November 29, 2022

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Atención ibuprofen motrin advil users if you are on these nsaids the fda is upping their warning to you i’m gonna explain in just a second but you are at youtube’s fastest-growing place to help you experience real health with releases of content news research and real health solutions so they not to cover up conditions you can actually get to the cause of them so

Turn on the notifications and hit the subscribe button so that you can be the first to be notified when new content drops you never know how it might impact your life as well if i go live i’ll be able to answer your personal health questions and help you out so i’m about to livengood and today we’re breaking down a new fda warning they’re upping their game when

It comes to nsaids and how dangerous they are in your body check this out right on the fda’s website it says fda drug safety communication you didn’t get this email did you the fda strengthens warnings that non-aspirin non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs nsaids can cause heart attacks or strokes what those are is if you are taking an ibuprofen if you are taking

An advil if you are taking a motrin these types of pain relievers are wreaking havoc on the insides of your bodies so they’re increasing blood pressure they’re causing heart failure problems the fda knows it they’re allowing the drug companies to continue to sell it to them because they know what happens when these things go unbridled vyek spac in 2005 was an

Nsaid drug pain relieving medication it caused 140,000 heart attacks it was released in a five-year period of time yes they eventually pulled it from the market multibillion-dollar lawsuits but how much do you how much can you put on the price of one person’s life 140,000 heart attacks so the nsaids are really bad for your heart if you’re taking and ibuprofen and

Advil and aleve a motrin please pay attention to this information if you know a family member that is and i’m gonna give you a couple solutions for it in a minute but what they’re noting is that the the nsaids naproxen even was on the list a heart attack and stroke risk increase even with short term use and the risk may begin within a few weeks of starting dance

So it’s pretty much immediate and at no time during taking it is the risk lower the risk increases with higher doses and the risk is greater for people who already have heart disease you have a heart problem and you’re taking these watch out now aspirin is an nsaid it was not listed under this warning but i would proceed with caution even with that and that’s been

The kind of the foundational thing you’ve been told to do for your heart all along it’s got to make you question it so what can you do listen you i want to thin out your blood but most importantly you want to control inflammation inflammation is at the root cause of most chronic disease and certainly most heart related problems whether it’s a cholesterol clog of

Stroke doesn’t matter inflammations at play so we use these nsaids to try to lower inflammation well there are other very powerful natural remedies that you can use that equate to the impact that these nsaids have one of them being omega-3s 1600 to 2400 of a high potency high quality omega-3 i cannot stress this enough because the moment you pull a fish out of the

Water the oil of the fish where this comes from these omega-3 is this fish oil starts to break down decay to nature and lose its potency think about a fish sitting on the bank it starts to stink very quickly after you take it out of water after it dies so this fish oil must be protected from the moment it’s out of the sea all the way into your mouth well when you

See a large container at your favorite department store and there’s 300 of them for twenty dollars that’s not high quality fish oil so you do get what you pay for and using that cheaper oil can actually be detrimental because a lot of times the oils gone rancid and it’s clogging the system as opposed to having the impact on inflammation that high quality omega

Does so make sure the quality is good 1600 to 2400 mega milligrams turmeric is another option to lower your inflammation levels for a very heart-healthy anti-inflammatory approach 1 or 2 grams a day has been shown to significantly decrease pain support the immune system by lowering inflammation and support a healthy heart two very good options that don’t have

Fda warnings and are not causing heart attacks and strokes wanted to drop that to you because i care if you have questions please ask we’re here for you if you want more videos like this let me know what i can make to help you along your journey to experience real health see you soon check out the videos next to me they’re exactly what you need as next steps to

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Taking IBUPROFEN Increases Your Chances of a HEART ATTACK BY 50% By Dr. Livingood