January 27, 2023

A present day update video will be coming very soon.

All right quick oxycodone update it is august the 3rd 2021 it’s tuesday it’s 2 54 p.m and i’m just having a bad day it’s been a really bad couple of days still working at the same place short-handed so i’m working a lot it’s 95 and a half degrees outside it’s 78 in here it’s actually cooler today than it has been fans going and just trying to keep the place

Cool so having a lot of pain in my left leg my left leg i have not had a hip replacement in this leg and the hip is hurting i do need a hip replacement in this leg the hip’s been hurting for the last three days the knees been hurting and of course the ankle is the bad ankle with the hardware and arthritis so that left leg is hurting pretty bad and i’m getting

Ready to go to bed and i’m going to be taking an oxycodone for the third day in a row i’m gonna be taking one here in a few minutes i took one on the first of august and i took a whole pill and it made me sick it still did the job but it upset my stomach really bad so when i got home yesterday i realized i was gonna have to take more so i took and cut a pill

In half and took it and it was much better on my stomach and it still worked really good so tonight we’re going to take the other half of that pill been working a lot working a lot it’s just so hot outside and we got forest fires in the area we had a whole bunch of lightning on uh thunder and lightning on the first into the second and now we got a lot so we

Got like 700 maybe like 700 uh cloud to ground lightning strikes we’re in a big drought here the biggest forest fire in the united states right now is burning about 150 miles away from my home it’s very very smoky outside and it’s probably going to get worse and i am just miserable work’s been so such a pain so i’m home finally and i’m going to take not only

That half an oxycodone i’m gonna take two tylenol eight hour and four ibuprofen and that’s gonna make the third time today that i’ve taken that tylenol and ibuprofen mixture that’s a lot but i need it and tonight we’re having the oxycodone and hopefully i’ll get a pretty good night’s sleep i am off tomorrow so anyway in the next 48 hours i don’t have to work

So i can stay off my poor ache and feet and hopefully start feeling better well it’s almost three o’clock in the afternoon i’ve got dinner on the stove getting ready to have some good dinner it’s the seventh of august yeah august saturday it’s a pretty long busy day at work today i am still sober uh very very happy about that so yesterday i was having a lot of

Pain at work and uh it was the same thing i had all last week that drove me to oxycodone the hip the knee and the foot it was pretty bad yesterday so i ended up taking a dose of oxycodone last night at bedtime just about this time so that was on the six i had it three times last week and i thought i was gonna end up having to do that again today but so far the

Pain has been under much better control i’ve had ibuprofen and tylenol and i just took some more and i’m just getting ready to have some dinner and go to bed so no oxycodone for tonight that’s a good thing it and of course i’m only taking the half pills now so i’m taking one dose and cutting it in half so that’s good but i’m not even going to need that tonight

And i’m glad about that okay it has been a long time about a month i think since i have done an oxycodone update and i got to admit i’ve probably taken it four times in the last month but i just have been so out of it that i haven’t bothered to grab the camera so it is october 1st it is friday and it’s definitely getting a little colder still kind of summer like

Outside it’s 2 51 in the morning pardon me it’s 2 51 in the evening uh i’m getting ready to go to bed pretty soon having a fair amount of pain in both feet but mostly the left ankle with the hardware in there it’s not as bad as it could be certainly so it looks like the last time i took it was uh september 3rd and i just wrote down that one right there so

Yeah like i said i’ve probably had it five times since uh september third i’ve been sober a while but let’s face it i’m i’m struggling with my alcoholism alcohol is a wonderful painkiller and boy it works so i spend most every night in the chair sleep in the bed for a while and i’ve come out here and i’m sure i’ll do that tonight as well so anyway not much

Really to talk about uh everything’s still the same my older brother is still hanging on but he’s he’s pretty much bedridden and we can’t really go visit him anymore they try to keep the number of people going in and out of the foster home there as much as they can they try to limit that as much as they can is what i’m saying so anyway that’s going to be about

It for the update works kind of slowing down my old baker quit so i’m higher i’m training the new girl right now and she seems to be working out so i’m hoping to go to three days off a week pretty soon so um yeah i’ll keep you updated on that but for now it’s just struggling every day trying to trying to make it trying to keep a job and yeah so it’s a real

Fight really

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Taking OXYCODONE 2021 | AUGUST & SEPTEMBER 2021 | EPISODE 36 By The Rat Race