March 24, 2023

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My name’s arie 27 years old um was diagnosed with adhd and put on meds and i wanted to make a video um for anyone that was just starting meds really um um anyone that was just starting meds um and wanted some information because i i when i was about to start i looked on youtube and i couldn’t really find any videos that um that sort of showed you know uh sort

Of showed what was gonna happen the effects it was gonna have and i just sort of wanted to make sure if anyone else was um was looking for information or whatever and they had a lot of resource so um this is day one um i am on dixon fitment my psych told me that we’re in a like a trial period so we’re trying to work out the dosage at the moment um currently i

Am on one in the morning and then half at one and then half at five so yeah so it’s half 12 now so i took one this morning um a little bit anxious but also got a lot more um functional um i did i was driving somewhere and i didn’t have any distraction or stress that i normally have when i’m driving um i reverse part my car into a car’s face uh for the first

Time um because i never do it because i’m always like like something in my head just stops me doing it and today i was like it so i gave that a red hot go um what else i got my mouth is a bit dry but i’ve got sugar-free chewing gum to keep that popping off so that’s pretty pretty good way to fix that from what i can gather um but yeah so that is dose one day

One um okay you posted other than that and try to get used to talking to the camera because i feel really really weird so yeah yeah anyway all right so thank you for coming to watch um i hope this helps everyone going forward thank you to chains for jumping on in the video uh so it’s 3 15. i just took my second dose at 1 o’clock um just half a tablet this

Time um didn’t get any anxiety at all um totally focused on what i was doing um for the two hours which is awesome obviously got loads done which is uh absolute plus um but now um so it’s got an email distracted the hell out of me uh now i’m feeling a little bit on the tired side um so i don’t know my next dose isn’t until five so um i guess we’ll see what

Happens between now and then um didn’t really get any like dry mouth or anything this time um probably because the dose is lower um run out of words um so yeah i guess i will get back on the old camera at the next dose all right okay so um tito’s number three last night um took it it’s half a tablet so two and a half milligrams just before sorry at five

O’clock at night um and i was helping my girlfriend pack up the house to move and usually i would have hated it but i just absolutely was smashed it was so focused got everything done was like just knew what needed to be done i didn’t get any of that like feeling that um that i would normally normally get like if i was doing something like that um so that’s

Obviously that’s incredible um however i i reckon i slept about four hours um i felt pretty wired but um at the same time i don’t see that well normally anyway um so i don’t know like how much that relates to the pills or whether that’s just the fact that i i’m a bad sleeper or whether like i was expecting to sleep bad so it’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy

Like i don’t know but um i’m gonna talk to my psychopath he’s gonna call me later so i’ll keep you guys updated on that as well um he did say to me to be fair like when i started when when i said i was going to start them that like 40 of people would sleep better and 40 sleep worse so sounds about right that i would make it into the sleep worse category but

I will we’ll see what happens with that um just took my first days for today i got up late so i didn’t sleep so to get a 10 instead of 11. so i just rewatched the video to smash it all together and when i said that i took my dose at 10 instead of 11 i meant 10 instead of 9 and obviously it just hasn’t kicked in yet because yeah so took it at 9. no to get 10.

Um so yeah um waiting for that to sort of take effect i suppose um so yeah updated consider yourself updated

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Taking ADHD medication for the first time By The ADHD Entrepreneurs