June 9, 2023

Hey guys I have been want to make a video of this topic that has effected me dramatically. SUICIDE!!

20 second i believe yeah hi doing better i had a little incident last night with my son dog got bit dog bit him in the face you know he went poking around the back and turn around and snap so that was a huge scare for us and you know we’re tried everything we can to prevent that again and so that kind of got my anxiety going of like what this should have happened

All that stuff and i go back home i read a lot of things and a lot of things are like suicidal things that i’m reading online and you know it’s taken me back to where i used to be you know eight years ago with a whole darkness no one cares no one loves you kind of feeling and my daughter you know it’s a scary thing not only for the person but for everyone around

You know and it affects a lot of people and it’s never the option inert you can think about it all you want think about it all you want you know do everything you can just to get it out say it tell somebody hey this is how i want to do it is what i’m gonna do and let that person kind of an outside of your brain say no it’s okay it’s come let’s go sue somebody

Go talk to somebody psychiatrists a family member tell them how you really feel and don’t leave anything out because i used to just mask everything just told them different i don’t know what’s going on i don’t know what’s going on it’s kind of like dude here’s my thing i don’t know the point this world i don’t know why i’m here i feel so alone i feel so empty

Useless i’m never gonna be able to do anything i’m at a great job i can’t get a bigger promotion i cannot become a manager i don’t want to you know it’s so many things that are preventing us from doing that by having this anxiety depression suicidal thoughts and feeling like i used to house it wasn’t about all the time and i had tons of family members supporting

Me and telling me but it just is nothing can be said that will completely ease the mind of you know a suicidal mind and you know i’ve been reaching out to people suicidal you know places i can have people come and ask questions and you know have someone else tell them to try this out and i’ve had a few friends you know passed that way and it’s really affected me

At that time and because i was thinking about doing that myself and then have a friend go through that back oh my god you know and that was a horrible awakening for me but it was kind of like his suicide totally changed me of i’m thinking about doing this all the time i need to seek help i saw psychologist the breathing crap didn’t work the whole nine eight that

I’m racing in my head bad thoughts happy thoughts which one do i take above the other and it’s stressful completely stressful and i understand and there’s always something else to do about that you know after the whole psychology thing of the breathing talking all that crap was it was okay kind of mindset but i also needed help with my brain and my connection

Of just residue does calling thing works why do i feel like this i shouldn’t feel like this i’m okay life is not that bad you know it could be worse it could be worse it always can be and that’s where we gotta stop and say i cannot do this i have too many family i have people that love me i can’t hurt them so i’m gonna fix myself to do that just like you need

To fix yourself to do that you know and if that whole talking is a word try a psychiatrist and tell him the same story you did your psychologist and find a psychiatrist i will actually want to talk to you because i was a lot 1 for 8 years and all i you not every session i had with him in and out three minutes away in the room for one minute came in the room how

Are you doing robert uh yeah just this and this is this okay well way to continue on this keep up with the dose by i you not and that’s a little project so they have because they’re a private practice so they can see you for one minute and get paid for that one minute of a full payment you know and it’s horrible to people like us who have something to say and

Need help we’re crying out for help to these people but yet they don’t want to really do anything just said here’s a pill and talk to the pill right and he gave me lexapro it worked me okay i still complained about five years later of like i’m not motivated on board and his suggestion was well that’s life you know it’s a job but it shouldn’t be like that we live

Once any job should be taken into like okay i’m gonna be the best of this job that’s who i am i want to help people whether it’s fast food feeding somebody pharmacy anything is what you do should be prideful and who you are and show who you really are and not let anxiety depression suicide control and show everybody and that’s who you are but it’s not it’s really

Not and i stress about this because i’ve been through that and it scared the hell out of me no one knew no one knew what was going on with me i didn’t have the great luxury of youtube and you know finding people with the same kind of feelings i have and he has me as a person going through it actually find another treatment or an add-on to what i have then i go

To a kaiser i just got a job about five months ago at this huge headquarters in loved it but i’m still bored at my job because i like to do my job so well at the beginning then it seems like if they haven’t doing it so well is you kind of like it’s the same thing why am i here oh i have a kid oh i have a wife or i have rent i’ll put up with it no went to the

Kaiser told him i had a problem i saw him i’m bored at work he said that’s not good you have a wife you have a son you have a house for you have a great job that you tell me that you love everybody in there and they treat you well you cannot be bored so there’s something wrong and he diagnosed him with adhd so we thought that lexapro he added on the 88 our he

Excuse me i was on lexapro he added on wellbutrin because i didn’t want any stimulant i don’t want to be like all all day and stuff like that i smoked weed i smoked cigarettes so he said ok perfect let’s try wellbutrin it will cut out your cigarettes it’s an add-on to the antidepressant and off-label it can help with your adhd medicine and i’ve noticed about 20%

More better of me trying to clean stuff focus on things getting the work done i’m still i’m feeling like i’m bored i got to do it but i still do it like my hands are still calling it i’m still happy about it but i don’t want to but it’s getting better so the more this goes i’m gonna be two weeks on tuesday so the more this goes i’m gonna feel better and loved

And treat everybody different the side effects of this medication or gonna be minimal minimal to not treating yourself or taking care of yourself suicide is horrible horrible don’t do it there’s help i’m living proof living proof i’ve tried and it’s not worth it and i’m taking something to skibble me out and then we’ll try a new process on how to rewire my brain

To be like this to be able to exploit myself of what i have to you to let you know that you’re not the only one there’s help i’m here comment like below i don’t care don’t have to subscribe i don’t care i just comment and let me have some light in your life and show you that it’s okay watch this video twice i love you you have a wonderful day okay

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Suicide awareness. Wellbutrin bupropion 300mg By Mixed Suspension