December 9, 2022

Taking OXYCODONE August 2022 EPISODE 44

Okay it’s going to be an oxycodone night tonight on this tuesday august 2nd already and it’s hot so 79 degrees fahrenheit in here and that’s about right but we go over here where we got the outdoor and the indoor situation and the clock is wrong on that thing anyway it’s 95 fahrenheit outside 77 according to that but it’s hot and the air conditioner has been

Running and i’m moving like a snail my feet are hurting because i worked today and i worked yesterday on my day off so let’s go ahead and get set down here so today and yesterday were my day off as i said so i ended up working because i did not work at all last week i sunday came around and i started drinking sunday night after work and then monday i binge

Drink i just i started first thing in the morning tuesday i drank binge drink and then when i woke up on wednesday which is my typical three days off i was so sick i’m not taking any painkillers or oxycodone at that point and i was so incredibly sick i thought i had coveted so i ended up i’m sorry a long story but let’s make it short so i sent my boss a text

That morning and said i am sick i got coven but i didn’t i hadn’t even tested myself didn’t have a fever but i told him that cause i just i wasn’t gonna i didn’t want to go to work the next day so i lied got a week of sick pay so i took the whole week off and continued to drink but more moderately and then finally last day of july which was last sunday

Was my last day to drink and then i agreed to go in and cover the other baker that would be working on these days so she could have days off because she worked for me she didn’t have any days off i went in pretty hungover monday but i was okay and then today i was much better about it you know it’s 10 hour days now it’s nothing less than 10 hours and i’m just

Feeling too damned old and tired to be working that many hours and drinking on top of that it’s just stupid so i didn’t drink yesterday and i haven’t drank today it’s my second day sober august 2nd so we’re going to keep that going so getting ready to have dinner and go to bed i got both of my fans here rigged up so that i can hang water bottles on them and

Frozen water bottles and that really helps out to keep the bedroom cool so anyway let’s go back out here so when dinner’s ready i’m going to sit here at the table and have my dinner and watch some grand sumo highlights from the past i love sumo wrestling your air conditioner started outside dinner tonight is going to be baked beans which i got in the pot and

They’re kind of coming up we’re going to have some coleslaw we’re going to have a biscuit with honey and butter and what else that’s it and fried chicken that’s what i’m trying to say fried chicken i’ve been buying a lot of fried chicken and freezing it so that’s what we’re gonna have for dinner tonight but we got a little bit more excitement they are predicting

A pretty good thunderstorm for tonight uh starting late late afternoon evening time and that’s typically what happens so let’s stick our head out the door here and oh boy it’s like a heat wave just hit me so anyway um we have got thunderheads building up off to the east look at that they’re building up that’s typically where they come from we got them to the

South building up it’s smoky because of forest fires in the area so we might just have a big thunderstorm roll in here later on so that’s looking pretty impressive up there anyway i’m gonna be going to bed early that big thunderstorm wakes me up later on i’ll try to get up and come out here and film it because we can have really violent thunderstorms all right

There’s me water bottles in front of the fans four of them that’ll last for a lot of hours and keep this room cool all right there’s me dinner i’ve taken my i ramped oxycodone and ibuprofen there’s three pieces of chicken i just had a half a biscuit that’s a lot of food we got a little coleslaw we got baked beans and that’s gonna be good all right all righty i

Am gonna take an oxycodone tonight it is kind of an update my last video i don’t remember when i made it the last time i took oxycodone i that was it anyway i’m feeling a little be shoveled today it’s hot i had a long day of work get ready to sit down and watch some sumo from jason’s old sumo channel it’s about 93 degrees so i got some dinner all my days off i

Made biscuits and gravy so i’m heating up some gravy my air conditioner just fired i got a hash brown i got some bacon i’m gonna cook off some bacon in there i do not have eggs so i got a biscuit and a half right there and like i said i don’t have fried eggs i don’t have eggs i didn’t buy eggs but this will be plenty of food so yeah i’m gonna take an oxycodone

Tonight it’s been a couple of days i had a terrible night last night trying to sleep i ended up getting only about four and a half five hours sleep because i at bedtime i had terrible rls and it’s hot and it’s miserable and everything sucks because of the heat but i had terrible rls so i didn’t get to sleep until six o’clock or so and then i was up by 10.

Right quick update today let’s see my play scanner all right quick update it’s one o’clock in the morning almost on saturday morning it’s sixth of august and i slept pretty good i slept in the chair most the whole night uh the oxy really knocked me out and really put me away but i got a good night’s sleep so one of the things i forgot to talk about yesterday

Was the fact that i was as of yesterday on my fifth day sober this was my first day sober this end of july was the last day to drink i am now currently starting my six days sober and i just feel so good i’ve been feeling so good being away from the booze now for now six days when i need to keep this going like no other the alcohol has just been destroying my

Life but i still desire to stop at the beer store every day after work and especially on my days off and drink but i just can’t allow it i just can’t allow it i’m too old and all the rest so anyway i’m getting ready to head off to work it’s a fair amount of activity going on in the police scanner really enjoy listening to that hoping to leave the house here by

1 30. we’re gonna get one more cup of coffee and finish packing my pack to take the work and that’s gonna be it so uh don’t plan to take any oxycoding tonight but we’ll see hopefully the arthritic feet will be okay and i can get along without it don’t like to take it more than once you know you know two or three times a week that’s at the most it’s definitely

Powerful stuff so that’s going to be it for this morning on the 6th of august 2022 my sixth day sober and i love it

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Taking OXYCODONE August 2022 EPISODE 44 By The Rat Race