March 24, 2023

A new series on Survival and Fish Antibiotics. Amoxicillin uses, dosages, side effects and precautions. Joe Alton, MD of Cipro Video Link:

Hi i’m joe of an mp that old doctor bones of the three category amazon bestseller the survival medicine handbook the new york times bestseller the ebola survival handbook and the designers of an entire line of medical kits for austere environments and even a board game doom and gloom survival a great way to get the whole family together thinking

About preparedness i’d have a little fun while you’re at it there are many antibiotics but what antibiotics accessible to the average person are good additions to your medical storage and when do you use a particular antibiotic in this series of videos on different antibiotics we’re gonna discuss the ones that i believe are going to be useful for your medical

Woodshed and we’re going to talk about them one by one before i start i just want to say that this information is for entertainment purposes only does not take the place of seeking medical care from certified medical professionals the practice of medicine without a license is illegal it’s punishable by law so if modern medicine exists please please please seek

It out let’s discuss how to approach the use of antibiotics by using an example the popular amoxicillin now a box is selling as a veterinary equivalent called fish box or fish box forte or even aqua box the medicine comes in 250 and 500 milligram dosages usually taken three times a day amoxicillin is the most popular antibiotic prescribed to children usually in

Liquid elixir form it’s more versatile better absorbed and tolerated than older penicillins and it’s acceptable for use during pregnancy ampicillin fish sullen and cefalexin fish flex are related drugs amoxicillin may be used for the following diseases anthrax prevention or treatment of the skin version urinary tract infections like bladder or kidney infections

Peptic ulcer infections by helicobacter pylori chlamydia infection lyme disease transmitted by ticks middle ear infections also known as otitis media pneumonia lung infections sinusitis skin or soft tissue infections like boils or cellulitis and bronchitis and pharyngitis things like strep throat tonsillitis – and a number of others you can see that him oxacillin

Is a pretty darn versatile drug it’s even safe to use during pregnancy but all of the above is a lot of information how do you determine what dose and frequency would be appropriate for which individual well let’s take an example otitis media common ear infections seen in children amoxicillin is often the drug of choice for this condition that is it is recommended

To be used first when you make the diagnosis a physician’s drug of choice for a particular ailment can change over time based on new scientific evidence before administering this medication however you want to determine that your patient is not allergic to amoxicillin or any of the penicillin family of drugs the most common form of allergy would appear as a rash

But diarrhea itchiness even respiratory difficulty could also manifest if you see any of these symptoms discontinue your treatment look for other options in a different drug family we’ll be talking about that in future videos once you’ve identified amoxicillin as your treatment of choice to treat your patients here infection in this case you’ll want to determine

The dosage as otitis media often occurs in children you might have to break a tablet in half or open the capsule to separate out a portion that would be appropriate different dosages apply to different ages and care must be taken in survival settings to give appropriate amounts if your child is too small to swallow a pill hole you can make a mixture with water

Called a suspension or an elixir to make a liquid suspension crush a tablet or empty all or part of a capsule into a small glass of water and drink it then fill the glass again and drink that in order to ingest any particles that might have adhered to the walls of the glass you might add some flavoring to make it taste a little bit better commonly maximum dosages

For adults would be 500 milligrams three times a day for 10 to 14 days as we mentioned in previous videos all of this information can be found in a very valuable physicians desk reference pd actor dosages are covered in detail there and in the survival medicine handbook a special warning do not chew or make a liquid out of time released capsules of any medication

You’ll wind up losing some of the gradual release effect maybe get too much in your system at once these medications should be plainly marked time released this is joe alton md that old doctor bones wishing you the best of health and good times are bad thanks for watching

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Survival and Fish Antibiotics Series: Amoxicillin By DrBones NurseAmy