February 1, 2023

Tamsulosin is an alpha blocker. It works by relaxing the muscles around the bladder exit and prostate gland so urine is passed more easily. This helps empty the bladder completely and reduces the need to pass urine frequently or urgently in BPH. Tamsulosin is used to improve urination in men with enlarged prostate (benign prostatic hyperplasia).

Thank you what are the possible side effects of tamsulosin well like all medicines tamsulosin can also cause side effects but it’s not necessary that everybody gets them the common side effects which are generally seen in say about 10 percent people is indigenous abnormal ejaculation of the semen this means that the semen does not leave the body via the urethra

In the forward direction but instead it goes back into the bladder this is called as retrograde ejaculation or sometimes the ejaculation volume of the semen is reduced or absent and this is called as ejaculation failure of course this phenomenon is harmless there are certain uncommon side effects which are seen in 100 people and they include headache but then uh

Increased awareness of your heartbeats that is called as palpitations a fall in the blood pressure which i already told you leading to dizziness lightheadedness and fainting swelling or irritation inside the nose which is called the rhinitis it can also cause constipation diarrhea nausea vomiting rash itching then certain blotches on the body they are called as

Urtic area feeling of weakness that is called as a stenya there are of course some further rare or practically under documented or a very rare side effects uh we will not go into the details i have told you about more common and relatively less common side effects uh it has been seen by certain doctors and the patients that in addition to the side effects which

Have already told you tamsulosin can also lead to abnormal heart rhythm it’s called as atrial fibrillation or irregular heartbeat it is also called as arrhythmia or the heart may be faster it is called as tachycardia or there can be shortness of breath it’s called dyspnea so all these have been reported occasionally when tamsulosin is in use now how to store

Tamsulosine please ensure that you keep this medicine out of the site and reach of children please do not use this medicine after the expiry date which is of course stated on the strip or on the carton wherein the strips are stored keep the container or the cotton tightly closed so that moisture does not creep into it and do not throw away any strips or any

Tablets via the wastewater or the household waste now how is tamsulation available in the market well the active substance is tamsulosin hydrochloride that is called as the salt the active drug is tamsulosin but the drug is available in the salt form that is called as tamsulosine hydrochloride it is available as 0.4 milligram and of course certain other inactive

Ingredients are there to stabilize or bind the tablet or capsule it is usually available as 0.2 or 0.4 milligram tablets or capsules in strips of 10. well i hope this information will be helpful to you whenever you are taking 10 solution under your doctor’s advice thank you

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