June 4, 2023

Well good morning it’s just 8 42 in the morning on the 21st of april yesterday was my birthday my 62nd birthday and i have drank like a fish for the last four days got really intoxicated yesterday woke up feeling pretty bad pretty hungover my whole body’s just one big piece of pain i just got body aches like crazy i would love to blame that on an illness or

Something but the only thing i can blame it on is my alcoholism and being dehydrated so i did go to work today i’ve been up since about 11 o’clock last night couldn’t go back to sleep so i just decided to go into work early and i did and i worked for four hours there just wasn’t much to do so i’m home now and i’m about to get some lunch and plop down in this

Nice comfortable chair and hopefully go to sleep so i’m gonna have what am i gonna have a peanut butter sandwich sounds pretty good in fact i might have two peanut butter sandwiches and get some food on my stomach take a nap and then i’m probably going to be taking oxycodone later on tonight but i’ll be back with an update before that all right i just had my

Nice shower boy are my feet aching my whole body what did i what did i say earlier my whole body was just one big piece of pain that is true i have body aches today direct result of alcoholism but it’ll get better so it’s 12 45 now my dinner’s going to be ready in about 15 or so minutes i’m gonna be going to bed very very early tonight it was about 11 o’clock

When i woke up last night but i’d been up before i had a terrible case and this is just too much information but i had a terrible case last night with sitting on the toilet uh probably five times even right before work and that’s of course just a result of bad eating and drinking so that’s uh hopefully is going to be better now oh the things i do to myself

Out of stupidity so we’re gonna take an oxycodone here in a bit i don’t think i’m gonna have to take the milk of magnesia with this i might um yeah it would probably be a good idea to grab a swallow of that just to help out oxycodones in here this is what i’m having for my dinner tonight it’s the exact same thing i had the last time i sobered up this is kind of

My comfort food i love the lasagna and the macaroni and cheese so yeah it’s good stuff so we’re gonna have that tonight and then uh i’m not sure what i’ll have tomorrow amber maybe anyway the dinner’s in there so that’ll be coming out soon i’m gonna after dinner eats eat dinner after dinner eat dinner um after dinner i’m gonna go lay down and watch tv in the

Bedroom and i should be asleep around 2 2 30.

Transcribed from video
Taking OXYCODONE | April 2022 | EPISODE 41 By The Rat Race