January 26, 2023

You’ll be doing is short one-pot synthesis a bupropion which is a well-known pharmaceutical this one pot or in one flat synthesis gives you an average yield of 80% with a 95 98% pure product which is more pure in a higher yield and also faster than the original published procedure first you’ll be adding bromine in dichloromethane to your ketone and fluoro proprio

And phenome this will undergo an alpha bromination so in the general procedure the bromine will add to the alpha position of your ketone and your number two combo that you will form is to bromo 3 prime chloro proprio phenome this you will then add t-butyl amine an npm or n methyl purell diode where the teeth you’ll need will go undergo a sn2 displacement of the

Br which will then give you your 2 t-butyl amino 3 prime floor appropriate propio phenome this is just the salt of your for the this will give you the hydrochloric salt of your you and obtaining a 50 milliliter round bottom flask from your drawer you’ll be putting one gram of an chloro proteome be known into the round bottom flask and clamp it on to your stations

You’ll be putting a magnetic stirrer in the round bottom flask the adding 5 milliliters of dichloromethane you’ll stir this until the solution is dissolve then you’ll be placing an addition funnel on the flat you’ll put six milliliters of a 1 molar solution of broma of bromine in dichloromethane in the funnel and add a few drops to the flask if the reaction does

Not begin immediately you’ll be able to tell this by the color of the bromine warm the breath flats briefly with your hand or warm water bath once the reaction begins you will see that the color bromine will slowly lighten and the flask should be placed in an ice bath the bromine solution can now be added drop-wise to the flask with stirring see you’ll need to

Rub the round bottom flats with your hands to warm the solution in order for the turf color to turn a lighter yellow as you can see this is the light yellow color that the brownie will turn when you’re ready to add it drop wise you now you’ll place the bromine solution on ice you can use your wave boat as an ice bath so that it can stay on the stir plate with

Your stir bar still going in the solution now you’ll be adding the bromine solution droplets to the flask with the continued stirring after each drop you will need to make sure that the bromine has color of bromine has disappeared before you add another drop after you’re done adding the bromine solution you’ll need to distill this solution be ready with your heating

Mantle to rum your hot plate to the heating mantle widths and also make sure that you have your transformer plugged in and ready to go once you’re finished adding the bromine solution you remove the efficient trundle and set up for this distillation before you begin the distillation make sure you that you add a few boiling chips to the solution you can see that your

Thermostat is on and that the solution is not boiling the temperature will rise and you can see this play going through the condenser and being collected in your graduated cylinder remember to close the hood and stay away from it while it distills since there will be dichloromethane vapors escaping from this distiller as you can see the solvent dichloromethane has

Begun to distill never be getting to be reflected in the graduated cylinder the world 10 milliliters will be collected you know evaporative block temperature of the distillation should rise 40 degrees celsius the boiling point of that for my bank and then fall we would mr. lake when the duck lama they stop spilling so be sure to look for in the graduated cylinder

Has about 10 milliliters of dichloromethane in it because then you’ll need to remove the heat and stop with distillation you as you can see we’ve collected only eight milliliters of our solvent although it looks like 10 the distillation has stopped and we’re left with dense liquid in the round bottom flask this means that you should turn off your feet and let it

Cool once it is cooled you can move on to the next step

Transcribed from video
Synthesis of Bupropion (Wellbutrin)-Part I CHEM2050 By chem2050