March 28, 2023

✅ TAMSULOSIN (FLOMAX, URIMAX) reviews: All about Tamsulosin hydrochloride (Tamsulosina, Tamsulosine, Tamsulosinum): Side effects, uses, dosage (tamsulosin hcl 0.4 mg, flomax 0.4 mg, tamsulosina 0.4 mg, urimax 0.4 mg tablet), warnings, benefits, interactions, mechanism of action (moa), brand name (Flomax, Urimax, ) and answers to questions like: what is tamsulosin hcl?, What is tamsulosin used for?, What is flomax used for?.

Hi welcome to the medicine diseases channel if you like to subscribe or like today we will explain what tamsulosin is and what tamsulosin is used for its side effects dosage warnings precautions mode of administration effects on driving ability interactions mechanism of action and contra indications what is tamsulosin tamsulosin is a selective antagonist of the

Alpha 1a and alpha 1b adrenoceptor is that exerts its greatest effect in the prostate and bladder where these receptors are most common it is indicated for the treatment of signs and symptoms of benign prostatic hypertrophy other alpha 1 adrenoceptor antagonists developed in the 1980s were less selective and more likely to act on the smooth muscle of blood vessels

Resulting in hypotension tamsulosan was first approved by the fda on april 15 1997. tamsulosin mechanism of action it selectively and competitively binds to post-synaptic alpha-1 receptors particularly alpha 1a and alpha 1 d subtypes producing relaxation of prostate and urethral smooth muscle therapeutic indications of tamsulosin lower urinary tract symptoms

Associated with benign prostatic hyperplasia pathology of tamsulosin oral route adults modified or extended release capsules 0.4 milligrams slash day after breakfast or first meal of a day prolonged release tablets 0.4 milligrams slash day regardless of meals mode of administration of tamsulosin oral route modified release hard capsule administer after breakfast or

The first meal of a day it should be taken whole with a glass of water while sitting or standing not lying down it should not be broken or chewed prolonged release tablet administer independently of meals it should be swallowed whole and should not be broken or chewed tamsilos and contra indications hypersensitivity to tamsulosin hydrochloride including drug-induc

Angioedema history of orthostatic hypotension severe liver failure warnings and precautions with tamsulosin severe renal failure periodic screening control of rectal examination and determination of prostate-specific antigen risk of orthostatic hypotension risk of intra-operative flaccidiris syndrome during cataract and glaucoma surgery stop treatment in one or

Two weeks prior to surgery do not administer in combination with potency 3a4 inhibitors in patients with slow metabolizing phenotype of type 2 d6 warnings in precautions in combination with potent and moderate type 3 a4 inhibitors do not administer to children under 18 years of age liver failure and tamsulosin contraindicated in severe liver failure renal failure

And tamsulosin caution and severe renal failure lack of studies tamsulosin interactions plasma levels increased by cimetidine decreased by furosemide speed of elimination increased by diclofenac and warfarin risk of hypotension with other alpha-1 adrenergic antagonists pregnancy and tamsulosin not applicable only administered to male patients effects on driving

Ability of tamsulosin no studies have been conducted on the ability to drive and use machines however patients should be aware of possible dizziness adverse reactions and side effects of tamsulosin dizziness disorders of ejaculation including retrograde ejaculation and ejaculatory failure

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