June 4, 2023

Are you struggling to lose weight? Are you tired of hearing advice that is not doable or practical? Dr. Ergin(SUGARMD) is talking about his own experience during his weight loss journey.  Whether you have diabetes or not a real life experience like this will help everyone who is struggling to lose weight.

As a diabetes specialist i’m always preaching my patients about the importance of a healthy diet but i’ll be honest i’m not perfect and there have been times when i have struggled to follow my own advice recently though i decided it was time to get back on track and in just six weeks i lost 20 pounds now i’m not saying that this is easy it definitely takes some

Effort and discipline but it is possible and i am a living proof if you are struggling with your weight know that you’re not alone but also know that it is possible to make a change even if it is just one small step at a time it can be really frustrating when you feel like you have tried everything to lose weight and nothing seems to work it is easy to feel like you’re

Failing or like you’re the only one struggling but the truth is a lot of people have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off hello everyone if you are looking for exclusive deals vlogs educational content every week delivered to your email subscribe to our newsletter at sugarmds.com right now there are a lot of possible reasons why your weight loss efforts might

Not be working including like medical conditions such as being on steroids stress that can increase your steroid levels hormonal changes like menopause and more and unfortunately there is no one size fits-all solution what works for one person might not work for another the best thing you do is to keep finding new ways to care for yourself and to be patient and

Kind with yourself through the process remember that your worth is not tied to your dress size and you are so much more than that and eventually with enough trial and error you will find the approach that works best for you i think we can all agree that losing weight is not easy fit there are so many obstacles and temptations standing on your way it is hard to

Know where to begin sometimes for me one of the biggest problem was that when i came home my wife cooked a big meal and expected me to eat otherwise she pretty much felt offended and for those who know me i work very hard i see a lot of patients in my days and it can be very stressful so when i come home i am looking for a ways to decompress and relax needless to

Say this did not always lead to the best food choices yes for me i always told myself okay i will exercise more or to burn it off which i did however believe me exercise is overrated never use exercise as a means to burn off calories that you are planning to eat but i was determined to lose weight and i knew i had to make some changes so to overcome this challenge

Here is what i did i took advantage of the fact that my wife just delivered our baby was gorgeous and i am grateful to god for that on the other hand as you know like any other woman should gained weight she is a very strong-willed woman and she wanted to lose weight i said wait a minute that’s a great opportunity for me because if you stop cooking dinners or just

Cook soup or salad something super simple then we may not have to worry about eating too much much in the evenings right also we just moved into a new house which we built which is again i’m very grateful to god for all these blessings i told my wife do not unpack any kitchen items so our kitchen including our fridge was pretty much empty so there was really no

Snacks to eat either another thing that i noticed that i used to be a big fan of meat especially chicken and fish not the red meat as much but i would always make sure to have some sort of protein at dinner however i recently changed my diet with this approach and started eating mostly vegetables i made the vegetables taste better with olive oil and spices i found

That i was less hungry throughout the day and i had more energy i also started eating fruits and nuts instead of snacks that are you know pre-packed i’m not saying that i will never eat meat again or red meat meet again but i’m definitely more conscious of what i am eating and how it makes me feel our strategy worked and my wife and i lost 20 pounds in six weeks

Without feeling deprived because she and i we both had a light meal in the evenings or no dinner at all some nights so if you are faced with a situation where you and your spouse wants to lose weight and you do not want to ever like feel deprived consider using this strategy don’t go alone trust me it works like a charm i used to think that food was the only thing

Also like that made me happy and relaxed i would sit down and watch some tv and eat some snacks every evening until i realized that even if i exercise and i burned off i wasn’t necessarily super happy about it i decided to make changes in my habits started drinking like for example a protein drink for breakfast instead of having a full meal which my wife loves to

Prepare i also began eating lighter lunches and and dinners and sometimes skipping dinner all together at first i went through some hunger pains right it’s like everybody however i quickly realized that i had more energy and was able to get more things done plus i was still happy food wasn’t the only thing making me happy after all so if you are in the same mindset

