June 4, 2023

It is a new year with new Daily Pain.

All right quick update today on the oxycodone channel here 3 50 p.m on the 16th of january it’s sunday and it got good news and i got bad news uh the good news is it is my 16th day without alcohol i have not drank since the 31st december 31st i’ve been doing really good staying away from the alcohol but the bad news is i’ve kind of sort of replaced it with

Something else and i’m not talking about oxycodone this is the first time i’ve taken oxycodone in almost a week so what i have here is my dinner lovely quarter pound burger under all that swiss and cheddar cheese and grilled ham there’s also some mustard on there and some yellow onion like an aw root beer with my burger or i like milkshake today i’m having the

A w root beer and this is the pain pills that i have to take that’s my ibuprofen and tylenol there’s also an ester vaster ran there for cholesterol and there’s also a methyl ball no a metamucil and then there’s two softener pills because i really have a lot of trouble with that and i’ve already taken an oxycodone for pain because i’m having a lot of pain and

The feet and that’s nothing new so on to the other news it was one week ago as we head back here to the spare bedroom where uh i’m gonna show you what i’ve got going on here i’m not too proud or happy about it but i did it and that’s all there is to it so i keep this room closed off it’s cold in here but i’ve been hanging out in here because last monday

Tomorrow will be a week i decided to go to the marijuana store and buy some marijuana and a pipe and try smoking marijuana in the evenings to help with the arthritis pain and to help me sleep and i gotta say it works pretty dang good uh it does so i didn’t smoke yesterday last night and i’m only gonna smoke right after dinner or before dinner and after dinner

And before bed so i’d already be smoking now if i was gonna tonight and i sit here in the chair and i’m trying to minimize the smell because it is i don’t want my whole house to smell like marijuana but inside that black box is my stash so anyway it’s perfectly legal here in this state marijuana is legal you can have you can possess a certain amount so you

Know they won’t sell me more than that so but i think i need to get a water pipe a bong and i might do that tomorrow i don’t know the pipe i got is it’s a glass pipe and it works but i think i want to try a bong and maybe that’d be a little easier but uh anyway so we’re gonna go two days without it and then i probably will have it tomorrow so i don’t know if i

Want to share that on the channel or not but that’s kind of the bad news is that i’m now smoking marijuana and as i said it helped with pain just like the alcohol helped with pain and it helped me sleep the alcohol didn’t really help me sleep it actually caused more problems but so that’s going to be my update other than that it’s life is normal although i am

Uh my assistant baker is out with kovid as are several other employees there so it’s not like i’m getting any extra time off i’m not i’m working six days a week just because it’s uh it sucks so i still need to make the appointment to go talk to the ssi people about getting on disability i am i haven’t done it yet because i don’t want to i know it’s going to

Be disappointing they’re going to turn me down i think there’s better chances of pigs learning to fly than my getting disability for this chronic pain i i just can’t imagine they’re going to do it so what i do got to get him to shout i gotta kill i gotta call him i gotta set up an appointment go in and talk to him soon anyway that’s gonna be it for the 16th of

January 16 days sober i hope and pray i can keep that going

Transcribed from video
Taking OXYCODONE | January 2022 | EPISODE 38 By The Rat Race