January 26, 2023

This storytime I tell you about my personal experience with the birth control Norethindrone (Mylan generic brand) and copper IUD. I had horrible experiences with both birth controls and in this storytime I tell you in detail why I no longer use either birth control. Stay informed it’s your body and your choice. Do what is best for you! Thanks for watching please share your experiences in the comment section!

Hello back at it again genie magic hey hey hey hey i wanna give thanks thanks oh hi guys welcome back to our channel i’m gonna jump right into it with a story time so this story time is about me um and my experience with the birth control the progestin only birth control um called myelin that’s the generic brand um of it and it’s called north and drone

I don’t really know how to pronounce that it’s a 0.35 milligram i got that from the pill club i had a three-month subscription and i only completed one month this is the second month i only took two out of this and the third month is the pack i just showed you that isn’t open the reason i decided on this birth control is because for my last daughter i chose a

Progestin only birth control because i was told it wouldn’t affect my breast milk so i went with that and i’m pretty sure that it did affect my breast milk but whatever um so but from that experience i only took it like i didn’t even take a whole month i took a few pills and then i was just like i don’t want to i don’t want to take it i just wasn’t feeling it

So i just didn’t take it so i never had any side effects or anything so i just went ahead and did the same birth control fast forward i’m taking the birth control and everything’s fine right i have my first period and it’s normal and then i have my second period wow on this and it’s it like it never stops like i had to stop taking the birth control in order

To make my period stop like i was gonna go through with it because i was reading that other people like kind of stuck it out but i couldn’t anymore because one of the worst side effects that i experienced was depressing thoughts i would have i would just sit there and i would be like you know how your mind wanders like i would just sit there and i would think of

The most craziest things like i wanna we’re all on a journey of like you know self-discovery and just loving yourself and loving others spreading love being love love love love for all on that journey if you’re living life we’re all on that journey so just to have those thoughts was just like a big step back because i kind of got past those thoughts like not

Necessarily like i don’t have any bad thoughts at all but just like outlandish things that i know aren’t to be true of myself it would just be reiterated in my head over and over again and it just was kind of like where is this coming from like you know it’s almost like you’re hearing voices that aren’t from you like you like you say it in your head and you’re

Like what the was that like hold on now but yeah so i was experiencing that and i i got to a point where i was having like just horrible crying spells and breaking down and it was getting really scary and i’m just like it’s not worth it like the thoughts are one thing but to have the thoughts and be combined with like a non-stop bleeding so i’m cramping all

The time but bloated you know you’re having all the period symptoms and stuff i’m breaking out and well i wouldn’t i don’t think i was breaking out that bad or maybe i was my chin was going through some stuff so yeah i was breaking out um yeah it might it was like every day i was getting like a new pimple on my chin or like every time one would go away another

One would appear so um yeah i think just the combination of the bad thoughts and a non-stop bleeding which is like you’re trapped in a hell hole and it’s like you went from bleeding once a month and having these little um hormonal fluctuations once a month to like that’s your whole month and so i’m just like okay this isn’t gonna work so basically this story

Time is just to tell you never take the progesterone only birth control under any circumstance like just don’t do it i don’t know why they have it on the market why they are saying this is something that can help people because it’s like it’s a it’s a no it’s a big no it’s a big hell no and honestly as many women who have these reviews there they shouldn’t

Be offering this at all they should just take it off the market and like not put this out for human consumption this is not for consumption of humans i don’t know just don’t do it don’t do it um now i’m saying that i did look at reviews and the thing is like i was just seeing people saying that they bled for a long time and then it kind of regulated after

A while so i’m just like okay i can handle that and um bleeding for a little while and then let it regulate because i don’t want something because i had a i had an iud and it actually expelled so i’m like i don’t want something invasive and i want something that i can just stop taking and i’m also um just felt comfortable with the progesterone only because

It’s like less hormones that i’m putting inside of my body no no no no so now i am on no birth control um but i’m also you know um sexually active well i i take nah i take uh i use condoms but yeah just oh my goodness that is like the worst birth control ever and i mean now that i just talked about the myelin why don’t i discuss the um the what is it oh gosh

I can’t even remember the name of it i’m gonna look it up but it was the copper iud the copper iud just touching on that real quick i got that after i had my second daughter i had that and inserted like you know after the six weeks or whatever uh the insertion was it was a little painful but it wasn’t too bad and then it was just like a little funny and then

I noticed some months after i got it in i had this like residual um it was like a dull painful ache it was like a constant dull painful egg that i would get that would come and go it was like constant but it would coming up you know what i mean like it would constantly come and go there you go but oh my goodness like in like when i was having sex my husband

Could feel it and like i could feel it you know it just wasn’t it and then it ended up expelling itself and then i got pregnant shortly thereafter so or i got pregnant and expelled itself i don’t know because it was all right around that time but uh and then the thing is is like so the pain that i’m talking about i believe that was um pid pelvic inflammatory

Disease and um i believe that was it because even after it expelled i felt that residual pain and i felt it for like maybe a year after i had it so that was like pretty weird um i honestly sometimes feel like i still kind of have an ache but it’s nothing like it used to be um so yeah the copper iud the violin so both of those both of those really suck and

So now just using condoms i use i use these um honestly i did not like condoms but now it’s like caught me in condoms like after having such traumatic experience with like having an abortion um a miscarriage um that was like induced it was just like it’s very it’s a very traumatic thing and so once you go through that you don’t really take it lightly like you

Know maybe before you when you have scares and things it’s like you know maybe you have a little oopsies and you’re like oh okay and then you’re like a little what’s what’s the little saying laxie daisy you’re you know you’re a little careless with things and once that happens with you you’re a little less careless you know or a lot more traumatized um so these

Are the condoms that i like and i like them because they aren’t latex i don’t like latex because it gives it gives a your vagina a weird smell it’s just a nasty smell i don’t like so this doesn’t have any smell to it and i’ll like honestly when i’m in it in it i really don’t even feel it and it just gives me a peace of mind having it you know that’s my little

Story time about my experiences with the couple of different birth controls that i have used um please like comment subscribe let me know down in the comment section your experiences with any of the birth controls i listed or um any birth control that you’ve had experience with please let us know in this community of women we need to share our experiences and

Help each other out thank you guys for watching talk to you later

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Storytime: The Pill Birth Control Review Norethindrone (Mylan) & Copper IUD *WATCH BEFORE YOU USE* By Our Natty Roots