That food is the only thing that can make you happy it is time for a change start making healthier choices and you might be surprised at how good you actually will feel one of my biggest concerns when i started trying to lose weight was that i would lose my muscle mass i’ve always been fairly muscular i work out i’m not a big bond guy but i still have quite a bit

Of muscle i didn’t want to lose that hard earned muscle right along with the fat because i knew that when you lose weight your body doesn’t differentiate a fat and muscle as much it does burn more fat but to avoid muscle loss one thing that’s known is the resistance training that i kept doing at a lower intensity i didn’t want to push my muscles too hard while i

Was on a very restricted calorie diet that would be damaging because if you’re damaging your muscles and not replacing it that will be a problem however doing half of what i used to do actually helped me keep my muscle mass or muscles in shape and i’m actually in a more lean and more defined i was able to lift the same amount of weight as well as i used to if i

Wanted to so it’s possible to actually maintain your muscle mass while losing weight you just have to be careful not to overdo it i did not even have a chance to do cardio and i didn’t have to but because of the very low calories that i was consuming there’s no reason to go work out for an hour or two although plan is to resume exercise again because because daily

Exercises is a must now i have lost 20 pounds the next challenge is going to be to keep it off that’s where exercise comes in i have learned that i don’t need snacks to be happy and relaxed and that there are other things i can do with my time like playing with my kids or reading and i will continue with these practices i will also resume my exercise at a higher

Intensity while still allowing myself occasional weekend cheat days right we are all human i will stick with my protein drink for example in the mornings that’s great for me and i am going to make a conscious effort to eat a lighter lunch and dinner and for someone who is much older than me for example by the way with much less muscle mass it may be necessary to

Eat only once a day and cut down on animal protein while doing this it is important to avoid eating too many carbs of course sometimes when you eat vegetable vegetables you don’t want to be eating too much carby stuff now after hearing my story you’re also trying to lose weight probably and you’re not seeing results here is what you should do first of all don’t

Get discouraged second of all try modifying your approach if you are fasting for example try increasing your fasting periods instead of for example 12 hour fasting try 16 or 18 or even 24 hours or longer if you can do it don’t give up when it’s time to eat don’t think that you have to gorge yourself because you have been starving for 24 hours you’re not going to

Lose weight if you do that okay it happens to me during ramadan months you know i’m a muslim i fast 18 hours i eat one meal i don’t lose weight because i eat a lot now you also drink protein drinks that will help you to get you know the vitamins and minerals that are packed in there a lot of you also are taking sugar md diet vitamin which is another great vitamin

Source for diabetics so make some modification to your approach and don’t give up you will see results in no time one of the main reasons people don’t lose weight on keto diet or any diet is because they overestimate their caloric needs find out what foods for example keep you full longest and try different things to see what works best for you hunger pains usually

Dissipate after 15 to 20 minutes so if you can resist the temptation to eat it will get easier over time keep yourself busy with other activities to take your mind off the food and you will find it easier to stick to your diet in the long run if you have diabetes you will need to significantly cut back on your insulin or sulfonuria by the way to prevent low blood

Sugars if you are going on a very low calorie diet like this for example all if you’re on insulin or glipizide or a glimepiride or you know even some herbal things you will end up with low blood sugars and that will force you to eat so the goal is to maintain blood sugar between 70 and 90 when you are fasting or maybe up to 120 is fine but there are many ways to

Do this right the most important thing is to work with your healthcare team your endocrinologist your primary care doctor if they are willing to do so to find out how they’re going to adjust your medications and what works best for you trial and error again it’s important to find a balance that works for you so i hope that was helpful thank you very much for

Watching this video it means a lot to me that you took the time to check this video out if you found it helpful or think it could help someone else please share it on your social media and with your friends or family maybe the more people we can reach with this message the better thank you again for your support it means the world to me i will see you in the next

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