June 4, 2023

Well welcome back to my channel it is well kind of dark in here it looks like it’s gonna be okay it is 309 p.m. on august 8 2019 it’s thursday and i’ve had two pretty long hard days on my feet of work nothing too unusual it’s just sup my arthritis is hurting pretty bad let’s get in here into the light i had quite a lot of ankle pain yesterday but i kind of toughed

It out but today i’m gonna go ahead and take out c code in but first i’m gonna get some dinner started i’ve got some leftover chicken and rice and carrots from home more than a month ago it’s been in the freezer and i broke it out a couple of days ago i’m gonna saute that up and scramble an egg or two into it and got some soy sauce and that won’t be my dinner and

That’s i’m probably gonna eat about half of that so let’s go ahead and get this started right now and then while that is cooking i’m gonna get in a nice hot shower and get cleaned up and that ought to be pretty good back out there all right that felt great and we’re sauteing right now all right it’s about ready scramble couple two eggs in there and that’ll give

Me a dinner for tomorrow night too all right let’s take an oxy codon that’s about 81 degrees outside we’ve been having pretty hot temperatures the last five or so days almost 100 degree days today’s been cooler in fact i think even weather is moving in to our region and it is 4 o’clock in the afternoon it is 4 o’clock in the afternoon on thursday august 15th 78

Degrees here in my house and it is ninety two point eight outside i thought it was gonna get up to a hundred today didn’t quite make it it’s pretty hot and it’s my bedtime i got the box fans going on here in the bedroom oh two of them and i’ve got my oxycodone i’m gonna take the dose of this tonight well this sure is looking good all right at the moment i am gonna

Take a dose of oxycodone for tonight yeah so i have been working out on the exercise bike pretty regularly twice a day for the most part for the last week and that’s felt good but i didn’t get on it today and i’m not gonna get on it today my feet are just killing me today it’s been a long four-day work week so far arthritis really acting up it is that 24th it’s

Saturday afternoon 331 and i haven’t had oxycodone for nine days now so that’s not too bad no no i really need the pain pills tonight fever just killing me my dinner in the microwave i’m doing the old marie callender’s again pretty good stuff honestly this is about all i make anymore nice don’t feel like cooking much worked so busy it’s hot and i’m just worn out

Everyday tonight i got to take the old pain pill oh yeah a good night’s sleep is gonna be much desired i’m worn out well it’s 308 in the afternoon on the 26th of august it is monday it’s my day off i’ve been home all day and i have not been having such a grande time and i did not have a good couple of days works been an absolute nightmare i came home yesterday i

Was in bed at this time yesterday and i did not take oxycodone yesterday but i was so tired and so exhausted and just so worn out that i went to bed at 3 o’clock yesterday ah sup for a while man i got up and then i wish i had taken oxycodone cuz i just the rest and i was miserable so i am gonna take oxycodone tonight i’m a little bit mad at myself because i don’t

Really have an excuse to take it tonight oh no really hurting i just want to get a good night’s sleep and i just don’t have an excuse to take it but i’m going to i want to just flat want to take it and this is kind of my biggest fear is letting this stuff get the best of me but i guess it’s got the best of me today but that doesn’t mean it has to get the best of

Me tomorrow i cannot let this stuff become a problem absolutely cannot allow this to become a problem at my age there’s no way i’m going to take it tonight and then we’ll see what happens after that

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Taking OXYCODONE August 2019 ~ EPISODE 12 By The Rat Race