February 1, 2023


Well it is august the second it is sunday night i just finished another grueling work week and i am indeed gonna take a oxycodone tonight so i’ve got my bottle here and uh yeah um i haven’t had it since last tuesday but i have been regularly having my oxycodone on sundays and that’s not too bad as long as i’m not taking it during my week one day a week is perfectly

Fine that’s four times a month and that’s perfectly okay so i of course have been noticing that as my work week goes on wednesday through sunday every day it just gets a little bit more painful until today and it looks pretty horrible there and uh so i’m gonna take one tonight and uh you know my uh it’s still summertime and despite all the coronavirus restrictions

Uh we’re still pr pretty busy and when i started back to work in june the first of june after the lockdown we’ve been restricted ever since they had added a new product which has just created so much havoc and it’s costing us a lot of labor in the bakery and that’s why i’m working so much well that product ended yesterday um there’s just been so many problems with

It that management finally did away with it so things can actually get back to normal now i think so maybe i’ll be working a little bit less and maybe i won’t even need the sunday oxycodone i don’t know but i don’t know what’s going to happen because our governor has threatened to put us back in another lockdown and because the coronavirus numbers keep going up

And people are dying from it here so i don’t know i think tomorrow and tuesday i think our governor may uh may put us back on lockdown i don’t even know but so for tonight i’m going to take an oxycodone and get a good night’s sleep and hopefully i won’t have to take any more for another week so we’ll see it is august the 11th it is tuesday afternoon it is 1 22

In the afternoon 90 degrees outside yesterday got to be 102 but by time it got to be 102 i was already passed out drunk asleep yep i drank again yesterday on my monday so i’m taking an oxycodone today because i’m just aching and painting everywhere dinner in the microwave i’ve got a swedish meatball in there and i’m gonna throw in some brussels sprouts that i have

In the freezer and i got my glass of water i’ve had about this is about the sixth glass of water that i’ve had today so let me explain the happenings of the last couple of days i am having pain in the ankle but i’m having pain everywhere i’m just having all kinds of body aches today i have been suffering from dehydration for some time now i think i’ve mentioned

That before and i had to do a fasting lab on monday yesterday at seven o’clock in the morning so i could not have food or coffee before seven o’clock until after the fasting lab at seven so i thought it was a perfect opportunity perfect time for me to give up the coffee i’ve suspected that the coffee has been messing with me badly for a while now because i’ve

Been suffering from so much dehydration and so i didn’t have coffee at all yesterday and then i got up today sick hung over very very dehydrated and i did not have coffee this morning so i cleaned the pot out or the coffee maker the pot is over here and the dish strainer i cleaned it all up and i’ve just kind of decided that i’m just i’m kind of through with

Coffee i’m i think coffee is being a really big enemy to me so i’m gonna go without it this week so it’s been probably about 60 hours since i had my last cup of coffee which was sunday morning last sunday morning and uh yeah um i’m hoping that i’ll just start feeling better as time goes on and then i can kind of narrow it down that the coffee is just causing me

Problems i hate to throw this thing out because it’s like that full so i don’t know i guess i could give it to somebody if i really make the decision to give it up so i cleaned the maker out in the pot i’m going to keep it i’m not going to throw it away at least at this point i’m not but i definitely want to get i want to not drink coffee anymore i’ve been

Drinking coffee since i was 20 years old in 1980 so 40 years of a daily coffee habit is not going to be very easy to break and i’ve got 20 or so seconds left on my dinner so i will keep the channel updated on this coffee situation along with the other things that i’m keeping updated like the ged and my job and all the rest so the last time i took oxycodone was

Back in july according to my records 7 28 so that is good i have done a good job of staying away from it there has been a couple of nights when i really wanted to take it because i was hurting so i’ll go ahead and take an oxycodone with my dinner tonight and hopefully get a good night’s sleep and i have to return back to work tomorrow and hopefully i can start

Feeling better in the next couple of days as the caffeine gets out of my system good afternoon today is august 26th it is wednesday and i’m going to take oxycodone today the last time i took oxycodone was the 11th of august and since then i’ve pretty much drank beer every night after work or even on my days off and alcohol is a wonderful painkiller but i’m an

Alcoholic and i’m not supposed to be drinking at all but thanks to the coronavirus i started drinking in april during the layoff and it’s not the fault of the virus it’s my fault because i allowed it because i’m an idiot anyway i drank here i drank yesterday was the last time today i’m not drinking and i’m gonna take an oxycodone by the way i may have mentioned

It the last cup of coffee i had was here on august 9th because i had to do a lab and i decided to quit coffee for good and i have but i’d miss it and i have a lot of trouble waking up but i quit coffee because i don’t think it’s doing me any good at all so i’m taking oxycodone today i am having pain pretty much everywhere my feet my lower back my hip everywhere

I will be working straight through this week i won’t get any days off at all and i might get next thursday off which is going to be the third my assistant had to go out of town out of state several states away because of family emergency so i agreed to fill in so not only do i have to work eight days straight at least maybe more i have to work by myself so i

May end up taking oxycodone quite a number of times this week we’ll just have to see how things go it’s certainly gonna be a wild weekend with just myself doing all the work so anyway if i take more oxycodone this week you’ll hear about it right here but for now i’m going to take one and have some dinner and go to bed it’s been a it’s been a rough week because

Of my drinking but that’s coming to an end starting today no more alcohol well it’s the next day now almost three o’clock in the afternoon i went to work about four o’clock this morning and my arthritic ankle is just killing me right now and i’m going to work about three hours earlier every day now because this weekend i am a one-man show so i gotta be in again

Pretty early in the morning so i’m gonna take an oxycodone oh that ankle is so stiff and sore i’m not surprised that i’m having to take it two days in a row that doesn’t surprise me at all hopefully i can make it without it tomorrow but i may have to have it tomorrow too the thing is pretty sore got some good dinner over there on the stove gonna get that and take

My oxycodone and go to bed and hopefully get another good night’s sleep tonight like i did last night and i’ll be ready to face my long day again tomorrow all right just got out of the shower oh i’m having a lot of ankle pain today i had a very long day of work that today it is 2 20 p.m it’s saturday the 29th of august it’s about 88 degrees outside yesterday at

This time i did not take oxycodone and all i took was some tylenol and ibuprofen for my ankle which hurt pretty good but not quite as bad as today and i did sleep okay sleep here in the bedroom pretty easily yesterday without the oxycodone and without alcohol either i’m not doing that stuff anymore and then after about two hours maybe maybe an hour and a half

Something like that i was up and wide awake and suffering from rls in my lower legs so i had to come out here and sleep in the big comfortable recliner and i slept really good here all night until about two o’clock this morning then i had to be heading off to work by 4 a.m while i was there at 4 00 a.m and that’s why i’m having so much ankle pain today i had

A very long day saturdays are saturdays and sundays are going to be the worst days right now and i’m working all by myself in the bakery i’m the lone ranger right now because my assistant is out of state on a family emergency i’ve got some dinner in the microwave that’s all ready to come out i’m gonna take my oxycodone and sit over here in the old antique rocking

Chair and watch some grand sumo wrestling from japan and eat my dinner and then i’ll be heading off to bed and hopefully i will get a good night’s sleep i never get rls if i’m taking oxycodone or if i’ve had alcohol and by the way i have never ever and never will mix alcohol in narcotics that is just not wise but anyway i never say all that to say this that

I never get the rls if i have either one of those it’s the knight said i don’t have anything that the rls can attack me but i’m going to be good tonight we’ll get a good night’s sleep because i gotta head off to work early early in the morning again

Transcribed from video