your name fluffy anyway what did you eat anyway so here’s the story he had to have lots of blood tests done the gfr this way the creatinine this way topiramate is leaving my life again and probably for this time it’s for for real so morty the the neurologist told me how to taper she said i’m at such a low dose which

Was true only 75 milligrams a day i should be off within a couple of days is it sad of course it said because it’s one of the only medications i take for migraine prevention that works but i’ll be off within a couple days but it actually what was it um just few days ago i had at night i had this horrendous aura and migraine the aura comes first in case people

Don’t know some people get what i get they call it dr close the intractable migraine with aura that means hired very hard to control and you get an aura that for me is visual and sometimes it can be affect the feeling in my fingers affect my speech things like that but it’s the visual part that i hate the most because sometimes you know what’s going to happen

You get it’s called a prodrome and i’ve talked about this and it’s like so i i didn’t know what to do i didn’t know what to take because i only had fiora set and it was night and i didn’t want to take it because there’s caffeine and i was just lying there and it finally went away and then maybe 15 minutes later i got another aura with double auras then i’d the

Worst migraine i’ve had in a long time and this was still on the 75 milligrams of toberman and i didn’t get to go to see my neurologist as i was supposed to do last week because i was exhausted this was that before the the auras because i don’t sleep well and nobody can help the person who is supposed to be helping with sleep well just take the result you know

Like the five milligrams of lorazepam doesn’t help and i don’t like taking benzos anyway and i’m not taking any clonazepam that’s over and done with has been for a while yay um so yeah that’s where i am going to be off of uh if you hear snooping it’s because of this this crusty dog keeps sniffing the microphone um i’ll be off to pyramid very shortly within a day

Or two and then i’ll be again toper mate free which scares me because of okay my uh whatever your name is go over there thank you i don’t know what’s gonna happen i don’t know what’s gonna happen well i mean i know what’s gonna happen i will eventually go back to having many many many migraines with horus as opposed to a few migraines of the breath what will i

Take for them i don’t know it’s going to stink all i can get is furious life it is what it is the doctor had suggested last time not this last time she was well once you’re off of this and you’re creating improved it ain’t gonna improve lady uh she wouldn’t talk about other possibilities she had suggested neurtec i think that is a c grp did i see that calcitonin

Reuptake inhibitor calcitonin gene reuptake inhibitor did i say those other joints but it’s one that you dissolve in your mouth so it’s shorter acting but i don’t want any of those because i already feel like i got messed up enough with the ambality which is also the the same thing a calcitonin gene reuptake inhibitor you need that in your body you don’t want to

Inhibit that because it causes problems and i know i did a thing about dr robbins from the robin’s headache clinic which is just that way from where i live saying they don’t know what’s going to happen to people in 10 years after inhibiting this particular stuff in your body that you need so we’ll see all right i don’t want to go too long keep it short i had

An excellent class today and yes i teach if i teach a foreign language but i don’t really want to talk too much about it just for the protection of the students um i don’t have permission to talk about them or anything like that so i just that’s all i thought that’s all i do and they did an excellent job always happy when i have a great class so i have to get

These sleeping behemoths off my bed and i feel like eating a cookie so i think i will well that’s the problem with top hair my anybody who takes too pyramid please let me know when you get off to a paramedic do you gain weight that’s my big fear that if i get off the topic i’m afraid i’m very afraid be afraid but you know what i cherish my kidney more we’ll

We’ll figure it out we’ll figure it out on that note where am i looking i don’t even know i’m looking here hey all right and i’ll talk to you guys later i guess yay all right say hi ask a question and as i said um i’m glad that one person did check in and i got to see your comment because i don’t know where the comment went i get notifications for comments so

I’m able to read every comment but not every comment shows up in the comment section that makes sense but then not every comment shows up in the analytics where the comments are so it’s very it’s very odd okay have a great rest of your week stay warm stay well stay healthy bye

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Stopping Topiramate (Topamax) Forever! By It’s Just Judy