March 22, 2023

Zydus is known for its quality & innovation. Presenting another innovation from Zydus Medica.

Syrus is known for its quality and innovation presenting another innovation from zydus medica met oprah lal is a selective beta one blocker preferred in heart failure i hd and hypertension high concentration of metoprolol causes beta to blockage and side effects lower concentration of metal prolong results into sub optimal beta one blockage making therapy less

Effective thus sustained release meta prolong must follow the stringent guidelines laid by united states of pharmacopoeia to provide desirable and predictable pharmacodynamic response presenting met oprah lal succinate sustained-release tablet from the quality house of zydus presenting sustar meto most of the met oprah lal sustained-release brands available

In the market do not match stringent usb standards of drug release pattern thus making therapy less effective sustained release met oprah lal succinate called as sastra meta is manufactured through a unique hydrophilic granule matrix technology also called it at gm our technology and innovative matrix based technology which uses an optimal mix of xanthan gum and

Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose also known as h pmc along with meta prolyl succinate xanthan gum in contact with gi fluid forms a soft gel which releases meta pearl all immediately and when h pmc comes in contact of gi fluid it forms a hard gel which does not release medical all immediately xanthan gum nh bmc are mixed in just the right proportions with metoprolol to

Form granules of 20 or 40 mesh size these granules are then mixed with a gelling agent and compressed to form a matrix base tablet and releases the metroprolol in the sustain fashion for 24 hours each tablet of sas star meto follows usb which has laid down a stringent guideline for 24 hours in amis of drunk releasing not more than 25% of metoprolol in thirst are

20 to 40% in the fourth on 40 to 80% in the eighth are and not less than 85% in 20th are my sass tomato matches the stringent usb standard of drug release battered thus making only sass tomato are truly once daily sustained release metoprolol historically zydus has been recognized for its fringe and quality check each batch of systematic tablet undergo stringent

Quality control before being backed thin strips it is this stringent quality check which has enabled ninety-nine point zero two percent fewer meta prolong in each tablet of sats tomato which is purest among all the brands available in the market sas tomato is available as plain sauce tomato 25 mg 50 mg hundred mg and in combination available as sas tomato ian sas

Tomato r and sas tomato ch so extend the benefit of paris metro prolong and ust drug release pattern with system met o2 on your patients with chf ihd and hypertension

Transcribed from video
Sustameto (Metoprolol) HGMR Technology By Dileep Tiwari