December 8, 2022

Hi in this session we’ll talk about ordering uh prednisone taper or any kind of tapering meds a good example is prednisone so we’ll click the add button and we type p r e d n and so prednisone comes up and you’d select prednisone and you see this functionality this order sentence called taper order you would select that one these are other other order sentences

Are the standard scheduled doses and then the pediatric order sentence is underneath but the taper order is very special to want to kind of educate you on this you click ok using the taper order you click done to close your search box and here the frequency is being defined and of course the start date time is being defined and it’s defaulting to tomorrow morning

At nine in the morning here this default and so you want to be very cautious and careful on when you’re starting the taper in this case i do want to start the taper tomorrow but if you wanted to change it to a different day you would be just changing it on the calendar here and typing in a different military time so date and time and the frequency here here you

Would just you would be defining in another screen i wouldn’t change it right now you see this icon says tapering dose and you click on that tapering dose and a window opens up and it allows you to construct linear tapers so a taper of a specific amount per day decrease like a linear decrease so let’s say we wanted to start out with 60 milligrams p o let’s say

I wanted q day and you just say q and then d or q 24 hours one could search for either so here’s your q 24 hours option um right here q q day or q 24 hours and then it already has a defaulted start date of tomorrow morning at nine and it’s going to reduce by let’s say we want to do it 10 milligrams every two days to a final dose of 10 milligrams and stop final

Dose after two days maybe we wanted to stop it after five days and so if you calculate the steps you have to click the calculate the steps and what happens is all the steps here got calculated 60 50 40 30 20 and you say you’d note how the um the appropriate dates and times are are have been adjusted to build this taper and notice how now the frequency is is set

As well so now that you’re happy with this you would click ok and what happens is it’s generating an order it has a little stepwise ladder that says this is a tapering dosing order if you click on this positive plus sign it gives you all the many steps needed to get down to 10 and if you note that this patient will eventually be off of prednisone on the on april

16th and so that’s the final day of the ten and so if you click sign it would sign all these orders into place and that is how one orders a prednisone taper or any tapering medications thank you

Transcribed from video
Tapering medications prednisone By hguptamd