May 29, 2023

Nurse mckevitt this is cb robinson thank you very much basement why mrs. roberts and how are you doing today i’m doing well how are you doing brings you to my office today well i was prescribed a new medication for my hypothyroidism let me share what the name is and how to use it okay well do you know what it’s called start something s on your chart you’re taking

Synthroid is that correct yeah yes it’s also called levothyroxine sodium okay it’s on the tee for synthetic and it’s a thyroid okay so you know do you know how to like how this drug works um well not really yes okay so soothe roid increases your t3 and t4 levels okay nick controls protein synthesis increases your metabolic rate glycogen use cardiac output renal

Blood flow grow up to vomit at the cellular level via action of the thyroid hormone receptors okay so why not treats multi-word what else does it treat it’s mostly mainly known for trading type of therapy it also treats mix edema and creationism thyroid toxicosis congenital hypothyroidism some types of thyroid cancer difference who tario tsh suppression okay

I’m sure kind of what dose did it don’t supposed to be taking i think i’m taking 50 micrograms but i’m sure kind of change usually initially you have a loading dose of 25 to 15 micrograms per day okay and maggie alba maintenance therapy at 50 to 200 okay it must be taking iv but that does not you know any administration instruction they’re probably taking i

Know i takes it in the morning other than that i really don’t know that’s believe that’s what you need to know so you take in the morning to decrease sleeplessness and you give it at the same time each day i know i need contraindications i need to be aware yes so i’m here chart it seems you have a pretty healthy background but just to know be where if you have

Hypersensitivity hypercalcemia verbatim enosis d malabsorption syndrome cardiovascular disease renal calculi renal failure hypophosphatemia dehydration excessive sun exposure okay so make sure you’re always drinking fluids and staying hydrated okay do you have any side effects if you notice if you want to take my stomach qaeda has been churning kind of feeling a

Little uneasy sometimes that one of the side effects anorexia nausea vomiting diarrhea cramps drowsiness headache dizziness where to go metallic taste lethargic those science facts and well not really so i know i’m not i need drugs right now but if i do add a medication is there any interactions with this drug yes the thyroid preparations increases the effect of

Oral anticoagulants because of jug displacement from the protein binding sites so it’s a high protein okay and then when taking these thyroid replacement drugs within a generic agent such as the decongestant the cardiac and central nervous system actions are increased levothyroxine can increase the effects of digitalis preparations in insulin and oral antibiotic

Drug dosages may need to be increased okay also be aware if you are having adverse reaction designs such as hypocalcemia hypercalcemia hybrid phosphate a via hematuria okay any other advice that you have for me well if you have hyperthyroidism effects such as tina kardea chest pain palpitations excessive sweating nervous excitability or irritability that could

Be caused by a drug accumulation so you should notify you okay good to know also avoid foods that can inhibit thyroid secretion such as strawberries peaches and pears cabbage turnips spinach kale brussel sprouts cauliflower rashes and peas okay just kind of eat those in little amounts be caution they also know that this drug is not a cure for your hyperthyroidism

Okay justin okay do you have any more questions today i don’t think i do i think you answered them all very well thank you very much thank you very much thank you nursing implications person thyroid record vital signs hypothyroidism temperature heart rate and blood pressure usually decrease with hyperthyroidism tachycardia and palpitations paper monitor patients

Weight weight gain is commonly occurs in patients with hypothyroidism encouraged patient to take drug at the same time teach patient to check warning signs and over the krupp over-the-counter drug labels determine if the patient is taking anticoagulants or anti-death diabetic agents direct patients report signs of hyperthyroidism such as tachycardia chest pain

Palpitations excess sweating nervousness excitability or irritability suggest that the patient carry a medic alert identification card tag or bracelet with condition and drug used caution patient to avoid foods that inhibit thyroid secretion teach the patient the side effects of synthroid and for the patient for self administration have them take blood pressure

And pulse before every dose monitor their intake and output ratio and weight each day teach family that this product is not a cure but control symptoms and that treatment is long term

Transcribed from video
Synthroid (levothyroxine sodium) By Nicole McKevitt