March 28, 2023

Senior round-bottom flasks in a water bath where you will be heating it to 55 to 60 degrees celsius make sure that you turn on the stir bar as well you’ll be connecting it to your addition funnel funnel once again in your addition funnel you’ll be adding a 50/50 mixture of 5 milliliters t-butyl mean and 5 milliliters of n and p you’ll then add it to the solution to

The reaction flask make sure you’re doing the addition at room temperature and once the solution has been added to their reaction mixture then you’ll heat it to 55 to 60 degrees celsius once the addition is complete you’ll continue with stirring and heating for 10 minutes as you can see the temperature is reached about 55 degrees from this point on you’ll wait 10

Minutes you want to set up water bath and flask as you tuck as you can see with everything clamped down the addition funnel is also clamped to your station after the 10 minutes is up you will transfer the content of your reaction flask to a separatory funnel once the 10 minutes are up cool your reaction flask to room temperature you will then be adding the content

To separatory funnel as well as 25 milliliters of water if you have any questions regarding how to do a procedure first cemetery separatory funnel refer back to the videos regarding it as you can see two layers have formed the water layer is on the bottom where the ether layers are on the top you’ll discard the lower layer and keep the top layer you’ll be first

Extracting the mixture three times with 25 milliliter portions and ether and then you will collect the ether extracts in a beaker you’ll then shake the ether solution five times with new 25 milliliter portions of water each time this will allow layers to separate each time and then discarding the water layer the water layer is the bottom layer once again sodium

Sulfate is added to dry the mixture you’ll then add it to a funnel with a cotton plug the canning ether off the solution you’ll then chill this in an ice bath make sure that you wash any residue from this powder by stirring it with enough fresh ether to cover it allowing it to settle and then decant the ether through the same cotton plug funnel into the beaker and

The ice bath once again you you’ll then be adding it to attend volleyball solution of concentrated hydrochloric acid and isopropyl alcohol drop-wise manual stirring to the chilled ether solution you’ll need to add about 10 to 12 milliliters of hydrochloric acid and isopropyl alcohol to the solution until it is acidic ph paper you as you can see the page paper

Shows that it’s acidic about halfway to the equivalence point you’ll see sparkling white crystals of ukropian hydrochloride and that will begin to form in the beaker when the ph of the beaker is less than ph 3 there’s enough acid has been added to your reaction you’ll then cover the beaker loosely with a watch glass the lots of chilled 10 for about 10 minutes

You’ll then collect the crystals legends gentle vacuum filtration which you’ve done before and you can refer back to other videos of vacuum filtration and then wash them twice with small portions of ether let them air dry make sure that you do not force rapid steam of air through the crystal during vacuum filtration you’ll then meets you’ll then be letting the

Crystals dry determining the mass and calculated percent yield and as well as the melting point of your products you

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