June 4, 2023

Dr. Jawad talks about what are the symptoms taking Metformin/Glucophage. Many prescriptions medications can cause one problem while fixing another, and Metformin is no exception. In this video I will tell you exactly what you need to do to prevent complications (potentially permanent) if you have to take this otherwise useful medication.

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You find this information valuable please share with a friend and also to hit the like button down below it will take you two seconds hope you enjoy the video thanks for watching hello everyone.this dr. jawad in this short video i’m gonna explain the side effects well why if you’re on metformin glucophage it’s the same thing i got patients saying that they went

From glucophage to metformin metformin to glucophage it’s the exact same thing and they’re experiencing symptoms peripheral neuropathy mental confusion gut function so for and so on it all comes back down to if you’re on metformin you need to take some supplements to help counteract the symptoms that’s being created now with diabetes medication there’s going to

Be two different types either one it’s going to produce is going to act on the pancreas to produce more insulin or you’re gonna work on the other end you’re gonna work on the receptor cell to make it more sensitive okay so metformin works on the receipt the receiving end so the receiver is more sensitive to take the insulin into the cell now what happens is that

What’s causing is that when you’re dishing out too much when the pancreas is is just down too much insulin it doesn’t know to shut off why because the receptors not reason is not receiving the hormone it’s a negative feedback loop so the pancreas secretes more insulin and this is where you have the chance of increase in your insulin resistance so the pancreas packer

Excels the beta cells in the pancreas make the insulin which is releasing the blood stream when we have carbs carbohydrates proteins and also to want the function is to lower the blood sugar so once it gets the receptor and the receiving end particularly the liver okay it helps lower the blood sugar it’ll help store glycogen storage of against storage of the cellular

Energy glucose the stored form glycogen and if you have again overabundance it help store fat so insulin does is multifactorial and how it’s been utilized in the system so what’s going on is that the function of metformin is simply to increase sensitivity of insulin to help stabilize the function of the pancreas okay so the thing is though with metformin a lot of

Side effects and this is where i get from the patients the side-effects they’re experiencing is due to the fact that they’re havin metformin they’re taking metformin because it blocks the absorption of central b vitamins vitamin b1 b9 and b12 vitamin b1 thiamine it’s it’s important for cellular energy and also to carbohydrate metabolism helps with the red blood

Cell formation helps with thyroid function okay and metformin depletes it so you also get a buildup of lactic acid so you’re increasing the chance of heavy bean lactic of having lactic acidosis which is not good because again it reduces the breakdown of lactate to glucose metformin does this is where you if you’re taking metformin this is where you feel fatigued

You have weakness you’re confused okay buttons benign folate and vitamin b12 cobalamin okay it blocks the absorption of those now when you have a depletion of vitamin b9 folate this is where you become anemic button b12 okay peripheral neuropathy now you’re going to take metformin because you have the symptoms of insulin resistance or type 2 diabetes is peripheral

Neuropathy so by taking that form and you’re getting peripheral neuropathy why because it’s decreasing the absorption of b12 which we need for the nerves also when our stomach we have these certain stomachs stomach cells with it called the intrinsic factor now the intrinsic factor breaks down when b12 and helps deliver it to the small intestines for absorption

So when you’re taking metformin it decreases the intrinsic factor in the stomach now here’s the catch here’s the catch vitamin b9 and vitamin b12 are needed to control systemic inflammation called home helps lower the in homocysteine levels because increase homocysteine levels is an indicator for cardiovascular health you see how that all rolls around okay so

Lactic acidosis b1 so also it depletes the coq10 we need coke q10 for cellular energy and cellular funk to muscle function so when you deplete coq10 it increases your chances of cardiovascular risk see how this also pairs up so it depletes coq10 it again it depletes the intrinsic factor also to b9 and b12 are needed for again to help stabilize the homocysteine

Levels because increase homocysteine levels have a direct connection of cardiovascular risk all because you take admit foreman okay so what do you deal with all this stuff okay so first and foremost if you’re a type 2 diabetic polycystic ovarian syndrome if your insulin resistant main thing as always as always is always diet your goal is to stabilize the release

Of insulin how do you do that carbohydrates and sugar lower the carbohydrates lower the sugar you want to stabilize a release of insulin okay yes insulin is released with protein but not as much as it with carbs so you want it you won’t always want to watch the diet and then supplement vumbi 100 milligrams of button b1 thymine b9 and b12 now b9 is folate b12 is

Cobalamin now if you have or you don’t know if you have or not it’s a gene mthfr gene which doesn’t allow your body to break down the folate the cobalamin this is where i always recommend take methylfolate this is already the broken-down version you want to take 400 micrograms cobalamin just to be safe methylcobalamin 400 micrograms and also wanna make o q10 coq10

You i take 400 milligrams because one you’re depleted by taking glucophage metformin but also to the older we get the less we produce of co q 10 which is phenomenal to prevent cardiovascular risk okay so this is where 400 milligrams of coq10 is essential alright hope you enjoyed the video of him you questions or comments please leave them down below i do answer

Them and i’ll see you in the next video thank you very much and be well

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Taking Metformin? You need to watch this! By TheJDocRealMinute