November 29, 2022

Taking OXYCODONE March 2020 EPISODE 20

Okay i just took a those oxy codon it is monday the 30th and my knee is hurting i have not returned back to work of course because of the coronavirus crud and all that nothing has really changed there since my last video so what i did with the oxycodone is i took i cut a tablet in half and we’re gonna give that a shot of course that would make them all go twice as

Last twice as long well the amount that i have i’m still working on the original bottle i have been writing the exercise bike because bat and i want to lose weight and i think maybe that’s causing me to have some knee pain i talked about my knee pain earlier in the month yeah so anyway i’m not gonna write it’s gonna write it again before bedtime which is coming

Up really soon like i said it’s a 30th and i’m using a gopro right now but i also got some good news over there is the other side of the computer it’s a camera i would normally use using that for something else but over there is a letter about my unemployment which came in the mail today and it’s stating that i am indeed gonna get unemployment but it looks like

It’s only gonna be for four weeks and then after that i have to actively be searching for a job so i don’t know i’m gonna have to real read all that go through and reread it all but it’s good news up and waiting to hear so we got weather out there it’s raining and it’s cold and it’s winter like and that’s all that crap so today i made a whole bunch of cornbread i

Got that frozen and i’ve also got some in here do and i like cornbread so anyway we’re gonna have this for dinner well i’m really excited i’m glad that i finally got that letter so i’ll go online tomorrow and we’ll see if we can figure out i will have i don’t know when the waiting week starts hopefully today i’ll start getting some money and another thing that’s

Happened is it looks like we’re going to get oh not a surplus but what as stimulus it looks like the president has made the stimulus check go through four people in my income bracket i believe i would be getting about $1,200 and man is that ever gonna be nice and helpful and good i’m sick of being at home i got one that one federal tax check to to take to the bank

But i’m waiting for my state and i still haven’t heard anything so anyway things aren’t too bad i feel a lot better now that i’ve got i’ve got unemployment coming my way i was really wondering about that i thought what am i gonna do so what i’m gonna do right now is close my blinds and put that dinner in the mike and be going to bed pretty soon tomorrow’s another day

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Taking OXYCODONE March 2020 EPISODE 20 By The Rat Race