December 8, 2022

Tampil-D (Tamsulosin Hydrochloride 0.4mg and Dutasteride Capsules IP 0.5mg) for Treatment of Benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH).

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Is approved by fda of many countries what is the temple d mode of action the following sequence will show you temple d complementary mode of action which targets both the underlying causes of bph by reducing prostate volume as well as providing smooth muscle relaxation let’s firstly see what causes the prostate to grow resulting in bph in the prostate gland

There are two ice enzymes of five alpha reductase these are 5ar1 and 5ar2 they inhibit the conversion of testosterone into dehydrotestosterone or dht and the dht is the main factor that causes prostate growth and bph development temple d tampil d is a fixed dose combination of dutasteride which is a five alpha reductase inhibitor and tamsilosin which is an alpha

Adrenergic blockers tampildi is indicated to improve symptoms and to reduce the risk of aur in surgery in patients with moderate bph symptoms onwards bioavailability of dutasteride is better in soft gelatin capsule and only soft gelatin dutasteride bio equivalents achieved with innovator brand tample d capsule is smaller in size with innovator brand to swallow

Easily for good patient compliance let’s first look at the action of the dutasteride component of tampel d in the prostate gland dutasteride has a dual efficient effect on both ice enzymes of 5 alpha reductase 5 ar1 and 5ar2 blocking the conversion of testosterone to dht with the dutasteride results in a sustained reduction in prostate volume acting directly

On the underlying cause of bph next let’s look at the complementary action played by the tamsilosin component of temple d it is an alpha adrenergic blockers that acts on receptors to rapidly relax the smooth muscle of the prostate and bladder neck working together the complementary actions of dutasteride and tamsilosin components temple d reduce prostate volume

And relax prostate and bladder smooth muscle how does the temple d mode of action resulting benefits to patients with moderate bph symptoms onwards at risk of bph progression temple d provides symptom improvement as rapid as tamsilosin and offers superior symptom improvement that increases versus tamsilosin from month nine to twenty four temple d reduces the

Relative risk of aor and the need for bph related surgery versus tamsilosin at four years the most common types of adverse events reported with combination therapy are consistent with previous experience with both monotherapies the occurrence of drug-related adverse events was significantly greater in the combination group 28 versus 21 percent and 19 in the

Tampa d withdrawal rates due to drug related adverse events was similar across both the treatment groups this graph shows results of bio equivalence with innovator temple d is safe as risk of aur and the need for bph related surgery versus monotherapy strong symptom improvement in one month as compared to watchful weighting with initiation of monotherapy if

Symptoms did not improve significant symptom improvement in one month as compared to monotherapy from month 9 to 48. temple.4 tamsilosin 0.4 milligrams capsules monotherapy is also available you

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