December 8, 2022

This video examines Tamsulosin.Tamsulosin helps you pee easier by relaxing the muscles of your prostate and bladder.This video examines the uses and side effects of Tamsulosin.The brand name for Tamsulosin is Flomax.

Do you have urinary problems fighting issues are you on tensor low sin all you do know on cancer losing how it works and side effects up next i’m dr john and this is think your health this channel will promote your health and your well-being what is tamsilosin temsiloson is a prescription medication to treat your enlarged prostate the brand name is flomax it

Belongs to a class of medications called alpha blockers tamsilosin is also being used off-label for women to help with lower urinary symptoms such as overactive bladder tamsulosin can also be used to help clearance of renal stones how does tensolution work tamsulosin helps you pee easier by relaxing the muscles of your prostate and bladder in women it is thought

That it relaxes the smooth muscles of your lower urinary tract how long does it take before it works it usually works within hours to days you should expect more complete symptomatic relief in two to four weeks dosing and administration temp solution dosing is usually once a day dosing at 0.4 milligrams daily it should be given 30 minutes after a meal the advice

Is to take temple ocean about the same time daily the reason this is done is so that the medication is not absorbed too quickly so that you don’t have to deal with side effects usually it is recommended to take the medication at night time to avoid side effects such as low blood pressure and dizziness after about two to four weeks the dose can be increased to

0.4 milligrams daily if you’re not experiencing any symptomatic relief most common side effects most medications have side effects some individuals will not experience any side effects and others have only mild to moderate side effects i’m only listing the most common side effects let’s take a look at them orthostatic hypertension especially when used chronically

Ejaculation problems dizziness headache rheunitis a runny nose or stuffy nose infection cough weakness back pain gi symptoms such as nausea and diarrhea six tips before you take tamsilosin number one take tamsulosin at nighttime it can cause your blood pressure to drop and this can lead to dizziness and even a fall this drop in blood pressure is referred to as

Orthostatic hypertension if your blood pressure medications be aware of this side effect the role of your blood pressure medications is to lower your blood pressure however flow max temperature can even further lower your blood pressure number two you should be careful with alcohol intake while it’s on temp solution it can exacerbate side effects such as lowering

Your blood pressure number three when you’re in tamsilosin take your time when getting up from a setting to a lying position you are at an increased risk for dizziness take your time when you’re changing positions especially when you’re getting up number four if you’re on tamsulosin flowmax and you’re planning to have cataract surgery make sure your doctor and in

Particular your eye surgeon are aware tamsulosin can cause intraoperative floppy iron syndrome as it can affect the closing and opening of your iris nowadays operative techniques have vastly improved and eye surgeons are well aware of this side effect number five there is a very rare allergic reaction to individuals who have a sulfur allergy if you’ve had a severe

Or life-threatening reaction to suffer drugs you should be probably not using this drug number six here are a list of drugs which can interact with flowmax the list is not exhaustive however the reactions with these drugs and potential drug drug interactions should be noted and here are some other videos you might be interested in in such as how long it takes to

Pass a kidney stone have a good day and thank your health this dropping blood pressure why can’t i say blood pressure how many times do i have in my life have i said blood pressure days what why am i doing this how many times do i have to do this why can’t i say a simple sentence

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Tamsulosin (Flomax) uses and side effects By Think Your Health