March 22, 2023

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Hello friends subscribe to our channel gdc and press the bell icon for more updates hello friends welcome back once again today we are going to discuss the synthesis of symmetry symmetry is the h2 antagonist it is the h2 antagonist and seemingly is the first incest – antagonist which was used so it is also called as the prototype h2 antagonist h2 antagonist i will

Mention the prototype because this was the first h2 blocker quit which was used this is mainly used in the ulcer because it reduces the hcl secretion used in the ulcer ge and e okay used it use this and in with the secretion of the exia now the synthesis of symmetry this is the mainly 3 step reaction here what happens the starting material of the semitic synthesis

Is the imidazole first we draw the structure of the amino zone here we have n here we have in here h now this is the emitter so here we have the fight metheny see the see us fight this is the e55 myth hi imidazole carboxylic okay it’s high five with high imidazole carboxylic now this is high 5 min high imidazole carboxylic undergoes the reduction in the presence

Of lithium aluminum hydride lithium aluminum hydride this is used to and reduce okay for the reduction proper bus and here we will get by the reduction the next intermediate here we get this will be the same here we have the cs3 as previous now this cw stick us 5 will be converted into the he methanol group and here we have ch2oh now this intermediate we get this

Is the media undergoes the reaction which amino mekhi taiwan here sh ch 2 ch 2 and s 2 amino it hai cái’ all when it reacted then what happened this edge and this edge means here this will be removed out in the form of water so here water will be removed that is dehydration process will occurs and the next heat then we get here we will get that will be and here

As such amira’s only he has the cs3 here every edge and here we will get ch 2 as ch2 ch2 and x2 now this new it’ll be get formula now this intermediate reacted with dye mekhi here we will get cs3 message three message now this intermediate reacted mother died meet hi here we have to be fellow dynamic i’ll & simon & simon i grow here and sino die hi god

Here we have the two tile roof like a odd-even no amigo carboni you may know company here when it reacted with this intermediate then what happened here we get and here we have the steam another group now here she is 3 here ch2s ch2 ch truth now this nh what happened one molecule of the hydrogen take this sts-3 and remove in the hormone the hi hi oh that is – sh

Cs 3 this will be removed out and here the meaning will be added and by the ending what happened here we get cs to an edge this c this one we living down here and we get c s cs 3 one molecule will be here and here and c n now this new intermediate form not this intermediate when they get paid with with hi i mean c s 3 and s 2 then one molecule of hydrogen take this

Sp sp and the move in the form of with high pile – sh cs3 and this mid-height amine group when you get added on here and finally we have our final product ch3 ch2 s ch 2 nh see here we have and c n and here we may get an edge csb this and at csd when we get higher and this mekhi phifer will be removed out this is our final four that is symmetry meaning so this is

The synthesis of symmetry what happened we high fight with high imidazole carboxylate reacted with the a medium hydride aluminum hydride lithium aluminum hydride li aah oh but this is used for the reduction purpose and here we will get cs 2 which that is methanol group when it reacted with the amino it hi hi all then we get the intermediate product validated with

The dye hit high and synote high of in novotny we get new intermediate and finally when it reacted with the me high i mean then we get the final product symmetry this is the synthesis of symmetry

Transcribed from video