June 4, 2023


Well it is time for my annual sunday afternoon oxycodone seems like i’ve been doing that pretty regularly for a while now it’s 2pm it is the 27th it is the 26th part of me of july the month’s almost over with i just finished my five day work week and today i’m about to take a dose of oxycodone because i got some ankle pain that’s bad enough so i’m gonna take

A dose all right okay i am having a tough time and unfortunately i can’t blame it on work or anything else i can only blame it on myself because i have made a really bad decision which is gonna force me to take oxycodone today for not just ankle pain but lots of other pain as well it’s tuesday july 28th it’s 1 23 in the afternoon and it’s almost 100 degrees

Outside look at that it’s 96 and a half degrees outside we’ve been having super hot days and that’s not helping me at all and for the second tuesday my day off i’m gonna take oxycodone i had to do that last week too and the reason is is because i’m being an idiot and i’m drinking myself stupid on mondays i i i’m 60 years old i can’t believe i’m allowing myself

To drink alcohol again just on mondays my day off i start about nine o’clock in the morning and i just get blasted i drank an entire half case of beer yesterday and i was probably passed out asleep by two o’clock yesterday afternoon and because i’m doing that to myself i’m getting extremely dehydrated and i’m just not even recovered yet today i’m drinking tons of

Water but i just can’t get hydrated and i have all kinds of body aches and pain all kinds and uh so i’m not gonna be able to go to sleep without some pain pills and the oxycodone is also gonna dehydrate me too so i’m really asking for it here but i’m gonna hit go ahead and take it today and then we’re just not gonna do that anymore we’re just not going to drink

At all anymore i was an absolute fool to allow myself to start drinking again back in april during the lockdown after i’d been sober for almost five years and then i allowed myself to start drinking again what an idiot and now i’m paying a price for it and it’s months later so i can’t do that anymore i can’t can’t be doing that i can’t be taking the oxycodone like

This without a really good reason i feel like i got a good reason today but anyway i uh i’m gonna go ahead and take some here in a bit have my dinner go to bed very early and i’ll be getting up very early tomorrow i have to go back to work about seven in the morning tomorrow but i’ll be up probably by 11 o’clock tonight and i got a lot of stuff to do i gotta get

On the ged i bought the ged program for a hundred bucks and i’ve only got three months to use it and i’m not using it so i need to i need to buckle down and get that done so i can get my ged and get out of that place and get into a new job and my remaining years of working but for tonight i’m going to take an oxycodone and go to bed and hopefully have a good

Night and try to stay away from the oxycodone this week i’ve gotta just do everything i can to not be taking that stuff it’s not good i just need to they did not allow myself to do that it’s easier said than done for sure all right well that’s it for tuesday july 28th

Transcribed from video
Taking OXYCODONE July 2020 HOT HOT HOT EPISODE 25 By The Rat Race